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    This is my first post and first day of the Primal Challenge. I know I have a mass of information to consume so I am living truly "Primal", but I wanted to go ahead and jump in to see what I could do with the basics I have gleaned so far.

    My main goals are:

    - lose weight

    - get stronger

    Both of these have the main goal of Being Able to Play! I am part of several very active communities in N TX and I miss being able to "keep up" with the kids outside. Mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, etc. Having the excess weight and lack of energy makes it not as much in the process of getting back to "play time", I want to maintain a more realistic approach to weight loss.

    So far today:

    Breakfast - Nothing (I don't usually eat breakfast, but will on occasion when I am hungry!)

    Morning Snack - small handful of almonds. Greatness. Always restricted the amount of these I ate due to the fat...LOVE being able to eat them again

    Lunch - stuffed bell pepper (used the mama's meatloaf recipe on the site with apples) with a sauce of crushed tomatoes and onions and finally some fresh raspberries!

    I drink a ton of water as it is, so I am not too worried about that.

    My fiancee is incredibly supportive and is doing this with me. We both love to cook and eat, so this should be a fun adventure. I am going to have to really focus on why grain based carbs are so bad...I have spent the majority of my life in a love affair with bread and pasta. goes my jump into Primal Living!

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    So yesterday was a successful day, I would say. (Feeling rather Dr. Seussy now...sigh)

    Breakdown of meals:

    Breakfast (B) - nothing

    Morning Snack (MS) - a small handful of almonds (YUM!)

    Lunch (L) - stuffed bell pepper (used the mama's meatloaf recipe on the site with apples) with a sauce of crushed tomatoes and onions and finally some fresh raspberries!

    Afternoon Snack (AS) - felt a little dizzy and low energy. Grabbed a handful of almonds and had a pear. Helped for a bit, but still felt wonky. I think it might not be dietary related, but perhaps allergies (cold front in N TX) or cold related. Not 100% sure.

    Dinner (D) - wedge salad (iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumbles, BACON, ok a little extra bacon, and red onion). I normally would shy away from this...and I know it has gobs of dairy, but it was uber yummy and I was very happy. Er...I also had three PBRs (I was meeting a girlfriend for skee ball and drinks at a local pub). I know, I know...but I don't drink as much Pabst as I used to. Special occasions only!

    I think that may be where I need to fine tune alot...drinking. Not that I am a terrible lush or anything, but quite a bit of my social interactions involve some sort of adult beverage. Usually post ride or run (always in the dirt), we pop open a beer or for a special achievement uncork a bottle of bubbly. We celebrate playing outside...I won't apologize for that! I will, however, take into account the more regular consumption and adjust as needed. I love me some red wine, and wonder is it better to have a few glasses of that or a nice, ice-cold IPA? Sierra Nevada anyone?

    K...thoughts on day one:

    I felt kinda sluggish and dizzy (still do actually). Headache. I attribute this to several things, not necessarily ONE day of eating no carbs (which is a BIG change for yours truly). Possibly caused by lack of caffeine (did not have coffee or tea or anything)? possibly allergy related? Possibly a bug going around the office? Whatever the cause, my goal is focus on getting through this first week. If I can stay the course, and get 7 days under my belt...I think I will have a better idea of what changes the PB will have on my energy levels, state of mind, physical being...etc.

    Cautiously optimistic!

    Didn't do any major activity yesterday, but! We'll see how I do. Suze (owner of the power yoga studio where I practice) is teaching, so...I might get my ass handed to me.



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      Posting everyday apparently is not a strength of mine, but I will say this.

      Week One went very very well!

      My fiancee is on the journey with me and we are experimenting with loads of new veggies and cooking styles. We love to cook and are enjoying the creative outlet (Use Your Brain!).

      With the weather all crappy, I haven't gotten my daily allotment of pure sunshine, but I do try to get my butt outside for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Even in the cold. Today it is SUNNY so I will take a non-smoke-break and absorb some of that gorgeous sunlight. What an amazing difference it makes.

      Anyhoo...just checking in to say I am moving forward and really enjoying the challenge!