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    I slept very well last night, too, after a week of insane insomnia. Hooray for sleep!!


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      X's log, primaldate 111

      Had a good nights sleep, even though I woke up 12 times. Slept in, had a late breakfast just after rising, and mis-judged dinner prep time, so replaced dinner with a small alternative variant.

      Today's mistake will be tomorrow's delicious breakfast.

      I'm very curious as to whether this run of good nights of sleep will continue into the work week.

      This concludes a full week of no snacks. Also, no cravings. Pretty amazing.

      It does remind me of the first few months of doing primal, when I was eating breakfast, and usually had an early dinner. Neither of those were deeply philosophically motivated, it just sort of happened. Back in my early days of primal I did snack occasionally, but we're talking maybe 3 or 4 times a week (a coffee with heavy cream, or some fruit, or some ham and cheese, or some olives). Nothing like the snack-binges of the past year.

      I'm quite hopeful that I'm onto something here.


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        X's log, primaldate 1000

        Tossed and turned. Woke up a lot, and woke up tired and stressed out. Had a fantastic breakfast (spare ribs + bacon with a side of strawberries). Planned to make avocado cheeseburgers for dinner but was too full, so I just ate an avocado and a piece of hard cheese. Went to (martial arts) practice.

        I didn't snack despite someone at work showing up with over 2 lbs of M&Ms and placed them strategically around the developers' area. The craziest thing is it wasn't really all that hard to ignore. Not even a twinge of self-pity


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          X's log, primaldate 1001

          It took over 3 hours to fall asleep, leaving me with a very stunted night's sleep. Primal breakfast, primal dinner, no snacks, yadda yadda

          The eating part of this is feeling so easy. I'm blown away. It's been so crazy and difficult for so long, that I'm having trouble believing that it can be as simple as a solid breakfast and an early dinner. Curious to see if it lasts beyond some given honeymoon phase.

          I saw a new doctor today, and he
          1) took me seriously
          2) gave me 40 minutes of his time
          3) requisitioned 3 pages worth of blood work, 2 of which are covered by my insurance

          The tests are for all sorts of things: hormones, minerals, vitamins, allergies, blood lipids... the works. He set up another appointment with me in 3 weeks to go through the results and see where we need to focus our attention. He asked me (in detail) about how I eat and didn't freak out about my not eating bread, potatoes, and pasta.

          He gave me a prescription for a slow-release melatonin thing, which I will be giving a spin as soon as I can get my grubby fingers on it. Probably tomorrow.

          This doctor is not covered by my insurance, but so far he seems worth it.


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            What kind of doctor is this? He sounds like a great guy!
            Depression Lies


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              He's a regular 'primary doctor' (allopathic doctor?).


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                X's log, primaldate 1010
                Slept badly, ate well, no snacks. Went to martial arts practice.


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                  X's log, primaldate 1011
                  Slept fairly well, ate well, no snacks.

                  Man, no drama!


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                    X's log, primaldate 1100
                    More of the same


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                      X's log, primaldate 1101
                      Not enough breakfast. I didn't snack, but by the time dinner rolled around I was really hungry, and while dinner was primal, I ended it with a fairly large serving of strawberries and cream which had me feeling a bit overstuffed.


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                        X's log, primaldate 1110
                        Exhausted. Late breakfast, craving sugar. Not snacking, but it's tough. Conclusion: Make a better breakfast tomorrow!

                        My sleep has been reasonable lately -- over 6 hours almost every night. I've been waking up a lot, and don't feel rested when I wake up, but at least I'm not a walking, brainless amoeba.


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                          X's log, primaldate 1111
                          Still exhausted. Had a solid breakfast at 6:30am per usual, which held me over until about 6pm. No cravings, though, which is a relief.

                          I worked 20 hours this weekend, then another 10 hours today. It is really exciting work, but I am kind of ready for a day off. Skipped my martial arts practice due to a broken lock. Long, boring story.


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                            X's log, primaldate 10000
                            Got a solid 7 hours of sleep. Eating has been unproblematic. No cravings. No drama.


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                              X's log, primaldate 100010
                              Repeat after me: "Eat a solid breakfast". That's all.

                              Well, actually that's not all, but that does seem to be the key thing for me. A bit over a month into this new experiment, that's my biggest take away. When I skip breakfast, the rest of the day I'm hungry, cranky, and feel like snacking.

                              I've been really good staying off the sugar, grains, etc, and am definitely feeling the benefits. I'm still exhausted, and sleep is still pretty lousy, though. Some days I think that I'm undoing all the primal goodness by being too stressed out.

                              I got back a bunch of the lab work that my doctor asked for, and went back in to talk to him about it. Good news in many ways: We're quite certain that I don't suffer from Celiac disease. I have no formal allergies (nuts, chocolate, pets, dust, pollen, etc). My cholesterol, LDL, HDL is stellar. Thyroid appears to be functioning well. On the other hand, it turns out that my digestive system is completely out of whack, and I am now officially forbidden to eat wheat, rye, oats, rice, potatoes, eggs, dairy (cow + goat), tomatoes, citrus fruit, onions, beans, reindeer meat, bananas, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, carrots, and a handful of other things.

                              Yes, reindeer meat is out. Shucks! :-)

                              Notice how most of that list is already on the paleo forbidden list?

                              Butter is the hardest blow. That, and eggs. My immune response to dairy (cow + goat) was 3 times higher than it was to wheat, and wheat was already off the charts. So the doc things that I might be able to eat most things when we get this straightened out, but that perhaps wheat and dairy might be one of those for-life things. Ah, well. I spent the day yesterday figuring out how to clarify butter.

                              I'm still waiting for some results (more hormone stuff). In the meanwhile, I'll just keep on getting up early enough to make time for a decent breakfast, and take the industrial strength supplements that the doctor has put me on (two of them are prescription-only. I didn't know there even were prescriptions for supplements).