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  • 60 day challenge Journal

    OKay..I'm going to give this a shot for 60 days. If it's as good as everyone here says it is then I will definitely stick with with it for good.

    Bit of background.. I'm currently travelling, and will be until October this year which is making this a very hard time to start but I want to make the most of my travels so want to be feeling my best.

    The plan is no: grains, sugar, artifical sugar, dairy, coffee, fruit. BUT allowing some full fat organic cream with some berries as my sunday treat.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts

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    Welcome to the tribe, belto!

    Having just started this specific diet a little over a week ago (though, having eaten much in a Paleo way before) I suggest you keep fruits in your diet, at least for now. They seem, at least for me, to mitigate the side effects when first starting out (by keeping your carbs up in a healthful way).

    Besides... what you got against fruits?


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      I love love love fruit! But read a few of the debates on here about it and just figured it was safer to go without until I worked out what was what. But I think your right, might help me ease into the change and can always get rid of them further down the track. PLUS while I'm travelling I need to not make this too difficult for myself.

      Day 1

      b - 1 fried egg (cooked in butter)

      s - handful almonds

      l - protein shake & salad (1/3 cucumber, 1 red capsicum (pepper for all those who don't speak Australian), 1 yellow capsicum, 1 carrot in olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

      s - handful almonds

      d - veggie soup

      Plus a number of herbal teas through the day.


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        I discovered coconut milk today! Brilliant stuff! But I under estimated how rich it is and was feeling a bit average after drinking down 300ml.

        B - omelette (3 eggs and ham cooked in butter)

        S - 300ml Coconut milk and handful frozen strawberries (blended.. yum yum!)

        L - 2 sausages, 2 carrots and 1/3 cucumber

        S - 2 mugs cammomile tea, orange and a few pieces salami

        D - protein shake and handful of almonds

        Exerise - 30min bike ride

        Sausages and salami need to go, I don't think they are very primal. Feeling like a fatty today which is strange because yesterday I was feeling great but I'm sure it's just my body adjusting.

        I've had a history of stomach problems over the last couple years but no dramas so far so things are looking great!



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          Had the munchies today... is it normal to be this hungry?? I just can't stop eating and not doing much exercise despite my good intentions. No excuses but I'll be honest dark out by 4pm, temp below 0 and snow is fairly unmotivating. I want to get into the habit of walking after dinner during the week.

          B - omelette (3 eggs and ham cooked in butter)

          s - 2 handfuls of almonds

          L - piece of roast chicken, 1 egg, 1 sausage, 1 yellow capsicum (bell pepper), and carrot

          S - 8 frozen strawberries with cream and 3 pieces dark choc ( not great but was so close to devouring a couple freshed baked bread rolls and was fighting cravings all afternoon so I'm so pleased I made it through fairly primal)

          D - chicken curry and salad (lettuce, green capsicum and celery)

          S - right now sipping on coconut milk to try kill my cravings and the hunger thats creeping up again.

          Exercise - spent the day with the kids I nanny at the experimentarium (walking and lots of play )

          Surely I don't need this much food, especially with minimal exercise. Plus I'm feeling fatter, normally the first couple days on a clean diet I feel better and lose my water weight but feeling the opposite. Also had a headache today which is probably just my body detoxing.


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            Day 4

            B - omelette (4 eggs and ham)

            L - Chicken breast, bacon and celery

            D - salted cashews, meatballs, carrot and spoon of potato mash.

            THEN went out drinking with the girls and had some chicken nuggets on our way home at 5am... nooooot very primal.

            But very proud of myself.. baked a massive batch of brownies for a friend and didn't try one. Wooohooo go team, was very tempting though.


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              Day 5

              B - IF

              L - 3 egg omelette with a sprinkle of bacon

              D - bacon, apple and onion (traditional Danish dish) with salad (cucumber and red capsicum covered in balsamic vinegar and olive oil)

              Exercise: 30min walk


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                Day 6:

                Bad start to the day...

                B - 3 eggs omelette and bacon THEN 2 brownies so going to IF lunch and see how I feel at dinner.

                I can already feel the sugar cravings start.

                Normally if I "screw up" the rest of the day gets worse and worse and becomes an all out binge. My goal is to get over it and move on.


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                  Dont get discouraged!!If you feel that "one more wouldnt hurt" go for a walk,listen to some loud music!!!Dont get tricked into believing that you need that brownie!!!!!!!(I am IFing today so saying it to you,somewhat helps me )


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                    Haha thanks Lord Giakoumis! I need all the support i can get today. Must learn from this mistake though... don't bake non primal foods for friends! Because it always ends in me trying one... or more!