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    Second day of fasting. I fasted for about 16 hours yesterday. And i am aiming for something close to that today. A small salad as afternoon snack yesterday and beef curry and cauliflower rice for dinner. Munched soem cashews in the evening.

    Luis Bunuel's book is enchanting. He casually mentions how memories define us and without it we do not exist. He mentions his mother, in her last days, had lost her memory completely. She could not even recognise him. I also remembered the case of "Lost Mariner" in Oliver sacks' "The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat", where a person has lost about 20-25 years of memory and cannot retain anything in the present beyond a few seconds (he only remembers his teen years and in the present, he retains nothing; so he could be talking to you and a few seconds later may not recognise who you are and why and what you are talking to him).

    That three pound mass of jelly inside our head is an amazing thing.
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      Some sprint training yesterday evening. Ran a total of 5.5K. Rounded the day with beef curry and cauli rice.
      Went to bed pretty early and had a nice 10 hours uninterrupted sleep.

      Woke up to a cold crisp morning (about 12 degrees C and moderately windy). Hardly ideal to play outdoor tennis. Yet it had to be done. 90 minutes of play time for grok. 6-4 4-6 and ran out of court time. Stretched a bit after a nice warm shower. Now munching vegetable omelet and lamb curry. Would be really nice to doze off a bit. My son is not going to let me i think. We will fool around the rest of the afternoon.
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        A mixed Sunday. While the morning opened cold and crisp as usual, by the time i stepped on to the tennis court, it was warm and sunny. Had about 90 minutes of tennis. I had lost in straights 4-6, 2-6. This guy is pusher par excellence. And he is super fit.

        The eating was a bit un-primal. A slight detour, if you want. Sipped a couple of coffees, munched some dates, nibbled some biscuits and eat a piece of bread. Farted through the day and swore i would never ever try that healthy eating again.
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          I have been off MDA for nearly couple of weeks. Busy work days at office.

          However, i have remained primal more or less. It has been unusually cold here and i ended up eating a few biscuits once and hot Indian curry with Naan on another occasion.

          After Luis Bunuel, i am reading "The Emperoro of all Maladies. A Biography of Cancer" by Siddhartha Mukherjee. A fascinating (and horrifying) account of cancer and practice of medicine around it. The more i read it the more i distrust medical doctors.
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            Today i weighed 165 lbs.
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              Finally finished reading The Emperor of Maladies. A thought provoking read.
              Hunting for the next read.
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                I stumbled across "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris. When published in 1967, this one kicked up quite a storm. An interesting book written by an obviously clever dude. Recommended read for all groks - men & women.

                I seem to have stabilized at 165 lbs. Too soon to call it a homeostasis. May be not.
                I work out 3 times a week. No rigid scheduling etc. Mostly body weight work outs. I do it when i feel like it - spontaneous push ups, planks, etc. When i go for walks, i am constantly looking out for "structures" i can use for on the fly pull ups or dips. Once i walked past a bus stop, paused and jumped and caught one of the tresses and cranked out a dozen pull ups, much to the amusement of the comrade citizens waiting for the bus.

                Bro-cauli rice (half broccoli half cauliflower) is a staple meal item. Breakfast has been standardized (eggs and vegetables). Sometimes i do not feel like eating at all. I play tennis twice a week. Run about once a week. All in all nothing stressful in daily life (compared to my earlier attempt at calorific deficit attempts, which were so stresful).

                More people around are starting to take note of the changes.
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                  A quick but solid pre-lunch work out. My first serious attempt at deadlift.
                  198 lbs was max i could do. This was not so boring as i thought it would be. I will work at this one from now on.
                  Benched about 175 lbs. I think i can improve on both.

                  I play tennis regularly and i use a heavy racquet. My righ shoulder is much stronger than the left (righty) and my right arm is also stronger than my left arm (one handed bachkhand). I have some difficulties doing shoulder press (the form is not good if i want to up the weight). Have to work on the balance part.

                  Sumptuous lunch - lots of leafy greens, salmon, panfried broccoli, zuccini and eggplant and a slice of pineapple and orange for desert.
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                    Nearly a month of existence without the idiot box. Last night i was asleep at 9 AM and i woke up at 5 AM feeling just beautiful. Cannot put that freshness feeling in to words. English is simply inadequate.

                    Here is how the idiot box used to rule our life.
                    Me: 15 min channel flipping as i wolved down breakfast in the morning; 1-2 hours in the evening to watch sports or some movie.
                    My lady love: *don't know*
                    Kid: 2-3 hours of cartoons.
                    Me: at least 2-3 hours a day; SO: 1-2 hours (unfortunately our interests do not match); Kid: 1-2 hours (his interests definitely do not match with either of us). that is a cumulative 5-7 hours!

