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    LOL, not near enough whisky for a hangover

    I woke up this morning to find that my husband had been replaced with a sick puppy. he's home in bed shivering with the chills and fever, and sounded awful on the phone a few minutes ago ... so I guess all my extra energy was being sucked up by my immune system.

    Knock on wood ... if all I get is a few low energy days and a little headache, I'll count it as a win!!


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      Monday, Jan 9

      Weight: 183.2 (-1.8 in week 1)
      Sleep: 11-ish to 6, and I slept all night, yay!

      coffee, a scrambled egg
      peanut butter (which I should stop eating, and will now that I've finished the jar)
      chicken-cabbage stir fry
      pulled pork BBQ (no bun of course), spinach salad with feta

      Exercise: still feeling low energy, but will try to throw in some lifting of heavy things.
      Quick walk from parking deck to office (1/2 mile)
      20 squats
      Walk back to parking deck

      Fun/relaxation: I'm keeping the evening chore list short, my goal is to have everyone fed and the kitchen cleaned up by 7:30 so I can relax and read or watch TV for a bit. My blood pressure's been creeping up again which means I need down time...

      Up at 6. Hubby woke up sick, so I got the kids fed and off to school and cleaned the mess he left in the kitchen from cooking 3 meals yesterday. Got to work at 8:30.
      Work 8:30-4 - Goals: work on AIH project, catch up on some of the research I was supposed to do this weekend. Meeting with prof at 3.
      4:30 - pick up Faith and friend from school activity, give her friend a ride home. Chores: help w/kids' homework, fold laundry, dinner, trim Nate's hair.
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        Added in:
        50 crunches
        12 knee pushups (knee pushups should NOT feel hard, dammit!!)
        25 squats

        Also ate 2 slices of cheese. Boo


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          Tuesday, Jan 10

          Weight: 185 (but period started this morning so not stressing about it)
          Sleep: 10:30-ish to 6, although I tossed and turned after 5. Maybe I'll just start getting up when I wake up at 4-5, and call that the start of my day. Get in to work obscenely early and make it productive. maybe.... LOL

          2 cups coffee w/truvia and almond milk
          b'fast - last of the leftover beef stew.
          lunch- have a lunch meeting so I'll be buying. I'll do my best...
          dinner - lime-garlic pulled pork with sauteed peppers and onions, salad

          Exercise - low and slow day (perfect timing)
          did a couple sets of arm exercises with 10 lb weights before I got dressed
          not-so-quick walk from parkign deck to office (1/2 mi)

          Fun/relaxation - no evening plans, so will read the book Faith brought me by the author we are going to see on Friday. She loves this guy so I'm looking forward to reading it. Even if it's geared towards teenage girls

          up at 5:55 (working my way back to 5:45)
          Work 7-4:30. Goals: write 'concept paper' for consulting job; start response to editorial comments on the manuscript that was rejected; finish AIH univariate stats and send to collaborator; 2 hrs research tasks for manuscript.
          Home by 5: help boys with homework, slice peppers for dinner, do a load of laundry, pack away xmas decorations (I got them all down but they are sitting in a pile in the guest room LOL)


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            Lunch was a potato/ham/cheddar bake- carbs, but glutten free. Because of the carbs I was hungry when I got home so I've already had my salad
            We decided to have fajitas tonight.

            I did a bit of walking but my gut and back has hurt all day despite aspirin, so took it easy.

            Re: goals, spent more like 3 hours on research and the rest of the day on AIH project, so the other two tasks roll over to tomorrow ... story of my life LOL


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              I like to read what my daughters are reading too...
              Hope you are feeling better soon! xoL


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                Weds January 11

                Weight: 185.4
                Sleep: 11-6, slept all night, yay!

