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  • Aussie Sarah's New Year Journal

    So although I have been primal for about a year I decided it was time to start a journal and get serious! LOL. I did start a journal about a year ago and never stuck to it, partly because I suppose I didn't think I had anything much to say and nobody seemed interested, so will see how I go this time as I really need the advice and support.

    I got a little caught up the last couple of months because since beginning this journey a year ago I actually gained 3kgs which I was not happy about so I kept dithering around, lost focus, wasn't sure of the direction I was taking and was also getting sick and tired of the gym. I have 2 boys under 5 so really needed the gym so I could exercise in peace and quiet, however the last few months I have been doing some at home and this last week because the gym creche was closed I managed to get in some good workouts at home. My membership is up for renewal so I really need to think whether its worth me joining or whether I can keep it up at home. I'm sort of one of those people that thinks more is better and I also need a plan, I really don't like waking up and thinking ok I got to do something today what shall I do LOL, however this last week my workouts have averaged about 30mins each day so really looking for something that is shorter but will get me benefits (I'm really not into a 10 min workout though)

    Everyday Paleo actually now has a fitness site so am thinking of joining that aslong as those workouts I can do from home.

    A bit about me, I have 2 boys aged 3 and 4, I'm 165cm and weight 55.9kgs but my happy weight is 53.5kg! I'm into health and fitness and always will be. I'm a stay at home mum and live in Australia. I love this forum and need to get my fix everyday. I read alot of the journals which really motivate and inspire me.

    What do I really want to achieve?
    1. Not to gain weight but will be happy to stay where I am at but just want to get more ripped.
    2. Completley happy with the top half of me but would love to reduce that damn cellulite and lean my legs out, being a woman that has always been my trouble area. Even though I am a clean eater and avid exerciser I have never been able to shift any weight from my legs.
    3. Just to learn to be happy and not think about food all the time

    Anyway morning started off well, didn't want eggs so had a smoothie made with 1 egg, 2 TBSP greek yoghurt, 1 cup water, 2 TBSP shredded coconut, 1 TBSP nut butter and 1/2 banana. This made me feel great, took kids to the park did some sprints (only about 5 mins worth but it was unplanned and it is my day off) and walked slowly with them around the lake.

    Lunch will be a salad with protein of some sort or maybe an avacado stuffed with tuna and the plan for dinner is the everyday paleo pizza. I may even have a mango somewhere along the line![SIGPIC]

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    Welcome. Glad you decided to post.
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      Good luck with achieving your goals, Sarahz.
      I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

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        I really need to get out the house. I have spent the last 4 days at home, hubby working with the kids and I really just need to get out!

        Today started off with a weights workout plus a 10 min powerwalk warmup and a 10 min powerwalk cool down. I did wake up really really hungry but a coffee subsided that for a bit whilst I did my workout. I had 3 scrambled eggs with a little butter for brekkie, did some housework and was really hungry only 2 hours later, however I held off for another hour before I had lunch - salad with a tuna salad and a paleo friendly icy pole, still hungry but just got through it, had some cheese a little later while I was cooking dinner which was meatloaf, zucchini with some butter and a salad with some slivered almonds and what would you know - I am still damn hungry, like really hungry like I could just eat a pizza or something. I don't know if its got anything to do with that I started the sugar detox diet today and therefore because I know what I can and can't have it has some psychological thingy going on in my head but I really am hungry. If it doesn't go away I will probably have some yoghurt or something before I drive myself insane.

        Its funny because when I feel like this my negative thoughts always come into play and then I just feel like giving up! I have been doing this for a year already you would think I would be used to it. I didn't really indulge either over xmas apart from a couple of drinks and some trifle on xmas day! I think also a big part of me is scared of overeating and eating too much and therefore I tend to eat what I think I should eat rather than eating to being full!

        It's been a big week also just being stuck at home, trying to do chores, get my exercise in because gym creche is closed and trying to entertain 2 young boys. Hubby is working 2 weeks straight, started after boxing day so I guess I'm also missing some company and my friends have gone away. I just need more food I think....[SIGPIC]


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          Did great today, I certainly didn't have the hunger I had yesterday, I still have to get used to the fat though its just so greasy.....
          B: smoothie (kale, banana, 1 egg, 1 Tbsp nut butter, 2 dollops yoghurt, water)
          L: tandori chicken salad no dressing (went out to a cafe for lunch, did my best)
          D: mustard roasted chicken with steamed brocoli and purple carrots and fried zucchini
          S: paleo friendly icy pole

          Did day 2 of angry trainer fitness 12 days to xmas, basically it was 100 jumping jacks, high knees, jump rope, burpees, mountain climbers, v ups - 1 minute each with 20 sec rest in between repeat twice so 3 circuits total. The mountain climbers really kicked my arse and I thought i was fit LOL. Also did 10 min powerwalk to warmup and 10 min powerwalk to cool down. All in all a good workout.

