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    I have been toying with primal blueprint for some time now and have finally plucked up the courage to put my journal out there for all to see.
    Stats: Female, Age 38, starting weight 109kg, height: 173cm goal:68kgs

    I am a week into the 21 day transformation and have had a loss of 3.5kg(7.7lbs).
    Living in New Zealand has made the adjustment to primal very easy, access to wild meat and fish and our grass fed livestock makes foraging awesome and I'm really grateful for that. I have increased my exercise too, getting out every morning to walk the dog for 25minutes has been great for her and I, being a busy mum I love the quiet time out and it starts my day off perfectly.
    B: 3 egg omelette with lemon juice
    L: primal moussaka
    S: 6 olives
    T: pork belly with asparagus and mashed pumpkin, topped with homemade cream and pesto sauce(yum)
    S: 1 piece lindt 85% and a chai tea with a tsp coconul oil

    Exercise: 25 min walk with dog
    running races with the kids after tea(they left me for dust by the way!)

    I have a sit down job and have implemented a standing work station now for the computer. Getting easier every day.

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    Today is my 10th day into the 21 day transformation. I've had a great 10 fist 10 days, though I am feeling really tired today. I'm going to get an early night tonight. Had a go at fasting, was pretty successful and felt fine.
    B: Last of the left over beef moussaka(got even better with age), chai tea with coconut oil
    S: 10am cappucino
    S: 4.30 2 boiled eggs and a couple of strawberries
    T: Heroin chicken(1 thigh) and salad - that was divine, thanks for the recipe.
    S: Chai tea with coconut oil
    S: Glass of wine a the book signing night I went to.
    Exercise: 25 min walk the dog
    60min walk in the evening.

    Wednesday morning and I'm feeling really tired, got out for my morning walk to try and perk up but still feel flat.
    Only reported 1200 cal on after punching in my numbers looked something like this:

    protein: 77 gms, carbs 38 gms, Fat 84gms.

    Am keeping off the scales until next Monday, I get abit obsessed with the numbers but if anyone can help me, is 60Fat- 30Protein- 10Carbs ratio ideal for good weight loss, thats kind of where I aim on a daily basis.


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      Enjoyed some tasty roast mutton fresh from our paddock last night, hadn't had any in ages and it was well worth the wait. Chops and roasts waiting in the freezer for another day.

      B: 3 poached eggs. 3 rashers of bacon, 2 strawberries, Tea with coconut oil
      L: 2 small chicken thighs left over heroin chicken from the night before
      S: 2 pieces of lindt 70% and a cappucino, 6 almonds
      T: roast mutton with carrots and roast pumpkin
      S: cup of tea with coconut oil
      Didn't get enough vegies in, wasn't feeling that energetic and couldn't be arsed but didn't have much of an appetite either.
      Walked the dog in the morning, gave myself the night off and went to bed early, feel heaps better today. I got on the blimmin scales this morning, they are going in the cupboard now because I can't help myself.


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        Had a great day, can't believe the difference in my skin and hair, haven't moisturised my legs for a few days now and my scalp psoriasis looks way better, almost gone.
        B: 3 boiled eggs
        L: Mutton and salad, 1 piece of lindt 70%
        S: Coconut cream blended with 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
        T: 12 scallops fried in coconut oil and garlic
        S: another piece of choc
        Exercise: usual walk with the dog, 60% of my work day now standing and generally increasing my daily movement.
        Drinking plenty of water and green tea, popping 3000iu Vitamin D most days when I remember, coming into summer now so trying to get some natural sunlight, pretty tempremental weather in these parts though. Had a look at primal girl Tara's blog, shes an inspiration to me, with similar symptoms and stats when she started out. I would be ecstatic to see results like hers, shes a legend.
        I think the biggest change for me so far is my moods. I feel steady and energetic but it's like some sort of calmness has come over me, everyday I have woken in a good mood and had a consistently even day, never mind what the drama has been, I've felt the same way. I love it and my husband and kids do to I think(lol).


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          Had a go at some, which was more accidental than planned and was really happy with the way that went.

          B: 2 poached eggs, 3 rashers bacon a cup of tea
          S: Cappucino
          T: a few mutton slices, half a T-Bone steak and salad with lettuce, tomato, avocado, olives, feta, red onion.
          S: 2 pieces of lindt choc, a cup of herbal tea with coconut oil

          Exercise: walked the dog in the morning, went for an hour walk after tea.
          Play: had a family game of monopoly

          Found it really easy to skip lunch after a substantial breakfast and good sized dinner. I like the convenience of that and Im loving the fact I'm not thinking about food all the time but rather treating it as fuel now. I would often be eating a meal and thinking about what I will eat next or trawling the
          cupboards for a snack between meals. So far it seems that food doesnt consume my every thought these days - 13 days into my new lifestyle.
          And my walk last night was awesome, I practically ran the last steep part of the big hill I walked up, my new energy levels feel so good after spending the last 18 months on the couch.


