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Gave away my bread box....

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  • Gave away my bread box....

    That's a BIG deal for me... coming from a place where a hot loaf of french bread was equivalent to crack..... I am pretty proud.
    On the other hand, I have not been doing as well as I should. This morning did not start off well. My toddler was up at 4am and things really just continued on that path... not a good excuse I know. So a handful of truffles, a corn tortilla and some noodles and I am feeling pretty bad.

    Ok venting and admissions aside I guess I should introduce myself...
    My name is Kim and I am nearly 32. I weigh in at a disgusting 234, although I have improved considering my weight was originally 242.2 before my Doctor suggested going grain/sugar free. I have had trouble this past week and a half but really overall I have never felt healthier in my life and really want to strive to make this a real lifestyle change. So, it has been three weeks so far. My pants feel a lot looser, I'm down a few pounds and feel pretty great (when I get to sleep lol) And... I gave away my bread box.

    I am going to try to check in every day because I really need the accountability and support. I'm excited to join all of you and get to know some cave brothers and sisters!

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    Welcome Kim! I was also up at 4am with kids. Don't beat yourself up about slip ups, just continue on the path.

    BTW, I can't part with my bread box. It's where I keep the things that I don't want my tall dogs to steal! LOL
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      Thanks Barefoot I am so excited to have a healthier life. And just need to take it one day at a time.