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    Speaking of the biotoxin stuff..

    Just wondering - why would I be almost sympton free from Aug/sept - through Nov? Ok, wasn't entirely sympton free but my inflammation was most def going down

    I was busy - not even eating as cleanly as I am now - and I felt like I was on the mend. Cortisol? Doees cortisol help fight biotoxins? Just trying to figure out the connection. I am hypothesising that perhaps the high stress environment pushed cortisol and also my thyroid meds...

    I know that during the summer I was obviously getting a lot more light - perhaps it kicked in towards the end of summer?...i then started developing symptonsagain/relapsing around thanksgiving - almost to the day the sun disapeared (almost..more like that same week)

    obviously havent had much progress since....

    From Digital Surgeon
    cold environments leach out more toxins because of the interaction with our endogenous hormones. Lyme usually gets worse in the fall and winter months. If you HLA DR is screwed it really gets worse. If you do not have any HLD DR issues the cold will make you sicker but allow you to clear the toxin faster in colder months assuming your immune system is good. It also is a great time to use CSM to help bind the toxins too because they are liberated more frequently at this time of the year.


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      info on CSM to take to doc


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        Originally Posted by DigitalSurgeon
        spoke with my ID people today and they say they only used Antibiotics now for the lyme.....2-3 weeks for proven borrelia or bebesia and 4 weeks with Rocephin added for CNS manifestations. They use PCR for people who fail original therapy. They say there is no need for CSM or Actos.


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          Testosterone Serume 23
          Free Testosterone (Direct) <0.2
          Pregnolone, MS 54
          DHEAS 290.5
          Estradiol 111
          Porgesterone .6

          Thoughts? Drawn on days 2 of my cycle.

          I believe they are low accross the board, but how are the ratios? ie, estrogen to progesterone? I am waiting on the Dhuzgan peeps (we keep paying phone tag) but know that they also supplement DHEA etc in addition to bio-identicals. I'm curious what the course of treatment would I only need progesterone? Do I not really need progesterone? Is this estrogen dominance? I have no clue. Would love feedback. Thanks!


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            I have to do a Methylation Pathway panel for Chris Kressor...its tests

            glutathione (oxidized)
            glutathione (reduced)
            S-adenosyl-methionine (RBC)
            Tetrahydrofolate (THF)
            folic acid
            folinic acid
            folic acid (RBC)