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    Hello everyone! I'm not your typical blogger. However I feel the need to reach out for help. It is day three of new beginnings. Going good with the eating. It is just the way I feel. I am currently reading PB and about 1/2 way done. I understand the book discusses carb flu or what have you call it. I am definitely going through something. Can someone please guide me or help me through this? I feel terrible! This means it is working right? Ketosis? I have been logging in my food on a journal. Eating no higher than 75g carb(all coming from fruits n veggies...mostly veggies), adequate protein and fats. I am following the nutrient ratios mentioned in the book. I know I am doing this right. The mood swings and short temper or little patience is crazy. I never have issues with this. I actually felt light headed today and my stomach wasn't feeling too good. I had some headaches to yesterday and today. Also I feel no energy. Kind of a foggy/blah feeling. These issues are a little discouraging. Although I have been sleeping really well and for longer periods. That's a plus right?! They better be worth it! Any suggestions? PLEASE?!