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Auzzie in college- trying to drop to low BF% on a primal diet.

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  • Auzzie in college- trying to drop to low BF% on a primal diet.

    G`day primal people, i have been following this site/lifestyle for nearly a year now, and i`m finally making a journal so that i can be held accountable for my progress.

    I suppose i should outline my goals in this bit so here we go. It is very simple, i want to get to a lower body fat % while following the PB and still having fun with life.

    A little bit about myself - My name is Jake Moore, I am a 17 year old college student in Tasmania, currently studying maths science English and psychology, and next year i will be studying physics, chemistry, biology, and nutrition (i know, CW course but it will be fun debating the rest of the class...and the teacher...and the textbook...). I am a male, 180cm tall or thereabouts and roughly 80Kg (176 pounds). For exercise i currently do 3 days a week, with my main program consisting of dead-lifts on Monday, bench-press/weighted pull-ups on Wednesday, and squats on Friday. Obviously this is not all that i do on these days i also do other supplementary exercises on these days but the main effort goes into these 3 movements. Im still getting used to this new way of training because i have only just changed to this from Cross-fitting 6 times a week because of a few reasons, including money and not looking forward to the classes.

    Now a huge part of the PB, the diet. this is were i have been faltering. I don't turn to sweets or soft drinks or baked goods or anything like that, its the primal foods that get me. This is especially true for nuts and the occasional use of dairy. Everyday i do some form of an IF, usually skipping breakfast and having a late lunch, and most weekends i do a 24 hour fast. I have recently been doing a carb re-feed on Fridays, but am not seeing the results i would have liked and am thinking that it may be too early for me to be doing this.

    So... that's basically it. 3 simple goals, reduce body-fat, eat plenty of good PB-approved foods and be healthy. And if that leads to finally having a visible six-pac, then so be it...VANITY!

    Edit- there will be progress pics...once i figure out