                2 cups coffee
                fajita meat. I didn't bring enough food to work, so will probably end up buying a salad to supplement
                taco salad

                Exercise: I haven't done a "life heavy things" in several days. I haven't been good about doing it once I get home from 9 hours at work - by the time the kids all get their few minutes of attention, I look through school papers, and get them started on homework, either I'm (mentally) pooped or it's time to start getting dinner ready, or both. I'd rather do my exercises in private, but feel bad about going in the bedroom and closing the door on my kids when I've just gotten home from work. These are excuses. I will plan on 10 minutes of squats, plank, crunches, pushups IN THE FRICKIN LIVING ROOM AND NOT BE SO SELF-CONSCIOUS. They might actually join in. In the meantime, I'll toss in some mini-sets during the day. Just in case.

                Exercise actually done:
                1/2 mile walk to work from parking deck
                wall pushups - 40
                squats - 25

                up at 6
                Work 7:30 - 4. Goals: data validation for AIH project, summarize GR2 data for my director, write 1 page concept paper for new project, make suggested changes to manuscript, choose some of the 'surprising negative results' to add to my discussion session.
                Errands on way home - CVS for girl supplies, and I'd like to do a quick tour of the new YMCA that opened up 5 min from our house. They have $85 off the joining fee until Sunday so now is the time to switch if we like it...
                Home by 5: get homework done early, dinner by 6. Twins have cub scouts 6:30-7:30 and Faith has an assignment to sit in on a county supervisors meeting that is from 7-8, so I'll be shuttling kids around all evening.

                Fun/relaxation -- doesn't seem like there will be time for that!! I'm trying to be conscious of doing something (besides collapsing in front of the TV or computer at night) ... but this seems to be a hard habit to get into. I honestly can't think of anything, how sad is that? Any ideas??
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                  so... I've been running hard all day, no further exercise. almost 2 hrs of driving in the rain in the dark but home safely finally!
                  Dinner was corned beef with cabbage and a small red potato. I'll have the taco salad for lunch tomorrow...


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                    Thursday, Jan 12

                    Weight: 182.2 (-2.8 )
                    Sleep: 12-7. Overslept. I never oversleep! But, hey, at least I slept well lol.

                    2 cups coffee
                    daytime - leftover taco meat. there's a lot of it and needs to be eaten today. But it's just ground beef with spices and a bit of sour cream.
                    dinner - london broil with salad

                    Exercise - lots of slow movement with random sets of squats, pushups, and ab exercises.
                    1/2 mile walk
                    set of 50 wall pushups. wall pushups aren't anything to write home about, but I'm happy to be able to do 50 at a time...
                    30 squats
                    ran up 3 flights up stairs (20 steps each)

                    it sounds so lame ... sigh... but it's a start.

                    up at 7
                    Work 8-3: Goals - finish summarizing data for AIH project. work on manuscript. meeting at noon.
                    Take Braedon to eye doctor at 3:30, home between 4:30-5.
                    Chores: homework, dinner, laundry. still need to get those xmas decorations boxed up, too.

                    Fun/relaxation: I'm just going to kick back with the hubby tonight. Last night we stayed up until midnight just talking and random stuff. It was nice.

                    Tomorrow is the big road trip - I'm taking the day off and taking my daughter and her friend to Bethesda for a lecture and book signing by her favorite author, then we are staying the night. Saturday we'll go to either the Smithsonian or the Baltimore aquarium then head home. I'm sure it'll be a grand adventure
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                      Friday, January 13

                      Weight: 181.4 (-3.6 lb)
                      Sleep: not enough. The Hubster got in a weird mood, wanted to argue about silly things, and I was dumb enough to get drawn in. I know it was after midnight before I got to sleep. woke up at 6:30.

                      Today is the big road trip. Should be fun My challenge will be to eat at restaurants for the next 4 meals and make good choices, and to not chow down on the junk food that the girls will undoubtedly want to have in the hotel room.

                      sigh. hopefully Hubs wakes up in a better mood and I don't go out of town with bad feelings...


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                        You hear so offen people saying "I don't have the time...", but here is someone who makes the time.

                        Great journal, keep up the good work!


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                          Well the hubs and I kissed and made up this morning, so it's all good.

