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    I am a 60 year old, obese woman with type II diabetes, hypothyroidism , and arthritis. I work full time as an emergency department charge nurse. I’m starting this journey because I want to lose weight, optimize my health and improve my function so I can do the things I enjoy doing. I’ve been primal now for nearly 3 weeks (except for yesterday, Thanksgiving). Already I feel much better and have lost a couple of pounds. I’m hoping this journal will help me and maybe down the line help a few others too.

    SW – 234 lbs BF – 49% BMI – 36.6
    CW – 232 lbs BF – 47.8% BMI – 36.3
    GW - 126lbs BMI – 19.7

    Although a goal weight of 126 lbs seems very ambitious, I chose it for two reasons. One, it was the normal weight I maintained effortlessly in my early twenties, before I began working as a nurse (resulting in increased stress levels), keeping odd hours and eating junk. Two, it would put me below a BMI of 20 and according to Dr. Kruse a BMI of 20 is where you begin to see problems with leptin signaling. Remember I am going for optimal here so there is no sense in holding back.

    I would like to accomplish my goal weight by the time a turn 62, which is 17 months away. This seems like a reasonable timeframe to me.

    Today’s food:
    B (0700) bacon, eggs scrambled in CO, coffee with heavy cream, 4 olives, 3 fresh cranberries.
    L (1205) turkey, large salad of romaine, cucumber, celery, tomato, red pepper, a little feta, olives, 2 T. olive oil, red wine vinegar, thyme.
    D (1800) roast beef,cilantro pesto, broccolini brussel sprouts, ½ avocado

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    SW – 234 lbs BF – 49% BMI – 36.6
    CW – 229.8 lbs BF – 47.1% BMI – 36.0
    GW – 126 lbs BMI – 19.7

    Yesterday’s food:
    B (0530) bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee with heavy cream
    L (1145) large Greek salad with crab meat, iced tea
    D (1800) chicken, asparagus with olive oil, cocoa made with cocoa powder, water, 1 Tbsp coconut butter and heavy cream

    I’m enjoying food a lot more while eating this way. I am sleeping better, have more energy and better mental focus. I wish the weight loss was faster but I really shouldn’t complain as I haven’t been hungry and I really haven’t started exercising yet.
    I’m spending more time preparing food now but that is a good thing. I get up a little early to cook and eat breakfast (no more frozen burritos eaten in the car on the way to work), prepare a big salad to take for lunch (hospital cafeteria food is notoriously bad anyway and I don’t miss it). I’ve started preparing dinners on the week-end to have during the week. Yesterday I went to the Co-op and bought 2 lbs of grass-fed hamburger and a whole organic chicken. Came home and made a pot of chili with the hamburger (no beans) and made chicken and broth in the slow cooker. With the addition of some vegetables each evening, dinner is covered for the week.
    I had planned to keep my dietary changes to myself until the physical changes become obvious. This has been difficult for a couple of reasons. One is that I feel so enthusiastic about primal living, it’s hard not to talk about it. The other is that in the emergency department, where I work, it is not unusual to walk into the break room and see the table piled high with cookies, cake, and candy. I am constantly explaining that I am “off grains and sugar” and don’t care to indulge. Hospital staff (not all but in general) have very bad eating habits. This is in part because of stress and lack of time. I’m finding it just takes a little effort and planning ahead.


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      SW - 234 lbs BF - 49% BMI - 36.6
      CW - 228.6 lbs BF - 46.2% BMI - 35.8
      GW - 126 lbs BMI - 19.7

      It is interesting that although I've lost only 5.4lbs I am starting to get comments from co-workers such as "you look great, how much weight have you lost?" I think my body composition has changed more that the scale refects. Very gratifying. I continue to feel great too. Lots of energy, good sleep. 6 weeks primal now.