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    Five weeks in. Pants may be a little bit looser around the hips, upper thighs, and waist. Afraid to hope. Trying not to think about it and just press on. Started grapefruit seed extract over the weekend and really added a lot to my tea starting 3 days ago. Oddly enough, I've felt pretty lethargic for 3 days too - sleepy, heavy, sluggish, fogged. Very different from how I felt last week. I can attribute it to the GSE I guess, since it is connected. Suppose this is the dreaded die off? I've been skeptical of die off for ages, there's just so many variables and so many people that report things that couldn't possibly be affected. But maybe there's something to it. Maybe. I've decided to slow down on the GSE supplementing to see if I start feeling better. Instead of 5 drops 2x a day, I've gone to 5 drops 1x a day...that was last night. And this morning I'm slow as Moses maybe I should reduce to 2x day for a week or something...

    Craving sugar and carbs like mad too. WTF.


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      I've been eating primal 80/20 for the past month...

      Not feeling a lot of difference and very disgusted with my body shape and weight. I've been browsing the success stories and noticed an overwhelming majority of them are posted by men of any age and women under 35 - most notably in their late 20s and early 30s. I scratch my head and wonder where are the menopausal WOMEN?? Do they not know about paleo/primal eating, or does it (GASP) not work for them?

      Does anything work for the menopausal female????

      Sure, eating this way will make me healthier. I get that. But I am human. I need motivation, concrete, tangible motivation, to boost me through difficult choices, just like anyone else. Knowing that I may add another 10+ years to my life, and increase the quality of it, certainly is a motivator. But when I stand in front of the mirror after a shower and feel revulsion, or when I want to cry because nothing fits right no matter the size, or when I see that I am invisible to the general public (she's fat, don't make eye contact with her!)...well, it's hard to perceive extending the length of time I stay in this morbidly obese shell as...motivating.


      I am distraught at the way my body has changed shape with this onset of menopause. Sure, it's fat, but it's not feminine in the way it always was. Gaining fat around the middle more than ever in my life, and it just doesn't go away. Fat on my upper arms and around my chest (yet not in my breasts - gee, thanks Mother Nature for that cruel joke). I would love to go to an open minded doctor and get it under control with bio hormones, but alas, the funds are not there. Is there nothing diet will do on it's own to assist with this hormone whack job my body is going through???

      I feel my hypothryoidism is undertreated also...can't get a dr to go outside the stupid lab test and treat the symptoms. SO...I must resort to other means of obtaining this hormone. Sigh. Another stressor.

      Anyway, checking in to get some of these thoughts out of my head. This is really brought on my training at work yesterday in which we had to do physical things and demonstrations, and a female 30 year old coworker who's been eating 'clean' looked incredible. She does the crossfit and paleo, and her results ARE INCREDIBLE. I was so envious of her...and then it dawned on me she is like so many of these success stories - young.

      Are menopausal females lost in the primal/paleo world?


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        Primal chased my menopausal symptoms away. Night sweats. Insomnia. Bloating. Mood swings.

        Not completely, and forever, but almost.

        Key was keeping almost 95-100% strict with the eating, and lifting weights. I hate exercise but it works together with the diet to give me results.

        Also, I don't expect perfection. I don't look 25 again, and never will. There are more lumps and wrinkles and blemishes. But you gotta expect that at nearly 50 and get over it.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thanks for the input. It's encouraging to hear from someone whose seen benefits in this stage of life. I don't expect to look 30 again, but I am not comfortable with the present state of things, obviously, and there IS something I can do about the excess weight. I dislike exercise but always enjoyed lifting in my younger days. Perhaps I will revisit.


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            I have hypothyroidism and have been peri-menopausal for over 10 years (I'm 57 and still having periods). I could not lose weight until my hormones were optimized- both thyroid and female- and that took over 8 years. After I was optimized it took letting my body heal for several months before things started to change.

            In the end, I lost 50+ pounds and have kept it off. Although not without periods of regain.

            Do you have lab test results, including lab ranges, for the thyroid issues that you could share? I might be able to make a few suggestions.


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              Excited to have found a reliable and affordable source of fresh free range eggs! Drove by the farm last weekend not even realizing it was a farm and caught a glimpse of a sign on a fence. One quick phone call and I was buying 2 dozen eggs ($2.50/each!) from a very nice woman as we watched her hens pecking in the field next to us. She feeds them regular feed, but they are outside at their leisure eating bugs all day. Love the fact that it's not 'all vegetarian'. Delicious eggs, btw. Did a taste test between these fresh eggs and store bought and WOW. There really is a creamier, deeper flavor to them. Very excited about this and it has boosted my motivation to start eating right.

              Also reading the Wahls Protocol. It is concerning and inspiring at the same time. The weird symptoms Wahls noted have me a little somatic I suppose. I keep thinking about my leg pain (sciatica?) and tension in legs that seems to show up/go away with no rhyme or reason.

              I am so puffy right now, not just fat. Spring has sprung and am hoping to get in a garden for some outside time. Not enough time in my day to research all that I want to catch up on.


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                OK the farm fresh eggs are THE BOMB. I fried some up the other morning for C, and threw in a store-bought Kroger egg to see if he noted a difference. He could tell by the color and absolutely by the taste. I have heard this before but was skeptical. We are what we eat eats! I stopped this weekend and bought another 2 dozen, but expect I will be going back again soon as C wants to start using them too.

                Boiled an artichoke last night - good stuff but a lot of work for not a lot of edibles.

                Reading about the potato hack and considering that. Not sure how well that will work for the 45+ female, so more to read. Love potatoes though, so what would I have to lose?