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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Becky T)

    I keep flirting with the idea of going "Primal," but each time I follow through for 1-2 days, sometimes slightly longer, and then come up with some reason to take a break: I tell myself it will be too inconvenient to bring it up around friends, that I don't want to be "that girl" with food issues, that food is rooted in social/cultural patterns that I don't want to miss out on, while I think I feel better the better my food intake is, I don't know what it's really like to cut out grains, sugars, and dairy long-term (while I know dairy is allowable, given the amount of sensitivities people can have to it, I'm interested in cutting that out at first and then adding high quality dairy back in and seeing if there are any negative effects).

    This is my attempt to be more committed. With the exception of a few days or weekends here and there, my diet has always been based on whole foods more often than not, and I've been cutting back on grains in the past year. I started Crossfit about a year and a half ago and have been doing that pretty consistently, although there have been occasional months off due to travel and/or illness. I get sick way more frequently than I think someone my age, activity level, and generally healthy eating pattern should, and I'm hoping that a focused attempt to be more Primal will improve both my overall immune system and energy levels.

    My stats:

    age - 27

    height - 5' 4.5"

    weight - 115-118

    normal eating - lately, ~2200 cal/day, generally lots of veggies, fruits, and lots of calories from fat. According to fitday, my diet consistently lacks calcium, vitamin D, and iron, so I try to remember to take supplements of those specifically [I struggle with this, though, maybe being consistent should be one of my goals!]

    My primal challenge goals:

    1) Stick with it for the next 30 days!

    2) Gain lean body mass and increase strength. Long-term, I'd like to see my weight stay closer to 120 and a little above, maybe even 125 if I can do it and stay about the same general size, as I think the associated strength gains would be tremendous.

    3) To never get sick again. (just kidding, but that would be sweet)

    Food from 1/27/10:

    B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, blackberries & blueberries

    S: Brazil nuts & dried mango slices (Trader Joe's "Just Mango" slices are the best!)

    L: Salad (mixed greens, orange pepper, canned salmon, pine nuts, dressing mad from olive oil, champagne vinegar, & s&p); spaghetti squash w/tomatoes*, onions, zuchinni, & yellow squash (squash on squash, yummy), apple + sunflower butter

    D: 2 of my favorite recent concoctions - Cabbage, carrot, and mung bean salad w/ginger, jalapeno, lime juice, sesame oil, and s&p "dressing"; ground beef w/garlic, ginger, jalapeno, and scallions

    S: banana w/almond butter & cinnamon

    *My canned "organic diced tomatoes with basil, oregano, and garlic" from the Whole Foods 365 label ended up containing 8.5g of sugar per serving...I was totally ticked off as I expect to have to read for sugar in tomato sauce, but didn't bother reading the label can on what was supposed to be straight tomatoes! It was almost too sweet and not the taste I was looking for, but wasn't going to throw out the can after I had already opened it.

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    Still waking up kind of groggy/stuffy/overheated feeling, but my overall sense of well-being is improving, so I think this cold is going to stay mild.

    B: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, cantaloupe & blueberries

    S: Cantaloupe & blueberries, almonds & walnuts

    L: Leftover cabbage salad + leftover beef; 1/2 an avocado; double shot of espresso

    S: Apple, heaping spoonful of sunflower butter

    D: a little overzealous with the cooking and spent about an hour and a half eating the results! Turned my piles of leftover spaghetti squash into fritters. Chopped up the odds and ends of veggies were in my fridge (pepper, scallions, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes), tossed them in the squash, threw in some eggs for binding and salt and pepper to taste, then fried them up in a pan of olive oil/butter. Had 2 of those bad boys + a giant salad (w/leftover canned salmon) for dinner. Hoo-boy.

    A note on Workouts/Activity:

    As of early December, I was in the best shape of my life: my strength was up, my running and rowing were strong, and, more importantly, I was feeling gooooood and super self-confident everytime I walked into the gym. I had to take 2+ weeks off due to surgery, but was still feeling great with no real losses in strength or energy level. Soon after that I hit a stressful life patch and came down with either a severe cold or the flu. I definitely felt the hit in my body; when I went back to the gym, things that used to be relatively easy felt crushingly hard. Psychologically, I beat myself up about this, and totally let my ego get in the way of my fitness. After refusing to scale going into a workout, I ended up 66 pullups in with bleeding hands and a slightly bruised ego. The worst pain, however, came 2 days later when my arms refused to open. 10 days later, they were still a little sore and definitely in a supremely weakened state (no budging from the bottom of a dead hang Then, another round with the sickness, which, while frustrating, might be a good thing because it's forcing rest and muscle recovery.

    Going forward, I'm going to try to stick to a reasonable plan and the following mantras:

    1) "Don't be stupid.": Stop comparing myself to where I *was* and focus on adequate rest, proper nutrition, and, above all, solid form on all of my movements.

    2) "Things will get better with time.": It took over a year's worth of solid work to get to where I was in December; it won't all come back in a day, but I got there once, so I can get there again.


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      B: 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, kiwi

      S: Brazil nuts, dried mango slices, apple

      L: Big salad, beef pot roast

      S: Banana w/almond butter & cinnamon

      D: So much for Mark's email admonition to skip a meal today, not that I ever seriously considered it. Had 2 sweet potatoes, ~1/2 pound of ground beef mixed with an egg and spices and formed into patties, and an entire bunch of Swiss chard sauteed with EVOO, garlic, and shallots. Then a little bit of dark chocolate coconut milk ice cream (okay, that probably was unnecessary physically, but felt pretty good emotionally).

      While still sniffly, I finally made it back to the gym today! My double unders could use some serious work, but it was fun jumping on boxes and sweating. Found a new gym nearby, where I'm going to start focusing on lifting heavy things and getting strong again.