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2 Sistas go Primal - AUS vs. USA

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    Don't worry too much about the relapse, great to hear you are back on track. I think pure (not thickened) cream is still PB, so you can use that in your eggs florentine. Also you could use ghee instead of butter. Last night we had green chicken curry on top of shredded fresh cabbage instead of rice. It was really yummy, I preferred it.
    I am sure there is nothing fresh and local in Peoria in the middle of winter, but just make sure you have plenty of snacks around so you aren't missing things. I like to have a big stack of fresh celery and hardboiled eggs ready to go in the fridge. Along with some good dark chocolate and really good cheese and olives. I also have a lot of smoothies. Maybe stock up on frozen berries? I haven't tried any with coconut milk, but might try a blueberry coconut smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. I haven't been quite game to add raw eggs, that seems unecessarily risky, so I am sticking with my whey protein powder. Make sure you have LOTS of protein and you won't be tempted. Also, you always have done so well with fasting in the past. I think you should start experimenting with daily fasts like I am, it is very easy and the science is sound. I usually set the timer from my last meal and make sure I don't have anything for at least 14 hours, but sometime feel fine going as long as 18 hours. I might have a cup of coffee with a splash of cream only.

    Other staples of ours:
    Burritos with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas.
    Spaghetti & meatballs over zucchini strips (sauted)


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      A couple of good days. Last night we had fresh grilled Barramundi with salad, then whipped cream and fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. Today for dinner we had a dozen fresh oysters with grass fed organic steak, bbq mushrooms and salad. Other than that I usually have a 3 egg omlette around 11am, then I snack a fair bit throughout the day. Probably snacking too much, too much dark chocolate, cheese and cream in my coffee. I suppose dairy is the reason I can't make the scale shift, but eveytime I think of giving it up, I can't bear to miss out on my morning coffee. Even so, loving the current way of eating. Tomorrow I am having a big gym session. There was an article in the Sunday paper about paleo nutrition this morning. Looks like it is catching on in a big way.


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        Currently drinking a coffee with coconut milk. I think I prefer green tea.


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          Well, I have figured out I can do black coffee with 1/2 tsp of sugar, so have made it 24hrs dairy free. I think I don't mind coffee black, as long as it is decent espresso & has a bit of sugar.


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            You start to prefer coffee and tea black after a few days. I am still having a little dairy, but once I use up what is in the fridge I'm not going to buy any more. Does clarified butter count? I'm not going to stop using that.

            I did buy frozen organic blueberries and strawberries the other day so I was glad you reminded me to make a smoothie. The only yogurt I had was Stonyfield farm nonfat greek organic vanilla yogurt. I have learned over the last few months (since I started seeing a nutritionist) that I (me personally) need to eat a fatty breakfast if I don't want to be craving fast food and junk in the evening, so I had some scrambled eggs as well. Since then I did some searching on here for a good full fat plain greek yogurt and found out about FAGE which I was able to find at The Fresh Market. They also had frozen organic blackberries, so now I can make smoothies for a meal.

            I also bought some duck fat, and Plugra (gross brand name for clarified butter). The duck fat made the food taste a little weird, but not in a bad way. The plugra is delicious.

            For dinner tonight I made a stuffed capsicum. I just filled it with cooked ground beef flavoured mexican style (garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, paprika, garlic salt) and put a 1 cm thick layer of ricotta cheese on the top. Then baked it for 20 minutes. I probably should have read some recipes on this site first, because there are some great ones, but mine turned out yummy. Since I was the only one that saw it, it probably would have been easier to just stir fry the capsicum and beef, just not as pretty. And it was rather boring so next time I'll add another vegetable in there.

            As far as my non primal urges - I've been eating milk chocolate every day, because I couldn't find a decent dark chocolate. But its gone now, so no more chocolate unless it is valhrona or green & blacks! I love dark chocolate so I look forward to only eating the good stuff when i have a craving. I should probably just order it online. I also put sugar in my tea today. I don't really know why, because I usually have it plain. I guess my body is trying to fight the change. I also drank a coke yesterday, but it was mexican coke, made with sugar instead of HFCS. My carb total was 109g that day. So if I'd left out the added sugar it would have been 19g from the berries mostly, and salad at dinner. Total calories was 1430 which is great! I burn between 2000-2400 depending on how much i exercise. I have lost 4 pounds this week.

