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    ooops...pressed send before finishing!

    Breakfast this morning - 1/2 cup Berries + full fat cream + 80z full fat coffee

    Lunch - 1/4 roast chicken + Tomato + Lettuce + Cheese + 2 squares dark chocolate + green tea

    Dinner - 3 x sausages + lettuce + Tomato + Cucumber + Capsicum + Carrot + Eggplant

    Expected numbers for today

    Total Calories - 1119
    Fats - 72.4g (58%)
    Carbs - 49.9g (16%)
    Protein - 70.2 (26%)

    Exercise - Day 7 Bikram Yoga Challenge

    Total weight loss this week = 900grams...pretty happy with that!!


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      I keep thinking about that Kate Moss quote - "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" She was absolutely dragged over the coals in the media over her comments but I keep thinking that it's not so bad, it's even become a little mantra for me when temptation is lurking.

      I'm not overweight but I'm hell bent on losing the 8kgs I've put on over the past couple of years. Most people dismiss my goals and say "why do you want to lose weight, you're crazy!" blah blah blah. Truth is, for me, feeling skinner feels great and carrying around an extra 8kgs makes me feel rubbish emotionally and physically. It's not about how I look for me, it's about how I feel.

      I don't feel terribly well today and I was craving hot toast with lashings of peanut butter...I said to myself "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" suddenly, I became more aware of how great eating well is for me and how eating the toast will make me feel bad. So what did I do? I have a large glass of water and decided to add an extra chicken thigh to my lunch. problem solved primally and feeling fantastic!


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        Another good day of eating yesterday although I seem to still not be eating enough...perhaps I should be asking about 'under eating' on the forums...I wasn't overly hungry after Bikram Yoga again so instead of the sausages + vegies I only ate 2 small sausages (I figured the protein would stop me from waking up starving + stave off the want to finish off the chocolate sultanas in the seems, it managed to do both - yeah!)

        Breakfast this morning - 1/2 cup Berries + full fat cream + 80z full fat coffee

        Lunch - 2 x sausages from last night + Tomato + Lettuce + Cheese + 2 squares dark chocolate + green tea

        Dinner - Chicken + lettuce + tomato + cheese + salsa

        ...I seem to have quite bad hayfever this morning. It could be related to the cold I'm fighting but could also be what I'm eating (it seems I'm eating pretty much the same thing every day....will monitor closely)

        I'm on Day 8 of the Bikram challenge and feeling really happy with how I'm going. Yesterday's class was one of the best EVER. I was so focused and flexy and determined to get those benefits! I'm like a woman on a mission at the moment. To further enhance my determination I woke up this morning feeling noticably thinner, my tummy seemed really flat for the first time in 3 years. Very exciting!

        Also, I weighed myself this morning (as I do every morning) and the scales show that I've lost 2kg so far this year - woo!!!!

        Note to self - refer back to this post when feeling like throwing in the towel!


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          Oh yeah...expected numbers for today.

          Total calories - 1374
          Fats - 83.8g (54%)
          Carbs - 46.7g (13%)
          Proteins - 109.1 (33%)

          Exercise - Bikram Yoga Day 8!

          Notes: Expected to have another great day for weight loss. Very exciting. Consistency really is king!


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            Blah! I feel really unmotivated day I'm up and one day I'm down. I'm looking forward to when everything normalises after adapting to this way of life. According to the scales I've also put on 600g from yesterday...what the hell? I'm trying not to get upset and read too much into it - just annoying.

            On the upside, a colleague who returned from Christmas break today told me I look quite slim - pretty stoked about that!

            For the first time in a few weeks I'm not sure what I'm going to eat today - feeling very unmotivated so I'm trying not to fall off the wagon


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              I'm having a bad work day today and after my little incident with the scales this morning I felt like a giant plate of lasagne.

              No...instead I've had

              Breakfast - Berries + heavy cream + 8oz coffee with whole milk

              Lunch - Mixed greens with chicken, capsicum, mushroom, sweet potato, beetroot, parmasen cheese, bacon. + 2 x squares dark choc + green tea

              The quantities of the ingredients (apart from the greens) are quite small so I'm not even going to bother putting this through fitday!