                    I am at home by 7 PM. Kid would have finished his meal by then. Playing with kid and dinner done by 8 PM. Put the kid to sleep by 8:30. Read a book or *private audience* with my lady love. Asleep latest by 9:30. Voila, I get a minimum of 8 hours sleep everyday.
                    Weekends: after tennis, i take my kid for a long meandering walk, where we stop by multiple parks, fool around. we all go to cafe and read. go swimming. certainly much better quality of time spent with my kid, myself or with SO.

                    The only downside is i have stopped looking macho in the work circles since i have revealed that i go to bed by 9:30. That is simply not unacceptable and deemed too "soft" for 12 hour a day corporate slave. How can you sleep more than five hours and not feel *worked* everyday and yet expect to get paid and promoted and become a "leader" of the troops by setting an example?

                    No weights today. Just walked around a bit during lunch time. Roast chicken with vegetables for lunch. Weekend tennis diary is full. Apart from hour long slugfests with my usual tennis buddies, I will be offering tennis lessons to couple of kids from the neighborhood. I am excited.
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                      A new personal best for me. 242 lbs deadlift. One rep. With a body weight at 165 lbs, i felt good.

                      Good weekend. Walked around a lot. Swam a bit. Managed to play an hour of tennis.
                      Weekend meals were pretty much primal except for coffee and a cup of white rice (eating rice nearly after two months!).

                      I have noticed that my coffee consumption has increased (and with it the splenda consumption - 2 to 3 packs a day). Any time i ratchet up my reading, i end up craving more coffee.
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                        Nice 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night.

                        Looking forward to the weekend and the weekend tennis. What better way to prepare than doing some off court preparation?

                        Lunch time work out today:
                        Some sprint work (10 sets of 30 sec sprint + 30 sec rest) and some steady running. A total of 5K in 23 minutes. Followed by
                        a) lunges with medicine ball core rotation (think classical tennis strokes: step forward, rotate hips, swing through the ball) &
                        b) "usain bolt" lunges. dumbells in your hands, hands by your sides, go to lunge position, jump and switch legs to get back to lunge position. i saw once usain bolt doing these and so i call these usain bolt lunges.

                        So, all in all, good off court tennis training.
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                          Good to be back after a forced break.

                          All is well and i have been keeping primal mostly. The weight has steadily decreased to 163 lbs. Tennis is improving. The mind is clear. Family is happy.

                          I am sure this has been posted elsewhere. I came across this recently and since the source is "mainstream", i guess it could be useful to cite to people hung up on references from branded sources.

                          Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart: Scientific American

                          The idea of attending medical school keeps coming up at an alarming frequency. I am starting to read mroe biology and health sciences related books (currently, "Music of Life" by Dennis Noble).

                          Perhaps i am a bit old. May be age does not matter. Lets see how this goes.
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                            I am up at 3:20 AM!

                            Last night, i had my first non-primal meal in a while. The wheat bread ("nan") was the non-primal part. After about 3 hours of tennis, i gave in and said, "OK, lets do this and feel shit".

                            Here i am, consumed with guilt almost equal to the guilt i felt when i thought about somebody else's woman.
                            Which, incidentally, makes me think if i am becoming too religious. So religious that any deviations makes you rot in hell and gets you eternally laughed upon in the primal-funny-moment thread.

                            George Carlin - Religion is bullshit. - YouTube
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                              Wow, it has been nearly a month!

                              I have had a few departures from the primal way of eating. Perhaps i felt a bit guilty and hid from this forum : ).
                              However, i congratulate myself to be aware of the departures and to bring myself back on track.

                              I broke the 160 lb barrier. Despite a few grain loaded carb devouring, i seem to shed weight gradually.

                              I am working hard on tennis. Training to get better at short, explosive movement. I had always trained long slow distance before. Now i realize that tennis is all about the first 2 or 3 explosive movements. Endurance helps obviously. But, it certainly has its limited utility.
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                                I have been away from my journal for nearly 6 months!
                                On the other hand, maintaining a journal for 3 months straight is something of an achievement for me.

                                As the ticker says, i am at 160 lbs at roughly 12% BF. I am not 100% primal anymore. Perhaps 85-90%.
                                Training for an endurance event to raise $ for a charity has sort of disturbed the equilibrium.

                                However i am fortunate to have come across this community. It has been nearly 10 months since i started the Primal experiment. I have lost weight pretty quickly and i have been able to keep it stable in spite of recent transgressions. From the journal entry i can see that i was 163 in middle of February. This has been the most successful, least painful of all the weight-loss experiments i have tried.

                                I am going to try to record my thoughts in this journal at least once a week.
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