            I haven't been working through the 21 day journal yet so I'm going to start filling it out and doing the daily goals. I've read about 1/3 of the book. Once I got to the part where he said I didn't have to read the whole thing to be able to start the 'transformation' I pretty much threw the book down and cheered. lol

            I did read the part from 'action' whatever to the end, but I want to go back and read the boring science parts. Boring because I already understand it, but I couldn't explain it to someone else, and that's why I need to learn it properly. I've always preferred eating low-carb but everyone is telling me I have to eat grains and dairy to be healthy so since I have digestive issues when I eat bread and pasta, I would eat rice based products without issues, and I'm lactose intolerant but I can eat yogurt and hard cheeses without any issues. I also used to drink a lot of soy milk because I was trying to keep my calcium levels up, but I didn't really WANT to drink it. I love the stuff, but I just didn't feel like I needed it.


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              Great post!! It sounds like it is going really well. Have you experimented with coconut milk yet? I have been making all of us coconut milk smoothies for breakfast and the girls LOVE them. I am drinking english breakfast tea with coconut milk and it is actually not too bad. That's two full dairy free days for me today. I went out to lunch and had a salad - there were these tiny little barramundi fritters in my salad that had crumbs on it. But other than that I have been totally primal. Four pounds is so great, I'm sure you can keep it up. The clarified butter should have only trace amounts of milk protein if any, so it is fine.
              As far as rice goes, it looks like that is the least offensive grain. It is pure carbs, but as long as it is white rice, then there is nothing harmful in there either. I have this idea of slowly moving our house towards a totally primal way of eating, but it will be pretty hard with the kids. If they can still have rice crackers, it makes it a bit easier.
              I need to send you some of my dark chocolate. It is mint flavoured and is sweetened with stevia. SO yummy.


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                This is the information my nutritionist gave me a few months ago:

                I'm not seeing her anymore even though she was really helpful and nice. I wasn't eating well at all back then. Now I happily eat what I feel like, and don't feel guilty over how much fat is in something, but she was encouraging me to eat carbohydrates at every meal and after 4 weeks I was feeling sleepy all the time and gaining weight. And they tried to tell me I was depressed! I knew I wasn't depressed, so I knew the afternoon sleepyness must be a carbohydrate coma. I was right. I don't get tired in the afternoon anymore. I learned to make sure I eat veggies with every meal and some fruit every day, and best of all I learned to listen to what my body wants, not what everyone else says.

                Here's my version:


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                  Great job on the dairy-free for 48 hours! I am going to the health food grocery today to get some coconut milk. I bought these chicken apple sausages the other day from Applegate Farms. They are nitrate and nitrite free. According to the forum its okay to eat, but they taste gross - like american hotdogs. There are these delicious non-hotdoggy chicken & apple sausages by Aidells that are also nitrate free, do you think they look primal? They say their chicken "roams free". Next time you're in the states I highly recommend grabbing some. The best fast food ever!

                  INGREDIENTS: Organic Chicken, Organic Dried Apple, Sodium Lactate (From Beets), Organic Apple Juice, Sea Salt, Organic Spices, and Celery Powder, in a Natural Pork casing
                  Aidells Chicken & Apple Sausage


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                    They look pretty good to me. I am sneakily trying to point the girls towards a more primal diet as well, but I have a rule in the house of never mentioning the word 'diet' or letting the kids know I am restricting any foods at all. I'm a bit paranoid of them getting hangups about eating. Even so, they have had 100% primal breakfasts the last few days and mostly at dinner as well. We had burritos last night (I just use the lettuce leaves). They have been watching me though, and both of them had one burrito with a tortilla and the second just as a salad on their plate (without the tortilla). I might start buying gluten free bread and switch to corn tortillas, which aren't quite as bad as wheat. Milla is even taking chicken patties in her lunch today with some salad. They are very healthy, active kids, so I'm not too concerned about going the whole hog. If 70% of their meals at home are primal, that would be fantastic.


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                      And your nutritionist was not too bad. I like that she said to avoid low fat foods, although I can't see how you would possibly lose weight eating all that. Now just to double the portions of meat, and it looks good .