                          I had a bit of taco meat before leaving, then we didn't eat until 3:00. I had a burger with cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and onion (no bun), maybe 10 fries, and a coke (my travel indulgence).

                          The girls have been so excited! I kind of jokingly asked for a room next to John Green when we checked in, and the clerk actually looked him up and put us on the same hallway. i couldn't believe it LOL. The girls were outside in the hallway doing a video blog of the trip and some lady came out and had them clear out so that John and Hank could get downstairs without fuss, so they went up to the top floor to check things out, and just happened to come back down the elevator as John and Hank (and the lady) were getting onto the elevator ... they came back to the room mortified that the lady thought they were stalking them, when they were really just coming back to their room

                          Well it appears to be about time to descend into the masses of teenage girls so that we can get our books, then the Event starts at 6:30. I'm particularly looking forward to the electrocution LOL.


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                            Monday, January 16

                            Weight: 181 (-4 lbs in 2 weeks, on track )
                            Sleep: 11-ish to 6:30, not bad

                            2 cups coffee
                            2 eggs fried in bacon fat
                            primal no-bean chili (naked) (the chili, not me!)
                            pork roast, salad

                            Exercise- just some walking

                            I worked all day on my paper. I completely re-organized it over the weekend and I think it's close, just need to re-do the discussion at the end. I'm so ready to be done with this and get back to something easy, like my dissertation LOL.

                            Fun/Relax - reading the John Green novel, about half done. It's a book about a girl dying of cancer, written for teenagers. It's actually very good and even funny


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                              Tuesday, January 17

                              Weight: 180.4 (-4.6)
                              Sleep: 10:30 (I think) to 5:40. slept all night. one more benefit of primal living

                              2 cups coffee
                              3 slices roast pork, red cabbage
                              salad, handful of salt and vinegar potato chips
                              beanless chili with grated cheddar and sour cream (and an enzyme pill LOL)

                              Exercise -
                              walked 1.5 miles
                              50 squats
                              took the stairs (60 steps), up and down twice

                              Fun/relax - still reading that book, but I'm almost done.

                              Worked on my paper (what else??), researching some things for the discussion, which I will edit tomorrow and send out for review.

                              Last night son had a bad headache. This morning hubby had headache and tummyache. Tonight, I'm tired and vaguely headache-y sore-throaty, so I'm gonna kick back, read the forums, read my book, and go to bed early.


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                                Wednesday, January 18

                                Weight: 180.0 (OK, so I fidgeted on the scale a bit. It still beeped at 180 .
                                Measurements: 44"-34"-41.5". So, an inch up top, 1/2 on the hips. Progress is good.
                                Sleep: 11-ish (I was playing Skyrim and had to finish my quest LOL) to 5:30. I don't need as much on the ends when I'm not awake in the middle!

                                I felt kinda hot this morning (overheated not feverish), so I took my temp and it was 98.2! It usually runs about 96.5 in the mornings. Could my thyroid be healing a little? I won't hold my breath, but it's a good sign...

                                2 cups coffee
                                beanless chili, naked
                                salad (if I remember to stop at the store)
                                spicy orange chicken and broccolo stir-fry (aLa home-made General Tso's)

                                Exercise - hmm. I really need to start adding in sprints. My gym clothes are in my car, I just need to go LOL.

                                Fun/relax - finish my book, watch American Idol (my only truly dumb show ). Oh, we had an early morning frolic ... does that count as fun, exercise, or both?

                                Schedule -
                                Up at 5:30
                                Work 7:30-4: make my discussion section presentable and send manuscript to my director for review; write the damn concept paper that I've been putting off
                                Errands - pick up prescriptions, small grocery trip
                                Home by 5 - chores: kid's homework, get unfolded laundry out of the guestroom (preferably by putting it away), put Xmas decorations away. We have a guest tomorrow night, so I can't put this shit off any longer!

                                Oh, and my abstract was accepted for a poster presentation at a conference in LaJolla in March. I was hoping for an oral, but poster is still good. Hey, it's a free trip to CA for a few days and a chance to hobnob ... er... network