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2 Sistas go Primal - AUS vs. USA

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    The Robb Wolf Fish Oil Calculator | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

    I haven't really analysed these guidelines, but have a look.


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      Primal breakfast family feast for Saturday morning:
      - Bacon
      - Scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil
      - A big pile of fresh handpicked blackberries
      - Smoothie with bananas, frozen raspberries, coconut milk, ice & a little extra water

      The kids & hubby devoured all the food. They are so excited I am feeding them bacon (I had never cooked bacon before).


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        That breakfast reminds me of Bali. Lots of delicious fresh food.

        I made bacon and eggs and two waffles for hubbs today. I'm slowly going to decrease the grains I make for him, while increasing the meat & veg. For his work lunch today I made a snack of a few fancy cured meats (coppa, & salami), aged sharp cheddar, and a mozzarella wrapped with pepperoni. Hopefully he'll come home and tell me how great it was.

        I went a whole day yesterday without dairy, but forgot while I was making hubbs' lunch and tried a few slices of the mozzarella/pepperoni roll. Kind of frustrating because I made the creamy spinach this morning with coconut milk instead of cream cheese and feta. It turned out great! I also used organic spinach. I think I used too much coconut milk because it was too sloppy, but it went with the scrambled eggs really well. And I was able to cook the spinach longer in the coconut milk so the spinach was nice and tender. Could have been because it was organic and better quality than the usual frozen spinach I use.

        For dinner I stir-fried some lamb chunks with fresh garlic, added a bit of coconut milk, salt and crushed rosemary and cooked it for about ten minutes to let it thicken. I threw in some steamed brussels sprouts and baby carrots at the end. It is really delicious! I wasn't sure if the rosemary would go with the coconut milk - usually recipes with lamb and coconut milk also have curry powder, which I'm not a huge fan of. Its something I think I can feed to hubbs, even with the sprouts.

        I'm having fun using coconut milk. It is so much tastier than I expected. I need to make sure I don't use it every day though because I might get sick of it.

        I finally went to the health food grocery yesterday and bought these fun things that I have never cooked with before:
        Coconut Flour
        Coconut Oil
        Buffalo Burger patties (100% pasture raised buffalo)
        Almond butter

        I don't miss bread-type foods but I'm interested to see what I can make with coconut flour so my hubby won't miss stuff.

        Tomorrow I'm going to make Double-Pork Stuffed Chicken Breasts from the cookbook.

        I'm thinking I might just start trying each recipe in the book from beginning to end.

        So I guess I'm back to day zero on my "no dairy" challenge lol.


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          Here's what dinner (Double-Pork Stuffed Chicken Breasts | Mark's Daily Apple) ended up looking like:

          This was hubbs' version. There's frozen microwave broccoli & Cheese (blehk - but the last one in the freezer), and fresh organic steamed baby carrots. I also put a slice of extra sharp cheddar over each pile of veggies after I took the photo lol. He asked for it. He also had a glass of milk with his. He loved the chicken! But he was still hungry afterwards, so he found a single serve macaroni & Cheese and ate that. He also said that I should put cheese inside the chicken with the pork. It didn't need it, but some creamy cheese in there would have been good. I'd try swiss, provolone, mozzarella, or brie.

          I had my chicken with brussels sprouts and carrots. And drank water. And some apple slices for dessert. This recipe was extremely easy to make. The sausage I bought was already seasoned, but was way too salty. Next time I might use plain pork sausage and use the herbs in the recipe. (I left them out of this one)

          I need to learn to make some yummy vegetable/side dishes. I thought the chicken last night would be filling, so I just threw together some veggies at the last minute.

          Today my face was all puffy. It could be allergies since we left the heater turned up last night, or it could have been too much sodium yesterday. I did eat a lot of bacon. I'm trying to drink more water today.

          I had a steak with broccoli for lunch yesterday and there was butter on the steak. I'm still counting it as a dairy-free day though. Now I'm on day two. I definitely feel like I'm going through withdrawal. But I know I just need to get through one more day and it will start getting easier after that.


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            That looks amazing, well done. It is a bit tragic he wants to cover all that beautiful food with cheese though. If that were for my hubby, I'd have to give him twice that amount of food, so maybe double it next time & he won't hit the mac & cheese. I managed to get through one day of 100% primal today with the family. We had organic bacon and eggs with a blueberry & coconut smoothie for breakfast. Then we had sausages made with tapioca flour and homemade coleslaw. We turned the sausages into a catherine wheel, which is a trick I learned from Jamie Oliver. You unravel the sausages and squeeze the meat so you have one massive sausage. Then you arrange it on a tray like a pinwheel, put a skewer through at 90 degree angles and broil each side under the grill for 10 minutes. It looks really cool, the kids thought it was great.

