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    My name is Morgan and I'm a stay at home dad by choice. My wife and I are raising two beautiful children and boy 1 yr and a girl 2.5. We are looking to expand our family again next year too! So to keep up with the kids we are going to need lots and lots of energy!

    So my wife and I finished the 21 day total transformation book and we are putting it into action starting today! 1-2-2012 the start of a new year and trying to start it off right! After a few years of being relatively gluten free because my wife is allergic to it, we decided to go for primal because when you don't eat much bread why not ditch the other grains too right?

    Well it may be tougher than it sounds but we are ready for a new challenge! I can't wait to get back into shape and feel good about myself!


    Current weight 240 lbs 6'3" tall: I am shooting for 200-210 by June 2012. I am hoping after the first 21 days that I will have lost around 8-10 lbs. Once I get under 230 I will be excited and under 220 that will be the lightest I have been in 7 years and I will know I'm on my way.

    What I need from the forum is encouragement and ideas for new delicious meals! Also anyone else who is feeding young kids? Mine are 1 and 2.5 and I want to make sure they have fun things to eat so any suggestions are more than welcome.

    Day one:

    B: Coffee Primal muffin
    S: handful of nuts and cranberries from Trader Joes
    L: wedge salad with beef bacon and home made ranch
    D: Beef stew with cabbage, carrots, onions and zuccini


    Hauling kids through the stores in my arms (lift heavy things lol)
    Bike ride

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    With your good lady onboard, it is going to be a wonderful ride. Good luck.
    Your kids are at a great age to initiate into healthy eating habits. Habits that could stand them good for years to come.
    Few but ripe.


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      Hi Morgan and welcome! It's great that you and your wife are doing it together, that makes it much easier It's also a good time to transition your children as they are still of the age to be open in food choices (it's easy to create a picky toddler but also easy to create an adventurous one!). Hubby and I have been primal for almost 2 years but didn't try to change our kids' diets too much - except they of course heard our conversations about nutrition, and often ate the same meals that we did. This year we realized that our youngest (6 at the time) also had a wheat allergy and had to 'crack down' a little more. Basically our kids eat the same meals that we do anyways, we just stopped having bread in the house for sandwiches, and we have to work a little harder to send them to school with lunches instead of letting them buy (they are 16, 9, and 7 year old twins). Letting go of sandwiches was hard for them, but at least yours are young enough that you are starting fresh

      We've discovered that there are gluten enzyme pills that keep Ryan's symptoms to a minimum so he can have the occassional piece of toast or cake without turning into a snuffling sneezing mess LOL. But they are quite happy to live on bacon, eggs, sausages, and fruit for breakfast and meat with veggies for dinners...


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        Morgan - My DH is a stay-at-home dad (our kids are now 11 and 12) and we homeschool. I made all my kids' food when they were toddlers, I think all I ever purchased were maybe 3 jars of store-bought baby food. I used to pretty much give them whatever we had, but in appropriate sizes. I even pureed spaghetti sauce with meat and fed that to them. But with them being the age your kids are, they really like to pick up their own food, so you may want to stick with less liquidy stuff. We found that by feeding the kids what we ate, we never had to transition over to it, and I was never stuck making basically meals for two sets of people - us and them. It was nice and they still eat lots of good foods (although they do start to hate veggies at a certain age - I think it's just a kid thing, and you can then learn to sneak say grated zucchini into meatloaf and they are none-the-wiser). Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!


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          Thanks for the great replies! Its definitely nice to have this be a family affair, as I think I could never make it with tempting treats in the house! We had to throw out tons of stuff!
          My kids have never eaten baby food, and we always made our own stuff for them to eat well that or breast milk. They have had some wheat and it needs to stop before the get a "taste" for it! So even though we are going primal and I shouldn't overindulge in fruits, is it ok for the kids? They seem to prefer that to veggies. My son loves anything meat!