          I had the gym call me today to resign and I told them I was thinking about it seeing as I had been working out all week at home and doing fine!

          Had a really busy day today, dropped 1 child off at daycare, went to the spud shed to pick up all my fruit and veggies for the week, drove to supermarket to pick up other items, dropped them off at home, drove to mums and went up the shops for lunch, drove back and picked up the raw milk and finally home to workout and cook dinner before picking child off at daycare.


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            Ok day 3 of angry fitness training so 45 min workout!
            I woke up so hungry this morning but think I overdid it because I had a really heavy uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

            B: 3 boiled eggs, cabbage, tuna salad
            L: chicken salad with a dollop of homemade mayo
            S: 2 olives, 2 spoons of tuna salad
            D: steak and salad

            I haven't had any yet but I made some avocado choc mousse so I will be having some of that later because I'm feeling a little peckish!


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              Hey Sarah is that you? It's me! I started a journal today. Very excited . Great to see a familiar face here

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                Hey Frankie yes its me, nice to see you here. I was starting to give up on my journal because no-one seemed to read it LOL. Are you following this lifestyle aswell?

                It's funny I logged my calories today and by the way I never count calories but I was intrigued to see where I sat and I only ate 1162 which is not alot for an active person like me so I'm wondering if I am undereating and hence my body is holding onto a couple of KG's!


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                  Yeah I am following it. I have gone low carb before but never primal. Even though primal doesn't have to be low carb, I'm doing it that way first as I started to eat carbs again after my last stint at losing weight and it just got out of control. I need to stay away from grains and sugars altogether as I'm up at nearly the heaviest I've been! I'm not panicking though as I know low carb will get it off fast. Have been off all grains and sugars since 2 January. Got over the first week and humming along nicely now.

                  Yeah I'm not counting cals either but I know some days I can eat under 1000 as I just don't feel hungry. I have to remind myself to eat. But, with the fibro I'm not that active so it's fine. Got PLENTY of fat to burn! Official goal is 20kg by my birthday (June) but secretly hoping I'll get there by early April.
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                    Wow. I've been doing this for about a year now and was actually worried I was eating too much as I gained 3kgs. I must admit I do prefer the food more its much nicer being able to eat whatever for dinner rather than grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies LOL. I have very high estrogen, low iron and low testosterone but I think its the high estrogen that maybe has caused me to gain the 3kgs as it does cause weight gain, however I'm not fat but I just wish with all the exercise I did I could tone up my lower half but it just doesn't seem to be!

                    I have been working out at home lately and still trying to decide whether to join a gym or not. I have been following bodyrock tv for a while and I love the diversity of the workouts as I think I was becoming bored of just lifting weights or just doing spin etc.

                    I've also been finding if I'm hungry after dinner or have cravings I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my herbal tea and that seems to do the trick for me because I was a huge after dinner snacker!


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                      ooh good idea, I'm going to try that with my tea.

                      I'll be interested to see if I can get my lower half down. I'm big all over at the moment and the legs are always the last to go! (as with most women). But my hormones are changing and I am carrying more weight in my upper body, ie arms and boobs! Can't wait to see what shape I am when I shed these layers.

                      I've often thought about joining a gym, just to get out of the house but I've got equipment at home and I don't like leaving the kids at home at night (even though they are getting older). Going to get one of those pull up bars that fits into the doorway (I'm renting so can't do anything permanent). But that's a bit down he track. Will just do pull downs for a few months before I try pull ups!

                      Yeah it can get boring. I've got a stack of workout DVD's for when I want something different. The dance ones are quite fun
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                        Hi Sarahz, I thought I'd pop by and say hello - always nice to see some Southern Hemisphere names on the Forum.
                        I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


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                          Howdy Badgerirl, my goodness I forgot I had a journal going, suppose I haven't had much to say and nobody reading it anyway. I think there are quite a few Aussies on these forums now. How are you going? I've suddenly been having really bad sugar cravings these last few months and its driving me crazy. I'm good all day and then night-time seems to be where I need something even though most of the time I'm not really hungry.