              Dinner = Kangaroo + vegies or salad

              FitDay free day today although I can probably estimate around 1200calories - not bad considering all I want is a giant plate of pasta!


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                Bah! I'm a bit cranky...I've been weighing myself every day in a bid to keep motivation to eat well and stay on the bikram yoga challenge. Yesterday it looked like I had put on 600g which didn't make sense. This morning it looked like it was over 1kg! I feel so much slimmer that it simply doesn't seem right! So...I moved the scales to tiles at the front of the apartment and it gave me a reading like I had maintained, not gained or lost! I don't understand how they can vary so wildly! Stupid piece of $20 crap!!

                Anyway, yesterday I didn't track via FitDay and I felt like it was a good eating day (although not as many veggies with dinner as anticipated).

                I'm going to make sure I'm as 100% today as possible so I have the liberty to indulge in some fun 20% on the weekend.

                Today's menu isn't yet decided but I don't think I will commence tracking again on Monday...I'm not eating very differently every day so I can safely estimate my calories at just over 1000.


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                  Reporting that primal eating on the weekend was about 70%...not a bad effort considering I wasn't feeling very motivated. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, just accept and move on. Shopping last night was very primal friendly so it should be another good week

                  Breakfast - 1/3 cup berries + 1 tablespoon full fat cream + 8oz full fat milk coffee

                  On the upside - I have booked in to look at a gym down the road to start phase 2 of the primal lifestyle - lift heavy things! It isn't until February but that's definitely in line with my goals

                  On the downside - I could not physically bring myself to go to Yoga on Sunday so this weekend means a double session on both Saturday + Sunday...must eat well all week to make sure this can be achieved.


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                    Day 15 of the 20 day Bikram Yoga challenge and although I'm 2 sessions behind (planning a double/double this weekend) I am determined to complete this challenge. My New Years resolution is to complete 3 Bikram Yoga challenges this year and I'm very keen to start off with success. Last night we had Jim Kallett, Bikram Yoga guru from San Diego and someone who works with Bikram himself daily. It was a really great (hot!) class and I feel I got a lot out of it - definitely the kick I needed to finish the challenge strongly. Tonight is Barbara so I'm prepared for another Asana kicking *phew!

                    The food is still going quite well. Yesterday's lunch with salad and last night's dinner was grilled Veg + Kangaroo (fast becoming a favourite combination!)

                    This morning I had leftover Rhubarb + Nectarine stewed with a tablespoon of heavy cream - pure heaven! The Rhubarb + Nectarine were cooking in a tiny amount of sugar + fresh orange juice. It's definitely not as primal as my standard 'Berries + Cream combo' but I really enjoyed switching it up!

                    I jumped on the scale last night (even though I promised myself I wouldn't) because I was curious how Jim's class affected me. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped but I must remember that I'd just drunk 1 litre of water 20 minutes before weighing myself...sometimes I really don't think! So stupid...I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself until the end of the month (although the end of the month is when I'm away for 5 days so I can't be expecting miracles)


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                      So...after what was a great end to the year and a fantastic start to 2012 my inconsistency has again led to my downfall. I never completed the Bikram challenge and I haven't really been at all in February - I feel bloated, fat, unmotivated and pretty crap that I let myself down. I was so determined...what happened?

                      From Thursday, 1 March I'm going to be on a 31 day campaign to get back on track before I not only pile on the weight I lost, but I gain MORE!

                      The plan
                      Eat primal for the full 31 days, no exceptions. No grains, no dairy, no rice. WHOLE FOODS ONLY
                      Bikram yoga - 3 times per week minimum - much more achievable than the challenges I was putting myself through.
                      Gym - 3 times per week minimum - I'm joining a new gym today

                      I also plan to laugh more and play more...I want to keep upbeat and positive as we head into the slow winter decline!

                      Re: 20%...a hot dog at the first football game of the year. THAT's ALL!


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                        Today is the last day before "March Madness" kicks in. I'm excited!