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            The best fruits are berries - they haven't been bred to be super-sweet like apples, bananas, etc. blueberries and strawberries are our staples. We still do buy apples, but the kids all share ONE otherwise it's too much. We don't push a lot of "just veggies" dishes beyond salads. Instead we (by this, I mean my husband the cook LOL) incorporate carrots, celery, onion, peppers etc into primal stews and stir-fries. that way they soak up the flavors too - why should all those yummy spices be reserved for the meat?
            As an example, last night we had split pea soup with a ton of onions and carrots, ham and kielbasa; tonight is chicken curry with celery, carrot, and apple (no potato) - the kids love it topped with crushed peanuts, raisins, pineapple (high sugar but as a garnish it's not too much). Spaghetti sauce is marinara with beef, sausage, and mushrooms, on rice noodles.


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              Good ideas! Thanks!


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                Primal 21 day transformation day 2!

                B: eggs ham mushrooms and peppers
                S: home made jerky
                L: Left over stew
                D: Zuccini pasta and meatsauce

                Starting to get a headache my wife too! Maybe its a sugar or carb withdrawl? She said she browsed some of the forums nd others have had a similar experience. Well I'm gonna drink some water and hope for the best. This thing is gonna be hard but worth it! I wanna get into shape and lose 30-40 lbs so time to tough it out or become a carb loving gym rat.....NO THANKS!


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                  Wrapped up Day 3 yesterday and I must say I wanted some carbs but didn't have any! I had a few snacks during the day and flet hungry but wasn't starving and hope you don't mind but had more than several BM's during the day my wife says I'm getting cleaned out. I hope my body is gearing up to change for the better. We took a long bike ride with the kids to the park and ran around and played on the play structures where I squeezed in a few pullups. We also went to the sporting goods store where we bought a nice pull-up dip bar for our PEM workouts at home. I think I can maybe do 2 pull-ups right now but at 240 lbs that seems like a lot. As I drop weight and get stronger I want to be able to do 15! SOMEDAY........

                  B: omelet and sausage
                  S: jerky and nuts
                  L: skipped
                  S: more jerky (can't resist that stuff)
                  D: Broccoli, asparagus, lentil soup and chicken
                  S: Baked apple


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                    Ok Days 4 and 5 went very well. Tried a salad idea I got from someone on here and it was awesome. Ground beef with taco seasoning on arugula and iceberg lettuce with salsa and cheese! YUM. Also made a stir fry with carne asada meat garlic and ginger and stir fried veggies and bok choy for dinner.
                    Did really good trying to work out bought a pull up bar and am still sore from my wimpy assisted pullups haha! Last night I screwed up ad had a few whiskies at a party and feel like $hIt. I DID however avoid all the chips and noon primal snacks available at the party and hit the vegie tray instead! Hoping a little alcohol doesn't kill my progress, going to try my first weigh in Monday! On a gross side note the BM's have improved a ton! Woo hoo! I know its gross but thought it was worth noting...


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                      Ok so today wrapped up day 7! Had cocunut pancakes and blueberries for BF and had in n out protein style for lunch. Dinner was baked Tuna with arugula salad. Not so much a huge fan of the fish.... Guess I'm a red meat kinda guy. Was still sore from my day 5 workout so I may get to the next one tomorrow. I want to adjust to the diet and not kill myself and get discouraged. Also tomorrow first weekly weigh in. Hoping for a decent number to ad to the excitement and drive. I'd like to have lost about 5 lbs in the first week.


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                        Morning Weigh in 232.2 Thats just about 8lbs in the first week! WooHoo! Only 22 more to go till my goal.


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                          Tuesday Day 9 wraps up. Hunger subsiding cravings so-so. Seem to tool through the day pretty easily. Lunch was leftovers from last night zucchini lasagna with sausage and meat-sauce. Dinner was delicious tritip and artichokes with a salad. Hoping I can see this thing through till the end. When out and about not so healthy treats and restaurants look soooooo yummy. Also really missing my morning cranberry or orange juice craving something "tangy" with breakfast.... any suggestions?


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                            Have you bought the Quick and Easy Meals cook book yet...there are all sorts of cool breakfast recipes in there that will help your cravings...that book alone as helped me ten fold accomplish a primal lifestyle!


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                              What about just having an orange or some cranberries for breakfast? You could squeeze half an orange over a 1/2 cup of cranberries. Or have half a grapefruit. That has some tang! Or, what I do, is when I make my eggs for breakfast, mash half an avocado and squeeze just a little bit of lime over the top. I then top the eggs with the avocado.