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My primal journal - starting 15 Nov 2011 - CreativeNess and husband...

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  • My primal journal - starting 15 Nov 2011 - CreativeNess and husband...

    Well, this has been a lifetime coming for me. I have 38 years of eating inappropriately behind me. But I have several years of teaching myself about nutrition and the body and how they work together. I bought Mark's 21 Days and Primal books on 21 October after having found a link in a blog. As soon as I found them on Amazon I knew I had to buy them. So I did and haven't looked back.

    I am 108.5kg and 5'9 and live in Australia with my husband and two kidlets. We work from home so there's a lot of sitting at computers and the like. We're not overly into exercise, although we do walk to dog, swim a little and walk with the kidlets. But it's spontaneous - it's not planned.

    We've been primal since 22 October and most days are 100%, although the exercise is severely lacking. We both feel pretty good - the body feels good and the mind feels great that it's doing the right thing by the body! I'll write more as the days go - for now, it was my goal to start this journal today so I can come back and evaluate my own journey.

    Average day looks like:

    B - 2 boiled eggs with sauteed mushrooms OR BBQ chop with salad OR eggs and bacon with mushrooms, spinach, onion etc. One or two coffees with a little milk.
    L - big salad with left over meat - chicken, lamb or beef
    S - nuts or strawberries, dark chocolate
    D - meat cooked in butter or lard with vegies or salad
    S - dark chocolate, nuts or strawberries and scotch!

    I'll be back to write more tomorrow - for now, I am just rapt I got one post done!

    Happy primal lives, all...

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    Hi creativeNess, your stats are really similar to mine. It feels good to be on the right track aye, all the best with your primal journey.


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      Thanks, tarn - it does indeed feel good! I am seeing little differences in the ol' body - but it's more of a mind and energy difference at the moment...


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        Day 2

        I am going to write this daily in Word and copy it into here – I forget so much that happens through the day and I want to ensure I note everything down for me to peruse in future.

        Last night was an AFD – excellent!
        B – 9.30am BBQ chop, one rasher of streaky bacon and one egg cooked in the meat fat, 2 coffees with a dash of milk – I seem to always feel queasy after this breakfast and am leaning towards my system not being able to tolerate so much meat/bacon in the mornings. I have had my gallbladder removed, so perhaps that has got something to do with it. I also have IBS and it is set off after this breakfast. Note to self to not have this breakfast for a while!

        I remember when I first started this way of eating I had a horrible time ‘going to the toilet’, if you get my drift. It was chronic diarrhea – it took over two weeks for it to start to settle.

        L – 1pm as I am quite hungry. Three small chicken herbed drumsticks (warmed) with salad – lettuce, spinach, capsicum, cucumber, spring onion and mushrooms.

        D - Strangely not that hungry until around 5.30pm, so I had a chicken drumstick and then dinner at 6pm – grass fed hamburger with salad and more mushrooms, followed by four pieces of dark chocolate.

        I felt quite energetic today so I took the dog on a 50 minute walk around the neighbourhood. It’s 8.30pm and I am quite tired, so time to watch some television (it’s my telly night) and then to bed. It’s my fave show so I always have 2-3 scotches when we watch it.

        Hubby eats meat, eggs and salad like it’s going out of style. He’s dropped weight and isn’t feeling as bloated as he usually does. He adores meat and eggs, so this is the lifestyle for him!

        We’re also after a weight set, so fingers crossed we get one.


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          Day three

          We slept in this morning due to the alcohol consumption – I have to say, since going mainly primal, the ol’ body can’t seem to tolerate alcohol as well. Not only can’t I drink as much, but the day after the body is very sluggish and the brain just doesn't function. Perhaps I am noticing it a lot more due to feeling fantastic on other days, thanks to this change of lifestyle…??

          B – sleep, then one coffee with a dash of milk

          L – delicious grass fed home-made beef hamburgers topped with a little Colby cheese (melted) on top of a giant salad. Go the salads, I say!

          Last night I also ate a tonne of pistachio nuts, which I don’t think I am supposed to do? We have been buying macadamia nuts but they don’t last long. What’s the deal with nuts – are a handful okay of the right sort on a daily basis? Anyhow - they went through the system pretty quickly, so I am now thinking perhaps my system is detoxing?

          D – a batch of lamb ribs with some sort of marinade (already on them) with broccoli, onions, zucchini and pumpkin – delicious, but once again too much fat on the meat for my system! Does this change?

          Not much exercise today – training the dog for an hour and working – surely that is some type of exercise…tee hee…

          All in all we're very happy with how things are progressing...this seems like a natural way of eating...things like bread etc now seem quite 'dead' when you're eating such fresh food constantly...


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            A birthday is celebrated...

            Feeling much better today…

            B – large salad with egg cooked in butter and one BBQ chop with marinade. Felt fine afterwards, so I am leaning towards my system having a problem with the bacon. I also had two coffees, each with a splash of milk.

            I have come up with a big rash on my face for the first time I can think of – it is itchy and red and blotchy. The meat I had last night was store bought and had a marinade – perhaps I am a little susceptible to what they add into these marinades now that the body is detoxing? I’ll keep an eye on it, but it sure is a little uncomfortable…

            L – A BBQ chop with a tonne of salad.

            D – Dinner was at a local restaurant as it’s my son’s birthday. I ate as well as I thought I could – a beef curry with some salad and some Naan bread. Yes, I had a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate mousse and an ever so tiny slice of birthday cake. But I drank water and, overall, am quite happy with how I did. My midriff hasn’t felt this heavy in weeks, though and my brain has a sugar fog…but for my son’s birthday, I think 100% primal can be tomorrow…

            Red face coming down – allergy/reaction to something?


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              Today I am quite tired and am wondering if my period is coming early again. When I first started primal last month it put my cycle out of whack and my period came a week early (strange, as I am on the pill). Could it happen again, I wonder...

              B - got up too late to have it! Then rushed around doing housework before guests arrived...
              L - steak with salad and one coffee with a dash of milk
              D - bowl of madras curry with a little bit of rice. First time I have had rice since mid-October and I regret it - my stomach is hard, I am overly full under my lungs and my stomach area feels 'blocked'. It was only a small handful of rice so i am totally surprised it can give such a powerful reaction. I am treating myself to two squares of dark chocolate tonight. Previous two nights have been AFDs, so I may have a drink or two tonight, as it's a Saturday night...

              The exercise is missing, I have realized. Why am I not trying harder? I think that's the tiredness talking today...