            Dinner was steak, salad & berries. Everyone was very happy. Tomorrow we are travelling across the country to visit the family - I think it will be hard to keep this up while we are there.

            Also, I made cauliflower rice instead of boiled rice to have with Thai green chicken curry the other night. It was really yummy. The kids weren't fussed either way. They never really ate the rice anyway. They did miss the roti though.

            Suggestions for side dishes - maybe try coleslaw, so easy to do. Can you do sweet potato dishes? Also, consider putting butter on the steamed veggies instead of cheese, or try making more interesting butters - garlic butter, etc. Also, have some fun with mushrooms. They can be very tasty and meaty if done well.


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              I'm on day four of no dairy! Yesterday I almost caved. I made the mistake of leaving the house to mail something when I was really hungry. My plan was to just roll out to the mail box down the street and come back, but after I dropped off the package I decided I really wanted a chicken sandwich from burger king. Luckily I had left my wallet at home, but I didn't realize until I got there. (it's only 10 mins from my house) so even though I considered using the change in the car to buy food, I soon came to my senses and drove back home. I was really hungry so my dinner ended up being 700 calories, but it was all good stuff.

              2 Aidells Chicken Apple Sausages
              88g Brussels Sprouts
              88g Crinkle Sliced Carrots
              88g Sliced Yellow Round Squash
              75g Pork Italian Sausage
              500mL Water

              Earlier in the day I had taken a bag of frozen sliced carrots, frozen sliced squash, and frozen brussels sprouts and divided them up into Zip n' steam bags. Each bag with one serving of each veggie. It totally saved me! The whole dinner was less than 23 carbs. And it was a lot of food that I could eat and not feel shitty about afterward.

              My husband came home from working the night shift this morning at 6:15am, but he has to work the day shift tomorrow (wake up at 4am) so I had to drag him out of bed at 11am so he can go to bed early tonight. We went to iHop for breakfast since it was lunchtime, and I ordered the garden omelette again with no pancake batter and no cheese. The waitress was new so I had to explain to her that they put pancake batter in the omelettes and that I don't want them to. When she brought it out it had cheese on it so I had to send it back. Usually I wouldn't bother, but I'm only on day 4 of my non-dairy experiment and after almost slipping last night I couldn't bear to break it. Eventually I got what I wanted. just eggs and veggies! Next time I might just order fried eggs instead though.
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                So this week the scales didn't change, but I wasn't trying to exercise much. I weighed myself the day I was all swelled up and I was at 201 so I'm glad that only lasted 1 day. I'm back to using my bodybugg so I can make sure I burn more calories than I eat on a daily basis. I'm still eating what I want though. I type it into my food diary after I eat, and I make sure my daily total is under 100 grams carbohydrate, and between 1500-2000 calories. I also eat my high carb foods (like fruit) in the morning, and eat less carbs in the evening. I only eat twice a day, but not intentionally. I just don't want to eat any more often than that.

                I've been 100% primal for 11 days! I'm loving it.
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                  Just realised I have passed my 21 day challenge mark! I had a few non-primal days, but overall this has been a great experiment. I am going to keep going for sure, as I feel really good. I'm not getting tired, my skin is absolutely perfect, the arthritis is really quite good. The kids have been 80-90% for 3 days or so. Today I made my eldest daughter a cup of tea with milk and one teaspoon of sugar. She has always had it like this & always asks for more sugar. Today she declared that it was too sweet. I told her it was only one teaspoon and she almost didn't believe me. Clearly her tastebuds are becoming more sensitive, which I see as a primal win.


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                    Originally posted by Sketcha View Post

                    Yesterday I almost caved. I made the mistake of leaving the house to mail something when I was really hungry. My plan was to just roll out to the mail box down the street and come back, but after I dropped off the package I decided I really wanted a chicken sandwich from burger king. Luckily I had left my wallet at home, but I didn't realize until I got there.
                    That is so funny - close call. Those chicken sandwiches are sooooo tasty. Did you check out the blogs I mentioned?


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                      Day 12. I lost 2.8 pounds since yesterday! I've found that if I don't weigh myself every day (when I'm dieting) I lose focus (adhd). The only exercise I did yesterday was to walk on the treadmill at 3mph (very easy) but at an incline (levels 6 & 8 - I'll find out what that means some day). I walked 3 miles and burned 350 calories. My heartrate was around 150bpm.

