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  • Primal Challenge Journal (Gayle Warner)

    My goal is to lose weight and get in shape for a trip to Hawaii in June 2010. My weight today is 205 (approximately, I didn't weigh today) and I've been trying to eat primally for the past 3 weeks, except for this past weekend when I broke down because I didn't lose ANY weight. I did feel better and I had been sleeping better, but the weight just doesn't want to come off.

    Let's back up a bit...a few years ago I began gaining weight like crazy (about 75 pounds over about 2 years). My doctor kept telling me "calories in/calories out". Needless to say, my body began to go crazy and "break down" until I ended up in the emergency room where they took my blood and found I was hypothyroid. I was put on meds to control the low thyroid, but continued to (slowly now) gain weight. I began very sluggish, ate and drank high carb/sugar foods and drinks constantly - I just couldn't get enough!, and didn't sleep well (I have RLS/PLMD also). Finally I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes (the precursor to Type 2 diabetes). I was told to get my eating under control and exercise. I had been riding bicycle alot at that time so I thought that would help. After a year I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes which is controlled by oral medication. Then I had to have an emergency hysterectomy this past June which cancelled all my bicycle plans for the summer. After that I just had no energy to do anything.

    Now my husband and I are planning to visit friends on Oahu this coming June...I seriously CANNOT see myself in Hawaii looking like I do. I was seriously considering the EHC diet (with shots) but it's too expensive.

    I recently found Mark's website and it's been a true blessing. I've read and learned so much and I think it's something that can really work for me...but I'm fighting a real uphill doctor says I suffer from metabolic syndrom where my body actually works against me not allowing me to become healthy and lose the weight. Mark, you're my ONLY hope!

    PS. I've never been good at sticking with blogging or journaling or ... so I hope I can make this a priority and post as often as possible. Wish me luck!

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    PS I'm 51 and my goal weight is ultimately 130. I'll be ecstatic if I can reach a mid-goal by June of 150.


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      You're among friends here, and you've definitely found the right place.

      Welcome----and keep on posting!