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                        I decided to catalogue my current ailments, so later on I can check back and compare my health status. I currently weigh about 200lbs, I have dry skin and dandruff which is much worse lately due to the dry hot air from the central heating, but also because I don't drink enough water. I would also like to add that I did see a dermatologist about my dandruff and they said "no one knows what causes it". Seriously? Is Head&Shoulders paying you to say that? I don't always have dandruff, so something non-genetic is causing it. I think its dehydration.
                        I have minor acne under my jawline. Not noticeable but I'm hoping the non-dairy diet will help with this.
                        I have arthritis in my knees. I take prescription ibuprofen when its bothering me. I think losing weight will solve this issue. I also get a sore back (upper back) which is caused by sitting around too much.
                        I have a stuffy nose most of the time, which I think is caused by the house I rent. There is a lot of mold in the basement, and I'm pretty sure I get more stuffy when I turn the heat up. My house is very dusty. But I am moving in 4-6 weeks (I hope!)
                        That's all I can think of right now. I will edit this as I remember stuff.

                        22/12/2011 - After reading some success stories I realized some other issues I have that might get better -
                        I have very sensitive skin. I can't use anything on my face that isn't labelled "for sensitive skin". I am allergic to nickel. I get a rash from wearing any jewelry that isn't white gold or platinum. If I eat dairy on a regular basis I get eczema on the inner side of my thumb (weird, I know.)
                        My feet cramp up about once a week.
                        I'm very allergic to mosquito bites - they end up being 2cm sized purple welts.
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                          It was my husband's birthday yesterday so I drank 3 shots of tequila, 2 gin & tonics, and two shots of rum. plus about 12oz of coke (between 8pm - 2am).

                          Today is my first completely non-dairy day! So far so good. We went to iHOP for breakfast. I got the garden omelette (had to ask them to not put pancake batter in it) minus the cheese, with side of fruit instead of pancakes (I only ate 4 grapes though since I hate melon) and black coffee. This is my estimate of Nutritional info:

                          500 Calories
                          20g Protein
                          40g Fat
                          10g Carbohydrate

                          3 Eggs
                          20g Green Bell Pepper
                          20g Mushrooms
                          20g Onions, Chopped
                          20g Tomatoes, Red
                          2 Tbsps Oil
                          20g Red Grapes
                          8 Fl Ozs Brewed Coffee

                          Online it says 840 calories but that is including the cheddar cheese, so I think my version is pretty close.


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                            Pancake batter in the omlette? That is just weird.
                            Well, I unwittingly did a little experiment on myself yesterday. The kids and I are making a wicked modern gingerbread house. That meant I was baking gingerbread all day, and I probably ate a cupful of batter (testing it of course). This is after 2 months of lowish car, almost 3 weeks of relatively strict primal eating, and five days totally dairy free. By 9pm last night I crashed - couldn't even hold a conversation. Then today I woke up with a headache and zero energy. The batter had a ton of sugar/ molasses/ flour and butter. I have really learned my lesson, I won't be doing that again any time soon.
                            Today we are decorating the house with lollies & icing, so I need a plan - maybe if I chew gum or something ?!?


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                              Coffee suppresses appetite, so that might help. Gum sounds better than duct tape. Do you have a santa beard? that might work. less suspicious for the kids than wearing a surgical mask. lol
                              Speaking of lollies, I've been taking these gummy pre-natal vitamins lately. I think I should stop taking them. I could switch to normal vitamins but most multivitamins i take make me nauseous.
                              Should I just stick to a folate supplement? I'm not trying to get pregnant until January.


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                                The vitamins you'll need are folate, iron & B vitamins. You'll get plenty of iron in red meat & spinach, and the folate and B vitamins are covered in most veggies. A primal diet should really cover all of this, but you should add 500mcg of folate as well.

                                You should probably be taking vitamin D as well during the winter. My levels were really low, so I am on 2000 IU per day.

                                Your ideal for prenatal/ natal/ breastfeeding:
                                Fish oil (find a coated version that doesn't give you fish oil breath). Take LOTS - good for babies brain development.
                                Folate - 500mcg (only necessary through first trimester).
                                Vitamin D - 2000 IUD per day.