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    01/01/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
    Introduction: male, DOB 1/20/65, H 71", high weight 200# 03/09, lowest since then 172#
    Diets past 3y: South Beach, Weight Watchers, Paleo
    Starting: W 183#, BF 22%
    Goal for 06/01/12: W 160#, BF < 15%

    Most Recent Lipid Panel 09/30/09
    • CHOL 152
    • TRIG 95
    • HDL 35
    • LDL 98

    Foods to Eat
    • local, pastured, or wild meats/fishes/eggs/dairy
    • unlimited vegetables
    • unlimited fruits, emphasis on berries
    • tree nuts (almond, walnut, pistachio, cashew, macadamia)
    • decaf coffee, tea, water
    • red wine
    • dark chocolate > 80%

    Foods to Avoid
    • all grains
    • added sugars
    • caffeine
    • trans and partially-hydrogenated fats
    • fast food
    • farmed fish
    • fruit juice
    • legumes
    • CAFO meats
    • diet soda

    • cycle to work 2 miles each way
    • circuit resistance training session twice weekly

    Lifestyle/Medical Care
    • lights out at 10 pm
    • daily cetirizine for environmental allergies
    • daily multivitamin
    • daily fluoxetine for anxiety

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    Week One

    01/08/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
    Interval: W 180.5#, BF 22%

    Cycling to work two days (1 hour total)
    As planned
    Rice Noodles (1)
    Flour Tortilla (1)
    Diet Soda (2),
    Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup


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      01/15/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
      Interval: W 181#, BF 21% (lost 1.7# fat)

      Personal Trainer Circuit 60 minutes (two days)
      As planned
      Corn Chips (1)
      Dark Chocolate Almonds (1 box!)
      Bar Gelato (1)
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        01/22/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
        Interval: W 183#, BF 22% (back to baseline)

        Personal Trainer Circuit 60 minutes (ONE day)
        As planned
        Corn Chips (1)
        Popped Corn
        Beer (2)
        Bar Gelato (1)
        Morning Bun @ Tartine (1)
        Birthday Dinner @ Schmidt's + Birthday Cake
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          01/29/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
          W 179#, BF 21%

          Personal Trainer Circuit 60 minutes (ONE day)
          As planned


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            02/07/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
            W 180#

            Personal Trainer Circuit 60 minutes (ONE day)
            As planned


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              02/20/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal

              It's been a rough three weeks: Evie and I have both suffered from a GI problem, likely Giardia, now wonderfully responding to antibiotic treatment. I have missed 5.5 days of work in two weeks, Evie missed over two weeks of preschool. She is back today, and I will be back tomorrow! I have missed a few sessions with my trainer, but will get back on schedule starting this Friday. I will also get back on my bicycle to commute to work, starting tomorrow. I will use Strava to log my cycling to work, to help give myself to some credit for the effort (and a bit of a motivation jump start).

              I lost weight with my infection, and then ate like a horse after I started feeling better.

              I just got back my lipid panel results: C 173, T 52, H 46, L 117.
              Today on the scale: 182#, 22%

              Today will be day ONE of The Whole30.
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                04/23/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
                Interval: W 180.5#, BF 21%

                I have been eating Primal about 30-50% of the time over the past few months. This has allowed me to maintain my weight and BF percent. This has been one of the sickest three month periods in my life: 4w of colitis ("cured" with 60-hour fast), then several viral URIs, finally culminating last week in a bacterial sinusitis.

                I am finally feeling like myself, and I am ready to push forward with an ambitious plan for the upcoming months.

                EVENTS:5/30-6/3 : 25th college reunion
                8/4 : Marin Century, 106 miles, 7,000 feet of climbing
                9/29 : Levi's Granfondo, 104 miles, 9,000 feet of climbing

                TACTICS:Strict Paleo for the next 4 weeks
                80% Paleo moving from there
                Starting in July, cut back to 90% FTE at work, with THU morning off for cycling/swimming
                Sunday morning cycling
                Monday and Friday personal work-outs using "You Are Your Own Gym" as reference
                Sporadic running, as tolerated by knee
                October L medial meniscal tear repair


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                  05/01/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
                  Interval: W 182#, BF 20%

                  Started Whole30


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                    05/18/12 : Primal Blueprint Journal
                    Interval: Day 18

                    I took my 12th day (Sunday) and had a "free" meal with bread, cookies, and ice cream.
                    Tonight, day 18, I am doing it, again: this time just bread and ice cream.

                    Otherwise, I am sticking with the plan perfectly. I don't miss the alcohol or the chocolate.
                    I am definitely sleeping better, I have much more steady energy levels and haven't had any apparent low blood sugar episodes.

                    My pants are definitely fitting more loosely.

                    I think I will -- after today -- finish on the 29th, as we fly out that night for my 25th college reunion (four day event).

                    On my return, I plan to go on a six day ON, one day OFF approach to this diet, as a way of achieving my optimal weight and health status, long term.

                    I have been cycling at LEAST one day per week 22+ miles with 2k' of climbing. Tonight I ran for exercise for the first time in almost a year. SLOW, but very good with no knee pain.

                    Planned AUG 4th cycling century and then SEP 29 cycling century. I will plan no running events this year.