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    I guess today is as good as any day to get the ball rolling. I had been putting off getting off my arse and losing weight with a litany of excuses.

    In order to drive accountability I will take some pictures and measurements when I get home tonight...not excited to do it but excited to turn the page none the less.

    So what are my goals? I want them to be more than just a weight target but still have some level of attainability to them. For the sake of getting something on paper, I will make 3 primary goals for now:

    1) 34" waist - have not rocked those pants since HS and waist should be a nice equalizer as I add muscle and lose fat
    2) 95% or above attachment to the Primal Diet
    3) Stick to it (my major weakness) - will run with this plan through my birthday 7/7. Kind of funny how easy it was to lay out a lifetime commitment to my wife but a 7.5 mos commitment seems so daunting. I actually almost deleted that line and changed it to 3/31. See what a wuss I am?

    As for food...will have to read up on the grocery items as I am surrounded by the crap all the time. I was able to hit a good first lunch: spinach and colorful lettuce, carrots, almond slivers, sunflower seeds, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

    So, as this is a journal, i would be remiss if I failed to document my fears:
    1) oddly enough, not actually is the liquid. I currently consume 5-10 starbux triple venti peppermint mochas per week, a few glasses of wine, 2 beers after hockey twice a week. Add on my 2x+ daily diet pepsi/mtn dew and it is clear that I take in a ton of non-water liquid.
    2) goal number 3 is perfectly tied to my fear that I often miss a meal and give up on a week as a result figuring "since I already screwed up..."
    3) Support - live in a home with 3 little girls and a wife who love their carbs...temptation is scary

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    Wow good luck to you! You should keep a piggy (lol, can't resist the pun) bank to capture all of the money you were spending on all of the liquid calories away from home, heck even the alcoholic ones in the home.


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      extravert - that is an awesome idea (and a very appropriate name). Thanks for the idea


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        Here upload of starting point.