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    I figured I would start one of these to get some feedback. Here goes...

    I usually do not eat breakfast, but I had a 36 hour fast which I broke this morning with some meat.

    Breakfast: One pound of hamburger fried in some coconut oil, with tea

    Lunch: 6 scrambled eggs, a small can of clams, an onion, four cloves of garlic, and some salsa; all of this was mixed together and washed down with tea. Took three 1000mg fish oil pills and three 1000 IU Vitamin D3 pills, with one teaspoon of cod liver oil.

    Dinner: Almost an entire 2 pound chicken, followed by some blueberries and coconut milk.

    Between breakfast and lunch I had my last workout of the week:

    Squat 5x5 155 pounds (finally reached bodyweight)

    Deadlift 5x3 235 pounds

    Messed around with some kettlebells a bit.

    I also got a body fat percentage reading: 13.4% Not ideal.

    Right now I am transitioning from the first phase of fat loss (losing all of the visceral fat and most of the subcutaneous fat) and going towards the second, attempting to burn off the last bits of stubborn fat. Began IFing daily again (just tea for breakfast, and about 14-16 hours between dinner and lunch), and had a 36 hour fast yesterday which I hope to do once per week.

    I am also planning to ramp up my fitness by adding sprints in twice per week, plus some yohimbine and caffeine in the morning before workouts for an extra bit of pep.

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    Breakfast: nothing

    Lunch: 1.1 pounds of ground beef, sauteed in coconut oil with four cloves of garlic, some turmeric, chile powder, and cumin.

    Dinner: Three chicken drumsticks, and a small salad

    Exercise: 5.5 hours of hiking

    I plan to eat more after dinner, probably some more meat or a little fruit.


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      Good morning!

      On one of the other posts, you listed your bf% around 7%. Are the postings from your journal approximately what you still eat? I need to get my bf down in the next 5 weeks and am very interested in what you use for guidelines since you're already so low.

      Based on your journal, I'm amazed you can eat that much in one sitting. Holy crud, over a pound of ground beef? You have an incredible stomach, my lady.

      Seriously, though. I know I'll need to cut out the salty bits I've been relying on to get me through the first 2 weeks of this and try not to hold onto so much water.

      I had my bf% done last night after 2 days of salty foods, middle of my period, and a week of being, not a very impressive loss over 14 days. I only lost 1.1% bodyfat. Ugh. My weight stayed about the same though so I'm still putting on muscle with the fat loss.

      Okay, I've bent your ear(eyes) long enough. Any insight would be appreciated.

      Happy Day!


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        I eat relatively the same; high protein and fat, with some green leafy vegetables for carbs. I'm currently experimenting with eating no fruit at all, mainly to break the last vestige of my sugar addiction. I have gone without fruit since, I believe, last Friday, and have lost some body fat and do not differently. I also drink copious amounts of tea, which is wonderful for curbing appetite, and it is cheap and delicious. My favorite is Tulsi Tea India Breakfast, though the Irish Breakfast from Trader Joe's is phenomenal.

        My diet consists mainly of:

        Muscle meat

        Some offal (liver mainly, cooked up a beef heart last night)







        To keep things interesting I liberally use a diverse range of spices.

        My appetite is insatiable; the only thing that kept me from eating a 6 pound lamb leg in its entirety a few days ago was that I needed to have the remains for lunch the next day.

        My suggestions for you:

        -Jack LaLanne's dietary plan: If man made it, don't eat it. If it tastes good, spit it out. Although you wont have fun with this, losing stubborn fat is not designed to be fun.

        -If Grok would not have recognized it, don't eat it. Smoothies are delicious, but Grok would never recognize one.

        -Meat should be the focus of your diet. Meat is the centerpiece, and vegetables the auxilaries. Eat twice or thrice a day, and try to attain a good feeling of real hunger between meals. Resist the urge to snack.

        -Of the vegetables you eat, limit the higher-carbohydrate varieties such as carrots or beets to 2-3 per day, and eat mainly things like spinach, kale, chard, broccoli, et cetera.

        -Don't eat any fruit. It takes the magic out of eating, but you will lose more fat quickly.

        -Don't drink your calories. Protein shakes are good for quick absorbtion ergo better muscle building, but should be anathema to you for fat loss. Only drink coffee, tea, or water; lemon in tea increases uptake of the beneficial chemicals in tea, and makes it taste better.

        -Limit salt.

        -Slather all your veggies in fat, such as butter or EVOO. Makes things taste better, increases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

        -Take three 1 gram fish oil tablets with each meal. I get the Trader Joe's brand, which has 200mg of EPA/DHA per tablet; I usually get 1.2 grams of omega 3 per day. Consider taking a good multi vitamin as well. Not as necessary, but it cannot hurt either.

        All I can think of right now, and this is my basic dietary guide... let me know if you have any more questions. Always glad to help.


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          Good stuff.

          I realized reading this that I've been really easy on myself. I went hi protein, hi fat back in my mid-20s and I actually had striations in my thighs. That's crazy for a pear shaped chick. Anyway, I know I can buckle down and eat what will move me along to this goal so thank you for the smack upside the head - I really needed it.

          I'm dropping the yumtastic shake in the morning since I took a better look at the ingredients of the greens and of course, wheat germ/brown rice business/etc. was in there. Dangit! Anyway, I doubt I'll be able to take in a pound of beef in a sitting, but I'll get darned close to it.

          I need to look into this Jack LaLanne fella. He seems pretty cut and dry. I like that.

          Yay meat.


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            I eat very similarly to you mstrudle, only the things we cook aren't similar (what did I just say? I meant to say our ingredients, meat and veggies are about the same) but I think you eat WAY more meat than I do. I've been looking to up my meats but my gf nags me about cholesterol and things like that.

            Would you be interested in e-mailing back and forth? I'm pesky as hell, and will ask lots of annoying questions. Say no.


            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              I'm glad I could help. One more thing I would add: go hardcore, but do not push yourself over the edge. If you want an apple, eat it. If that avocado looks good, chop it up and throw it on a salad. It becomes so grating to eat just straight meat and vegetables after a while that you're going to cave in somehow. Don't think of it as something horrible, but as a momentary setback on your path to bodily perfection.


              Check your email


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                Since 03/26/10 I have cut out fruit and nuts and will be doing so until 4/26/10. My last BF reading was 7.9% at 156 pounds bodyweight, giving me a lean mass of 143.67 pounds and fat mass of 12.324 pounds. I will be taking readings at the end of the month-long fast to see where I stand in terms of lean mass/fat mass.

                I have eaten a diet high in meat and fat, eating mostly eggs, bacon, wild sockeye salmon, lamb leg, and ground beef. Added to this I have eaten a large amount of tomato, avocado, peppers, onion, garlic, spinach, kale, and some chard. I have also taken to having some raw milk every day.

                I will be reintroducing the banned foods back into my diet at the end of the period to see how I feel on them. I doubt any difference will be made, as I have never had any sensitivities to nuts or fruit.