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            I made the salmon asparagus bacon roll thingys I had seen in recipes -they were devine and went down a treat at my sisters birthday drinks last night.
            B: natural yoghurt and a couple of strips on bacon
            L: left over t-bone steak, coffee with cream
            Dinner: salmon asparagus bacon rolls, strawberries and chocolate,1 bottle of wine and a couple of vodka, ginger ale and lime drinks.

            Woke up sick this morning with some flu like symptoms(wasn't the wine lol) and having a lazy day with some good food and rest to fight my germs.


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              Felt like crap yesterday but had a pretty restful day and am on the mend, unlike my 11 year old son who needed a quick trip to the docs to stitch up a gash in his leg, out climbing trees he was.
              B: green tea with coconut oil
              L: cappucino, cheese and homemade relish(little bit of sugar in it),olives and 2 rashers of bacon
              T: Roast pork, pumpkin, carrots
              S:2pieces of lindt choc and green tea with coconut oil

              Weighed myself today(Monday 21st) 14 days into 21 day transformation, lost 4.6kg(10lbs) so far which I'm really pleased about but am more excited about the mental changes happening.


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                Back at work today, all congested but working through it, won't be long and I'll be back to normal. Yesterday's menu:
                B: large cappacino
                L: 5 rashers of grilled bacon
                S: 30grams of cheese with homemade relish
                T: chicken curry with coconut cream - no rice
                1 mutton neck chop
                S: 3 pieces of lindt choc
                S: 4 strawberries with 2 Tablespoons of runny cream
                Drank 3 cups of green tea with coconut oil

                That looks pretty bad, no vegies in there at all. Putting these details into fitday came out 11% carbs, 59% fat, 30 protein.
                I think the milk in the coffee is stalling me abit, I am going to make a conscious effort to cut back on the coffees and try and go black. Had a big clean up at home for my exercise, the place is looking great and I am stoked I have the energy to do it - clutter free home - clutter free head!
                I love that I lose weight around my waist pretty quick, and even though I am a mammoth at 104kgs I have a defined waist. Can't wait to channel the inner Joan(Mad Men).


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                  B: 2egg omelette plain
                  L: bacon salad(lettuce, tomato, avo, feta,olives)
                  S:15gms cheese
                  T: 2 mutton chops, steamed zucchini and carrots
                  S: 2 pieces of lindt, tea with coconut oil

                  Exercise: Walked the dog


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                    I'm having a go at IF today because I'm struggling to shift the weight abit. I always drop the first 5kgs quickly and then I sit at this weight for a month. In the past I have gone back to bad food because I get disheartened, but I am feeling positive about getting it going again, I just have to work out what the triggers are for me. I am laying off the dark choc and cream for now to see if it helps. I am happy with my progress so far though and I feel so much better than I did a month ago. I'm 18 days into my 21 day transformation and certainly feel like this is a lifestyle I want to continue forever.


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                      Well, that's me - 3 weeks of primal eating done and dusted and these are the changes in my health:
                      Scalp psoriasis all but gone
                      Acid reflux gone
                      12lbs of fatness gone
                      missing a roll under my chin
                      another notch on my belt
                      Winter blues(seasonal depression) but it is nearly summer here now

                      thnigs I have gained:
                      awesome skin
                      shiny hair
                      good nights sleep
                      better moods
                      a healthier perspective about food and life in general
                      the ability to IF when I need to

                      I would say I am 98/2 primal, I have the odd serving of relish(brown sugar in there) and still have good quality dairy food, I dont think I could do 80/20 with my previous sugar dependency. I am so pleased I have found a way of life that suits me and I look forward to popping on here once a month or so to update my progress. When I am ready to post some progress photos I will but for now I am going to go and enjoy my new lifestyle and pop in to get inspiration from the forums to stay inspired by all the amazing people on here.


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                        Just popped in to say how pleased I am with myself. Had a suprise birthday for my husband with friends up for the weekend from out of town and stuck with my primal eating the whole weekend apart from a piece of pavlova which of course has sugar but no grains. I was impressed that I was able to eat it guilt free and of course really enjoyed it but not feel like I had to eat the whole thing. My first litle test you could say.
                        Just more confirmation that this lifestyle is easy to maintain.