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    I discovered Mark's Daily Apple through "StumbleUpon" in the health channel,
    and I knew from the begining that I've found a goldmine.

    Around 3 years ago, I was very far from being a healthy person.
    I worked at McDonalds about 12 hours each day, I ate all my meals there.
    I smoked 20~30 cigarettes each day and I barely slept.
    After work I would go to parties and drinking sessions with my friends
    and in the morning I had to go to school (I was in my final and most important year in high school)
    with final tests in chemistry and physics.

    (BTW, as you may have already noticed..English is not my mother's tongue.
    So forgive me for any mistakes and I will be glad if you'll correct me too )

    Now that I look back, I don't know how I managed to keep up.
    But after a year of this, I've felt destroyed.

    "Luckily" at that point, I was recruited into the army.
    (I live in Israel..where after school you must enlist to the army, by law)

    I know, it's not the place to talk about my years in the army,
    But that's where I made my change. And it didn't happened beacuse I wanted to, in the beginning.

    During training, I gradually stopped smoking. (Beacuse we were not allowed)
    With daily exercise and intensive training program I started to become fitter
    and stronger.
    When I was in medics course, I learned a few more things about the human body and it fascinated me.

    A year ago, I made the choice that I want to lead a healthy life.
    I want to enjoy my life as much as possible..
    and health is maybe the main prerequisite.

    I have a few obstacles(=goals! ) right now:

    1. My caffeine addiction, can't start my day without coffee and "few" more through the day)
    2. The food in the army. Well, maybe the healthy food is expensive for the army
    or the guy who decides the diet don't have a clue about health.
    Whetever the reason, it's my main problem...because I dont have alternatives.
    But I try to do my best and avoid unwanted stuff..I bring some food from home
    when I can.
    3. Alcohol. When I'm on vacation, I tend to go out and drink more then a glass of wine =)
    I can try to justify and defend
    I need to "unload" and relax, and I can blame my enviroment (yound people who don't care much for health as they care for their fun)
    But to confess I know I can reduce at least the amount and find other ways to enjoy my vacations

    My strong points:
    1. I'm very active physically, usually. I train regularly and i'm pretty much satisfied
    with my fitness.
    2. When i'm in my vacation at home - I'm eating more healthy and sometimes cook myself.
    3. My close friends share my enthusiasm for health too! they actually know this site better
    then me. My brother and I share our knowledge with each other all the time.

    I haven't eaten anything today yet (except a big nice cup of coffee ofcourse heh)
    so I would save updates for later.

    Thank you for reading my short story and for enduring my english.
    I get a vacation from the army every 2~3 weeks so I hope i'll be able to comment
    and read here as much as possible..

    Bye! =)
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    A: Coffee with 1 teaspoon sugar. Banana.
    some milk choclate with nuts.
    glass of water

    B: Omelet with sausage. Tomato salad with olive oil, cucumber and onion.
    another banana!

    C: 2 small sandwhiches with yellow cheese and sausage, tomato, cucumber and some water.

    D: Cup of tea 1 sugar, some more choclate with nuts.

    E:Another tomato salad. Boiled chicken wing and leg with just a little bit of potato.
    another cappuccino with 1 sugar.

    F: a glass of red wine with a red apple, a glass of water.

    Half hour of dancing at my room (:
    2 hours of hiking. Went to the skirts of the city, there are beautiful sand hills (dunes) out there.
    felt very energetic so I started running from hill to hill for fun till I reached
    the highest dune and had my lunch up there ( C).

    slept for an hour and then made some stretching.

    problems I've noticed: my salad variety. gotta learn making something new..
    and from tomorrow I'll try to have only one cup of the morning. without sugar!