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TKBSJ's Primal Jounral (...and accountability)

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  • TKBSJ's Primal Jounral (...and accountability)

    I'm notoriously terrible for cheeky cheating when it comes to improving my health and fitness. I look around and think "who's going to know" This is my attempt to make sure someone knows so I think twice before taking an easy way out...

    I have been moving toward a more primal way of life after an urge to get more holistic in my health, fitness, emotional and pyschological wellbeing...a massive ambition but I'm hoping the 'divide and conquer' tactic will work out for me (..I think I read that somewhere on this site)


    Weight - I honestly haven't weighed myself in about 6 months (last time I checked it was 63kg - sorry, I'm Australian and don't know the conversion)

    Height - Not tall enough to weigh 63kg!!

    It's only 11am but so far I have consumed 2 whole eggs fried in dairy free butter with a small serve of smoked salmon. A handful of raw walnuts while typing this.

    So...I guess I need to press send so I'm offically commited!

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    Oh dear!!! I spelt Journal wrong, ha ha! Does anyone know if the thread title can be changed?


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      I had my Asana well and truly kicked last night. I've been thinking how Bikram yoga is like Primal, I'm not doing it because I LOVE it, I do it because it makes me feel amazing...

      What are the thoughts on Tofu? Too carby or a-okay?


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        I just put the word out re: Tofu/Soy and I have been directed to a few scary articles. Some soy good, some soy bad! TKBSJ Confused!

        I have decided to experiment with Soy and how it makes me feel. For the next week I will substitute my daily small soy coffee with unsweetened Green Tea...I wonder how my tummy will feel after giving up the soy and whether I will be able to forgo the daily coffee hit that has unfortunately become a habit...


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          If you still want to have coffee, use coconut milk! It's wonderful!
          Making adventure out of this thing called life


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            Thanks alg2435, I will have to pop to to grocery store to grab some!

            I got home last night to a messy kitchen and a lovely meal prepared by my boy. He must have spent most of the afternoon slaving away to cook me a beautiful italian meal. I haven't yet broken the 'primal news' to him and I couldn't bear to see a disppointed face so I ate as little as I could without arousing suspicion!

            It sure tasted great but it felt like I had eaten a brick and I'm still getting a sore stomach 12 hours later! I am now more determined to follow primal because I now KNOW how great it makes me feel and that I'm not missing out on anything!

            I was hoping to start to see results before breaking the news but maybe now is the time? or, I could just give him a hug, thank him and say "I can't wait for you to cook my your famous steak!" haha


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              I was reading a lot about Carb Flu on the forums yesterday and was having a little chuckle about how it hasn't affected me. I was feeling quite smug about it and then BAM, Carb Flu set in half way through Bikram was awful and it's still awful. If purging carbs makes me feel this terrible imagine what it was doing to my body when I was consuming them non stop!?

              I feel quite dizzy and can't focus or think...not to mention I'm crankier than a bear!


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                I hope it passes soon, its not nice


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                  Thanks for your kind thoughts Ayla2010...and I'm based on the Nothern Beaches

                  Carb Flu? Definitely regular flu...for some reason I thought I would become invincible eating and exercising well! I'm afraid not...a weekend on the couch indulging in whatever I felt like (mostly carbs) means I'm well and truly OFF the wagon. Bummer, I was going sooo well! I'm trying not to beat myself up and am very determined to get back to primal right...NOW

                  I'm back at work today so I can better control what I eat while I'm at my desk. Smoked Salmon + eggs for breakfast. Fruit + handful of walnuts about 10 minutes ago.

                  I'm back on the horse and I'm excited! (although Bikram is going to be a massive struggle tonight)

                  I can still see the Bikini body at the end of the year and that alone is spurring me on!


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                    It turns out Felafel is bad too - dang! At least they're relatively low in carbs! I thought I was going really well but there's obviously still a lot to be learnt!

                    Felafel + Salad for lunch

                    A handful of walnuts to get me through to dinner after Yoga...hopefully about 9:15pm. I don't like eating late but it's worth eating late + doing yoga than not doing Yoga at all!!

                    Planning on chicken + veg for dinner. Some here might crucify me for the chicken not being grass fed and the vegies not being organic but I have to say, at least I'm headed in the right direction!


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                      yep you are heading in the right direction, just no grains is even a good stuff. Plenty of people can't buy grass fed or organic all the time, but its still better than grains


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                        It's been a while since I've written, I've been trying to make myself make healthier choices because they're healthier, not because I want to avoid someone finding out I've eaten badly or feeling I have to post here (as was my original intention)

                        I have to say, it's going pretty well. I haven't weighed myself since commencing this new lifestyle and I have lost close to 3kg. Not ony have I lost a few kg's I've lost the mood swings and the suffocating feeling of second guessing my choices or feeling bad for not doing chronic cardio! It's completely liberating and I know that I have found my lifestyle, not just a new way of eating.

                        I'm still learning what's good and what's bad, although I have to keep reminding myself that I'm still doing well even though I'm not as 100% as some of the people on this forum.

                        Meals for today
                        Breakfast - Coffee (my 20%)
                        Lunch - 1/4 chicken + lots of leafy greens
                        Before Bikram Yoga treat - Mixed berries + a tablespoon full fat cream (yummm)
                        Dinner - Steak + BBQ vegies (capsicum, eggplant, zucchini, tomato)

                        Wow! This post is amazingly upbeat. Perhaps it's all that Bikram Yoga? I'm 3 days into a 10 day challenge (Bikram every day for 10 days) and I feel amazing. I think I might use this post to reflect on when/if I feel like throwing it all in for a hamburger (which at this point, makes my stomach turn!)


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                          Day 4 of the Bikram Yoga challenge today and I'm feeling great, if not a little bit tired. Unfortunately the tiredness means I'm having a coffee two days in a row. I wont beat myself up, just ditch the cream when I have my pre-yoga snack tonight!

                          Breakfast - coffee
                          Lunch - 1/4 chicken + leafy greens
                          Before Bikram treat - Berries! (hold the cream, see above)
                          Dinner - Salmon + big salad (to be cooked by my gorgoeus boy while I'm at Bikram!)

                          I am trying to be as commited as possible (sans the coffee) with a big christmas dinner coming up on Saturday - although it's Japanese so it's not the worst option.


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                            I'm happy to report to, well...myself, that eating was really good on the weekend!

                            Today's menu;
                            Breakfast - Coffee
                            Lunch - 1/4 chicken + salad
                            Pre Yoga snack - Berries + full fat cocunut cream (first time trying this!)
                            Dinner - Red curry with lots and lots of vegies...meat free tonight so I've got full fat dressing on my lunch and on my berries before Yoga

                            Bikram update - Day 8 of the challenge, only 3 classes to go. Everything has happened that I could have used as an excuse not to go (car accident, locking keys in the apartment) but I have stuck at it!

                            Feeling a bit bloated today...hopefully feel better tomorrow!


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                              Bikram challenge - Day 9 and feeling fine

                              I have noticed that I seem to be eating the same foods daily, it's super convenient but I'm wondering what the #'s look like on FitDay...may run them through to see how I'm going...

                              Breakfast - Coffee
                              Lunch - Chicken + Salad + FF Mayonaise
                              Pre Bikram snack - Berries + coconut cream (YUM)
                              Dinner - Kangaroo stir fry with loads of vegies

                              Not as bloated today but feel I've hit the slim down plateau...I've noticed a difference in myself almost daily but haven't noticed the past few days. Hmm, I can sense I need to stay focused or I could very easily go backwards.