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21 Day Challenge starts Monday

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  • 21 Day Challenge starts Monday

    Tomorrow is the big day. I've read Mark's new book, been following the blog, Thanksgiving is over. I figure the next three weeks, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, would be a good 21 day stretch for me to do it. I can't totally purge my pantry since I have little kids, but I have made major steps in the past few months. My husband went primal and started doing crossfit one year ago and he's lost 65 pounds and looks fantastic. Healthier than he's been in 20 years. Recently the kids and I have gone mostly gluten free, switched to raw honey over sugar, banned corned syrup and other things, but I haven't taken the total plunge yet. I have low thyroid now and want to see if I can kickstart it again. Wish me luck. I'm still not quite sure what I'm going to eat, especially when I'm at work, but I'm going to give it a try. I love crunchy foods and don't love meat all that much, so I am concerned that I'll never enjoy food and eating will just be more of a pain than it already is. Yes, I know raw veggies are crunchy, but it's not the same as a cracker. Wish me luck.

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    My husband and I completed our 21-Day challenge a few days ago and we are the better for it. Best of luck to you.


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      Good luck, you can do it!! I should do a 21 day challenge also! I've been eating Primal for about 3 weeks now, and am finding I am pretty satisifed. But now I want to try to cut out dairy to see if I can burn fat quicker!
      Overweight athlete going PRIMAL

      SW: 228lb
      GW: 160lb by August 2012

      11/24/11- 222
      12/30/11- 229
      1/7/12- 225
      1/17/12 (2 weeks into Whole30)- 218
      5/15/12- 218 (Need motivation to eat a clean Primal diet!!)


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        My sister and I are also starting the 21 day challenge on Monday if you'd like to join our thread. We will be starting a journal thread as well to record the nitty gritty, but general updates here:

        I also have kids, so I have to keep the cereal & crackers. It doesn't really tempt me that much. I'll have to give it a good test run myself before deciding how to move them towards this style of eating. The interesting thing is that they really prefer the meatballs and sauce more than the actual pasta, and the green curry chicken more than the rice it is sitting on. I am hoping to discover some good replacements. Spaghetti squash would be perfect, but I haven't seen it for sale here in Melbourne.

        Look forward to seeing how you go. Good luck!


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          God Speed! Warp 9 Mister Warf....

          Groktimus Primal's Experience


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            I'm starting on Wednesday it seems. It just works out better for my schedule. (No normal 9-5 M-F job here!)


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              Noctiluca - enjoy the next two days of Thanksgiving leftovers. I went to a late Thanksgiving dinner last night & it was the perfect send off (haven't felt like eating all day). My sister is also starting Wednesday, so there are at least four of us starting about the same time.


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                Yup! Thats part of the reason I gave it a few days after thanksgiving. I WANT to eat crappy cranberry jelly with my turkey! Gotta finish that up today and tomorrow.


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                  I will wait for you guys

                  Although I started yesterday. I could not stand another day off plan I'm with you guys.

                  I plan to eat dairy at the weekends and have a small treat every day. Lay off the nuts as raw nuts for the first couple of weeks. Nuts lead me to binge..not good. I can take them in things (pesto, butter etc but not on their own). Almond flour/coconut flour also only at the weekend.

                  Will try and get to the gym 4-5 times a week. Hope to get there at a decent hour today.

                  Hope you are finishing up all your leftovers and purging the pantry before Wednesday.

                  Here's to a new healthy life in 21 days time.