                      I also found out that a butcher that I've never been to because it's always closed by the time I get there sells grass finished beef. And it's an Australian cow.

                      And that's cool about the sugar sensitivity with your kids. When my husband was visiting his family recently (for the final job interview) he said they tried to give the 6mo baby a snack (some kind of instant dissolve in your mouth cracker) and she refused it! She only wanted to pound them into dust on the table. If they tried to put it in her mouth she would spit it out. I'm so proud.

                      I saw a thing on Dr. Oz (I rarely watch talk shows but sometimes I'll see a topic that's worth recording) a few months ago - "The Top 5 Habits Making You Fat"
                      They are:
                      5. You’re a Low-fat Label Lover - I've always known to avoid "fat-free" stuff, because they're always full of sugar, but it wasn't until my nutritionist told me to eat full-fat cheese and milk because its more satisfying, that I really got over the "fat is bad for you" conventional wisdom.
                      4. You Eat With Others
                      Studies show that whenever you eat with other people, you lose track of how much you’re eating. For instance, if you eat with just one other person, you’re likely to eat about 35% more than you normally would. When you eat with four people, your consumption rate jumps to 75% more. And when eating with a group of seven or more, you eat about 96% more than if you were eating alone.
                      3. You Meal Multitask - Everyone knows this one! But I still do it. When I actually have a dining area and a table I'll start eating without doing something else at the same time. I don't think it's that big of a deal if you're eating by yourself, you dish out your meal before you sit down, and don't get up for more food. I've heard it takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize your stomach is full.
                      2. You Eat Straight Out of the Package - Not a problem if it's a package of steamed broccoli or beef jerky.
                      1. The #1 Habit Making You Fat: You Use Artificial Sweeteners
                      artificial sweeteners are up to 7000 times sweeter than natural sugars and this can desensitize taste buds.
                      They actually did an experiment on the show (I can't find video of it online) where they had two separate groups of women come in to do a "survey". He had them watch an episode of the show and answer questions about it afterwards. One group of women did not use artificial sweeteners or drink diet soda, the other group did use artificial sweeteners and drink diet soda. While they were watching the video, they were each given a slice of cake (the cakes were identical recipes for each group).
                      I think only half of the non-artificial sweetener group actually ate any cake, but out of the ones that did, afterwards they said the cake tasted too sweet.
                      Nearly every single person in the artificial sweetener group ate some cake, and many of them said it was delicious, a lot of them even said it wasn't sweet enough!

                      So imagine how your tastebuds would change if you weren't eating anything sweet at all! I think this also means you're better off using liquid stevia, than the pre-determined stevia sweetener pellets. Or whichever version you have the most control over the sweetness level.
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                        That is all very useful. I've heard artificial sweeteners make people increase calorie consumption afterwards, but I didn't understand the mechanism. The desensitisation of tastebuds makes perfect sense. Congrats on the loss. I saw a study on habits of people that have lost weight and manage to maintain it, and a big one was weighing yourself every day. My hubby and I weigh ourselves most days, I think it is helpful. Hopefully you are becoming a fat loss machine
                        Actually, we have figured out he is particularly salt-sensitive. He went to the USA in September to visit his family (and for work), and came back with a gut. Now he is at his ideal weight during the week, but at the weekend his weight goes up 5 whole pounds. This seemed crazy. Then after two days of eating primaly it goes back down to his ideal. This is too big of a shift to be fat, so it must be fluid. I think it is due to increased salt intake, as we usually eat out over the weekend. High blood pressure runs in his family, which also fits, so we are going to be more careful with salt intake at home.
                        My weight barely moves. It goes up about 1.5 pounds if I have been socialising and drinking a bit, then after 2-3 days goes back down. I did hit a new low last week (by about 1 pound). Even though I haven't really lost anything significant, I am getting heaps of compliments & I am pretty sure the weight I do have is redistributing.


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                          I'm so relieved to be back on a no-carb diet. It is so hard to get past the first 3 days, but it is much easier the way I did it this time - gradually cutting out one thing every few days, and eating lots of high-fat comfort foods (esp. dairy) at the beginning. At first I was already off wheat/bread products, but stopped eating rice bread as well (even though I found one that is extremely tasty). Then I cut out rice, then soymilk, then milk chocolate, then once I was okay without the grains & legumes I started cutting back on dairy. And I also stopped drinking alcohol the same day I went dairy-free (the day after hubby's 30th).
                          I'm definitely going to recommend this method to anyone that has trouble going cold turkey. Make a list of the top ten non-primal foods you love and spend ten days gradually removing them from your diet. Especially if it is harder to find primal foods. I still miss dairy a lot, but I think cutting out the lactose keeps my blood sugar levels in check. Once I get down to my maintenance weight I might bring back the full fat greek yogurt and sharp cheddar. One thing that I noticed early on, a few days after eating full-fat meats and cheeses, is that I have stopped craving avocados. When I was trying the conventional method of dieting (egg whites, turkey sausage, nonfat greek yogurt etc.), I was eating a whole avocado many days. Now, although I still love avocado, I don't really care enough about having some to drive out to the only grocery store that sells decent ones.

