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    I'm samazon...welcome to my Primal Journal! I'm a wife, graduate student, and mother (to a little doggie). I first heard about the Primal Blueprint from my husband, who was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He decided to give it a go, and I decided to go along as well. I've been going hardcore (90% primal) for 11 days.

    I actually never thought I'd stick to it so long, which is why I didn't start this journal 11 days ago! Originally I thought "Well lets just get through 24 hrs..." but 24hrs turned into 48 turned into 72 turned into...264 and I'm still here!

    My goals with the Primal Plueprint are:

    1) Lose some pounds, gain some fitness. Full disclosure: I'm 5'10", 218lbs (yikes!). I don't have a specific 'goal weight' or anything, I just want to feel fit and energetic. During undergrad I was on a Division 1 sports team and at that level of fitness I felt like I could dance on air. I want to work towards that feeling.

    2) Eat more veg. I love vegetables but I just never ate very many of them...probably because my parents weren't into veggies when I was growing up, so I never got into the habit of buying them. All our meals were based around carbs, especially pasta. I love to cook though, so I've been having a lot of fun learning new ways to cook veggies.

    3) Learn that I can go without carbs, especially bread. There was a time when the idea of going an entire day without bread was frightening. I'm already moving away from that feeling. After only 11 days my cravings are nearly gone.

    I want to do this hardcore for 30 days and then assess how I feel. A lot of people online seem to think that the primal Blueprint is way too restrictive, hard etc to stick to for even 30 days, but I haven't found it that hard at all so far. I mean, last night we had roasted chicken breasts with balsamic reduction and asparagus sauteed in butter... how awesome it that?!

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    So today is my 14th primal day, and my weigh-day! So...I've lost 8.5 lbs!?! In two weeks. Umm...that's a lot.

    I have been eating very clean so far, but I haven't been going all out with my exercise so I'm very surprised (and pleased).

    I commute to work on my bike, so even before PB I got a minimum of 3 hours of movement at a slow pace per week. Of course I have kept this up, and added two hour-long walks per week with my dog on nearby trails. I am also trying to do two weight-training sessions per week (although LAST week I only did one). I do a circuit routine designed for me by a personal trainer; one advantage of my student health fees is access to a nutritionist and personal trainer for a couple of hours per term.

    On another note, I now have a primal doggie!!! I switched him to a grain-free, high protein, high Omega-3, salmon based kibble, as well as glucosamine and fish oil tablets (by vet prescription). His coat is getting very shiny and he loves the new food. It's actually much cheaper than I had thought, especially if you buy in large quantities. Considering that I pay over $100/wk for my food, I don't think $5/wk is that bad for him!