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    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to all this, but find it really interesting and am very happy with how I feel so far!
    I made major dietary changes starting just over 2 weeks ago when I read Wheat Belly and then Why We Get Fat. I've been reading MDA since then, and just got my copy of the PB 21 Day Total Body Transformation in the mail.
    I am a 37 year old, busy mother of 2 great boys, with a full time job and a long commute. I think one of my biggest challenges in following the PB will be sleep, but I'll just have to do the best I can.
    I've never really been overweight, but I've spent a lot of time wishing I could lose about 10 lbs and struggling. In the past couple of years, it's been more like wishing I could lose 20 lbs. Times that I have actually gotten down to my goal weight were mostly when I was ill or overly stressed (but I looked great ). Whenever I got back to my normal way of eating, my weight went back up.
    I've been a runner on and off over the past 10 years. I really enjoy it, and I've done one full marathon and many halfs, but I find that most of the time I'm just wearing myself out or showing up for things under-trained and disappointing myself. The PB exercise plan really appeals to me in that it's more about fun and enjoying yourself, and the workouts are much shorter! I'm hoping I can slim down a little more through diet, and then hopefully working on lifting and yoga to get a nicer shape.
    I lost 8 lbs right off the bat when I cut out grains. I have suspected for awhile now that I had an intolerance to gluten, but I got tested for Celiac last year, and when it came back negative I resumed my normal SAD. I sure wish I would have cut the wheat then, because I feel SO much better.

    I haven't had too much trouble so far with temptation, and haven't really gone off track - even on Thanksgiving! I think losing that weight right away was very motivating. I know it's time to get back to exercising though, so that will be my next challenge.

    I've enjoyed reading the forum so far. It seems like there are some really great people here, and I've gotten some great inspiration and ideas from you all already!
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    I stayed home from work today after a horrible night's sleep last night. I was just WIDE awake until about 4 am, and I was supposed to get up by 6. I think my Alive Women's Multi-Vitamin had something to do with it. I took it late in the afternoon. I'll have to start taking it early in the mornings, although you're supposed to take it with food, and I don't eat breakfast most days (not hungry). I wonder if the fat in coffee with HWC is enough?

    One thing that's tough for me on this plan is that I don't like to cook. Hopefully I'll get over that. In the past when I've been home alone and need to eat, I do something like a lean cuisine or can of soup. Now I need to actually go make something...
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      I just survived a meeting with fresh, WARM, beignets. Psychologically, I was fine, I really didn't want them, but physically, my mouth actually watered. lol
      Afterwards I went downstairs and got 3 thick slices of bacon, now I'm all better.

      Man, I'm feeling my coffee more these days! I only have one cup/day, and I'm drinking it with HWC and cinnamon. I am wired this morning! This makes me think that I could (and maybe should) give it up - but do I want to?? I really enjoy my coffee!

      Yesterday's eating was kind of weird. I made chicken Tikka Masala for lunch with the Patek's sauce. I love that stuff and the ingredient list looked pretty clean. But I used chicken thighs, and they were just too greasy for me. I couldn't do it. So lunch was just a little bit of chicken and veggies mixed in the sauce. For dinner we made cornish game hens and veggies. 2 hens for 2 adults and 2 kids. I think I need my own hen! I didn't feel like I got much meat. I went to sleep and woke up hungry! It's really cool though to feel hungry without feeling desperate to eat. I really feel so much better with this way of eating!
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        For lunch I had some spaghetti with meat sauce, minus the spaghetti. I didn't mind eating just the sauce, there was plenty of meat in it and I put some Parmesan on top.

        BTW - I saved the carcasses from the cornish game hens last night. I'm going to try making some broth this weekend. It will be my first attempt!

        I got up mid-morning and did the stairs at work (5 flights up, 18 down), and I took a short walk at lunch. I'll do the stairs again this afternoon. It feels good to get some movement in my sedentary day.
        I'm still a little wired. I think I'm going to have to skip the coffee tomorrow.
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          I had to eat a super quick dinner last night so I mixed up some tuna fish and mayo, and ate about 1.5 oz of cheese. I was still hungry later. I've been consistently hungry for about 2 days now. I'm not eating enough. I need to do some shopping this weekend, because I get hungry and then can't think of anything primal that sounds good, so I don't eat.
          I'm on my way downstairs for some breakfast now.
          I didn't skip coffee this morning, and I am not wired like yesterday. I think this is because I slept so poorly. Dh was out of town, and I always have trouble sleeping when he's gone. Plus, I seem to have developed excema (??) and I wake up during the night itchy. What a pain!! I ordered some EV Coconut Oil, and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. I'm hoping that will help with the excema (and other things!). I shouldn't have gone with the free shipping, it's always the slowest method possible.
          Not sure what I'll do for lunch, but I think we're going for sushi for dinner. No more tempura rolls for me, but everything else seems pretty good. I'm allowing the white rice in my 80/20, because I really haven't had any other cheats this week.

          Oh, and TGIF
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            Benihana for lunch - it was perfect! Beef and vegetables, with a small salad. I wonder what was in the salad dressing, but otherwise I know it was fine. And delicious!

            Oh, and I just put in order in for 25 lbs of grass fed beef. They're going to deliver it this afternoon.
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