                          Today I went out and bought a fresh turkey to cook for Christmas dinner! I'm very excited about it. I bought the smallest one they have (13lbs), and it cost $40 but it's mega primal (love them crazy Amish peeps) and grown locally! "All of our Amish Country Kitchens Fresh Turkeys are raised free-range on the great plains of Illinois in the Amish tradition".

                          I also bought almond flour, wild rice and sweet potato fries to further wean my husband off the worst carbs. I'm not going to cook anything that isn't somewhat PB friendly anymore. I'm trying to learn how to cook more veggies and things so there is enough food. And I've got a nice variety of cured meats and fancy cheeses available in the fridge for snacking. I'm going to make hard-boiled eggs today too. So far I haven't gotten any complaints - except he hated the organic 'pork 'n beans' baked beans last night, but I only had those left in the cupboard from my low-fat days. I was actually glad they weren't very tasty because if all the carbs he eats from now on are gross, he'll be more likely to want to go full primal.

                          Tonight we're having rib-eye steaks grilled on the bbq


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                            Ok, I've been fumbling my way through primal eating over Christmas and NYE, which has been a challenge. I've had way too much alcohol and general calorie intake for sure, but have maintained at least 80% primal or more. It is getting easier & the family is slowly getting on board. I am now finally happy with black coffee (with a little bit of sugar) and loving it. I have also started reading Wheat Belly, which is written by a cardiologist & a great resource.

                            Here is the big HUGE news. I haven't needed any anti-inflammatory medication for the last four-five days!!! I have been on a high dose for the last two years. In the last month I went down to a half dose & now I seem to be pretty good on nothing at all. I still have injections once per month, but I am actually almost due for another, so this is usually when my joints are the most sore. I really am in shock about it & really hopeful this is going to keep up. I'd also like to note my skin looks great still. I haven't lost any weight at all (nor have I been trying), but that is hardly surprising this time of year. I start work on the 11th of January, so I think that will mean less snacking & hopefully it will drop off.

                            I have discovered so much yummy, primal food lately. Coconut mango popsicles, beetroot & sweet potato chips & dark chocolate. It might be time to send little sister a care package. . . .


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                              Such exciting news about the anti-inflammatory medicine! After I've been doing this for a few months straight I might get my knees X-rayed and see if the arthritis is gone.
                              I did not drink at all over Christmas/NYE, but I did eat a lot of milk chocolate and dairy. And sugary drinks like peppermint mocha and coke.
                              I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks because I feel like I gained ten pounds. I'm back on the primal wagon now. I tried the chocolate primal fuel for breakfast this morning. It's pretty good. Nice chocolate flavour with coconut. If you're going to blend it with fruit I would get vanilla.

                              I made pork chops last night. Basically browned them on both sides in a skillet, then baked them covered with Apple slices for 25 minutes. They were delicious. The pork is local organic too from Witzig organic farms. It really does make a difference in taste. I used this recipe Pork Chop Supper Recipe as a guide since I haven't cooked pork chops before (except pan-fry but they were already seasoned when I bought them). I made a lot of modifications to the recipe. Left out the rice and sugar, seasoned the pork with onion powder instead of putting chopped onions in there, I browned the chops with duck fat, and used ghee for the apple cinamon mixture. And I used liquid concentrate organic chicken stock instead of the cube kind.
                              The recipe needs a little work (my non-sugar version), but it is a good way to add some fruit in with dinner. Maybe if you used sweeter apples instead of granny smith it might be perfect. I've been trying frozen sweet potato fries and tater tots on my husband lately. They are actually very delicious. Not as crispy as the potato ones but still yummy. They went well with the pork chops and apples.
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                                I also want to add that I found some somewhat locally raised eggs - at Target!?! Farmers' Hen House - Organic and Cage Free Eggs get their eggs from local Amish and Mennonite families. All the farms are self-sustainable so even though the chickens are fed corn, soy beans, and flax, it is somewhat better than the eggs I usually buy.