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  • Weight 1/2 105 kg 1/3 104.4 kg.

    Waist 1/2 99 cm 1/3 95 cm - 5cm

    Hips 1/2 115 cm 1/3 110 cm - 4 cm

    Yes not down much since 1/2 weigh in, but by 11/2 I was up to 108.2 kg. I think purely due to the fact I was still eating more food than I needed. Still quality primal foods, but too much for me. I have now worked out how much I need, and I am listening to my body and the weight is coming off. Hopefully this downward trend will continue. So its really been almost 4 kg in the last 2 weeks.

    So will carry on what I am doing. I am feeling good. Still wish i was able to exercise more, not even to assist with the weight loss, just to feel good, and get stronger and to make it easier just to breath.


    • So down another 1 kg from last Tuesday (2.2lbs).
      So that is 4.5 kg (9.92 lbs) in the last 3 weeks. I am loving this. Really listening to my body is working out well for me. Food is just fuel, and I really don't need a huge amount of it.
      Really feeling good about how things are going right now.

      Ordered a new dishwasher last night, been waiting as I am really trying not to buy new things unless we really have to. Our other one is truly stuffed. We were actually given it about 4 years ago now, and it didn't heat the water. My husband is super clever with stuff like that, and he fixed it. We have replaced another part in it over the last 4 years too, but now its time for a nice new one. So hopefully that will get delivered this week. If you pick it up, it only comes from down the road, so can't take too long.
      Started c25k running program the other day, so will ease back into that. Going to pick up a kettlebell today too, so yay, I like them. Wanted to try clubbells, but haven't found any in Sydney yet.


      • Hey - so how much are you eating?

        Love to hea how you go with the kettlebell - I am tempted..


        • Hey
          Well no idea calorie wise but this was yesterday:
          BP Coffee (yep gone back to it, but I do enjoy it, and it helps me get through my morning, of cooking everyone breakfast, and getting lunches ready etc).
          Poached eggs x 2, baby spinach, bacon and hollandaise sauce I made (love it!). I have my first meal around lunch time usually).
          T-bone steak, broccoli (with butter) and a couple of pieces of roasted potato. (dinner with my family).

          My portion sizes are generally not huge. Prob eat the same sized meals as my toddler generally. Yesterday would have been a bigger meal. I struggled to get through my first meal.

          Just taking each day as it comes at the moment, and really focusing on eating only to hunger.

          I just did about 10 kb swings (I got an 8 kg one). I quite enjoy the kb.


          • Just ordered a decent skipping rope, like what I used at CF.


            • Hey Ayla, you are really in the swing of it now. Good for you, keep it up.
              Annie Ups the Ante


              • Thanks Annie, I am feeling good, and under 100 kg feels so close, well kind of lol.
                I know I will get there by the end of the school 1 term. I have broken down my goals into the school term, including the holidays, so 12 week periods approx.


                • That's a great idea, very motivating. And that first goal is closer every day.
                  Annie Ups the Ante


                  • meals the size for your toddler! sounds like a nice kind of "menu"

                    I should give hollandaise a shot


                    • it was really good hollandaise

                      It just really feels like I can totally do this, so I am very happy.


                      • Of course you can do this, Ayla. What a great feeling when you know it though! Good for you.

                        Did you have nice food today?
                        Annie Ups the Ante


                        • opps sorry missed that.
                          Yes ive been having nice food I have a new fav meal, bacon, fried eggs and hollandaise sauce that I make. Soooo good!
                          4 weeks tomorrow since I began eating smaller meals, and really listening to my hunger cues. I am feeling great about everything.
                          I am at almost 6 kg lost since then, but will put down the official number tomorrow. But pretty happy so far with those results.
                          Been doing a few things each day with the kettlebells, and its a tough workout but I quite enjoy it.
                          today workout will be:
                          13 rounds
                          21-18-15-12-9-6-3-6-9-12-15-18-21x reps
                          KB swings (8 kg)

                          I will do as many reps as I am able to. My fitness is pretty low right now. I did something yesterday that was meant to be 100 reps of each exercise, but was only able to manage 25 of each, so I will have to work my way up there again. But I will get there.
                          Well on track for my 99 kg goal by the start of term 2 for school (1st May). so that is 7 weeks to lose about 3 kg. Which is very easily do-able, and I should be able to get ahead for the next 12 week block to lose my aim of 10 kg. If I am able to do this in each 12 week period, I will be at my goal before my sons first year of school ends.


                          • Well did not even attempt the push ups (would have done incline ones).
                            I only managed 21-18-15-12-9-6-3-6-9-12 (15-18-21, was too pooped to do these ones).
                            8 kg kb. Will be able to complete it all some day I am sure.


                            • So only a few hundred grams this week. Disappointing yes, but I did start to exercise enough to get me sore, and when this happens the scales either go up or don't go down much. I know its something to do with fluid and your muscles trying to heal. Trying not to worry so much.

                              So in the last 4 weeks ive lost 5.5 kg which is not so bad I suppose.
                              But since 01/01 here are my stats. Remembering I went back up almost to where I began by mid feb
                              Weight 109 kg to now 103.5 kg - 5.5 kg
                              Waist 106 cm to now 93 cm - 13 cm
                              Hips 119 cm to now 108 cm - 11 cm

                              I dunno, looking at it like that for the time period, it just doesn't seem good enough Even though most of this happened in the last month.


                              • Well I am still around, still doing OK. Down to 101 kg so 8 kg in the last 6 weeks.
                                Lots is going on in my life right now, so quite stressed, so that might be a reason, but I am just getting through each day, and I am making progress so I am happy.