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Operation bye bye love handles

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  • Operation bye bye love handles

    So this is day two of Primal.

    I have felt a little hungrier than I would have been on my previous food intake but I have not done a grocery store run yet to get lots of yummy veggies, meat, and vitamins.

    It sucks driving around with my coworkers everyday watching them chow down on candy, soda, and fast food. It has been getting easier over the last few weeks though. Definitely have some cravings for bread and sweets but not so much for ice cream which is nice.

    My fiance supports this style of eating as long as she knows I am getting all the vitamins and minerals I need so I will spend some more time researching on here to see what I need.

    About me:

    25, graduated college in 2010, working full time for a nonprofit conservation district. I get to work outdoors 5 days a week which was giving me just enough activity to stop putting on the pounds with my former eating style. I am getting married December 17 and just want to start healthy habits for myself.

    I am really hoping that this will help my asthma that I have had since I was 3. I don't use any daily medication because it is under control. I have a portable nebulizer I use when i get sick and rescue inhalers for exercise.It mainly bothers me during exercise and gets triggered from a cold. It has been a constant setback and frustration in my life when trying to live an active lifestyle. I have also had bad allergies since I was a toddler too, I am optimistic that dropping dairy and breads will help improve both.

    I have never really been more than 10-15 pounds over weight but I could never loose that weight so I am expecting a long battle but I am willing to put in the effort as long as I see some results.

    Overall goal: To eat healthier, get sick less, less asthma problems, less allergy problems, loose weight especially around my stomach (love handles), and chest.

    Height 5'9

    Current Waist 32"
    Goal Waist: 30"

    Current weight: 170lb
    Goal Weight: 155-160** I kind of assume I will lean out and might just switch some weight from fat to muscle.
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    Welcome, Sp2go2adventure! (Do you have a nickname?)

    Judging from your pics and bio, you will hit your overall goal, and soon, just from eating real food. Of course you might find that success is addictive...

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!