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Sausage and Sauerkraut and some Lifting!!!!

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  • Sausage and Sauerkraut and some Lifting!!!!

    I hope the pics show what is going on. Start 5/23/ in the orange shorts are from 11/16/2011. Start weight 255 and current weight is 206.

    I am primal about a bit 90% of the time, drink wine a bit too much. I am 31 years old.

    The more I learn about this Paleo eating the more I agree with it. I don't really care what weight I end up at as I think the body will just do what it is supposed to do. I practice IF about every 10 days or so not for weight loss but because of how it seems to ""reset things".

    I have never really eaten out and have always cooked at home and consider myself a bit of a home chef.

    I lift something heavy twice a week at a hard core gym with a good friend who knows what he is doing. I sprint/agility work on Sat. usually. Steady state cardio comes from the two dogs I have and walking them etc. or I ride my pimp beach cruiser.

    I love the lifestyle, the food is great, the workout is great.

    Interesting how CW is wrong in so many ways.....cardio, grains, cholesterol, weight training, how often to eat.....all wrong

    Will post workouts and what I eat if anyone is interested.
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    Didn't download in order....if you can't tell blue shorts are when I started and orange shorts is today.


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      Kick ass transformation!!!!


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        mmm, love me some sausage and sauerkraut. I also drink wine a bit too much. I think you are in good company on this forum. You have made some impressive progress, so far!!
        Also, I dig those flower photos in the background.
        (field) journal
        primal start-weight (3/11): 154
        current weight (8/25/2012): 141


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          Well some more background info for all.

          I have psoriatic arthritis....same thing as Phil Michelson....even take the same medication.

          I came across MDA by way of being gluten free for about three months....this was the next step. Reason I went gluten free was to see if it helped with the arthritis and it did not. After reading PB I was hooked and dove right into it, purchased 1/4 grass fed cow, farmers market food etc.

          This has resulted in some very nice weight was very dramatic at first as I had plenty to give I dropped 22lbs the first month. I also lifted kettlebells for the first four months twice a week for my heavy lifting. I got very proficient and strong from them as I have all the way to the 88lbs Bulldog. Kettlebells despite what Pavel says are not the end all be all of it. They turned into more of a cardio thing for me as my deadlift did not increase from them but I could go up flights of stairs without labored breathing.

          I don't do this for weight loss.....I as a happy fat person....really. I am trying to see how diet helps with arthitis and the weight loss is just a side effect for me. People however comment constantly on my transformation though so I have started to take complements and embraced the weight loss aspect of this style of eating.

          Will post my workout is a nasty one!!!


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            Today's Food:

            I don't really like to eat breakfast all that often.

            Lunch: Sausage and homemade sauerkraut

            Dinner: Pot Roast and Kim Chi


            DB High pulls
            60 x 2

            DB Clean and Jerk from the floor
            60 x 8
            60 x 8
            55 x 8
            55 x 8

            Squats....this is the highlight of the workout
            180 x 20
            180 x 20

            Hammer Curl
            30 x 15
            30 x 12
            25 x 12

            Tricep Press
            120 x 11
            120 x 11
            120 x 11

            The squats are really intense when going for 20 reps. It is somewhat of a "man maker" but I think it is worth a shot for most just to give it a try. This is the sixth time we have done this workout and I started the squats at 135 so a nice and even progress in weight.

            The food really I just eat till I am full....don't measure anything at all. Staying Paleo/Primal is really all it takes. I seem to recover just fine which is interesting as I used to be a person that was all about supplements and special post workout protein shakes etc. I had doubts about this but it seems that when you give the body what it wants then it recovers just fine.