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  • Primal Journal -- evertastica :)

    So I feel the need to start my own journal on here. Hopefully help me keep track, get suggestions, etc...
    I'm sort of late in this process considering I started following this lifestyle a few months ago but here we go

    Background -
    I discovered primal/paleo probably a long time before I knew it had a name. My mom was experimenting/following it for months and was very successful. After stumbling upon MDA from a link regarding shinsplints I decided I wanted to try this lifestyle. I jumped in from that day forward and was nearly 100% primal with my diet for the first few weeks till I went back to college.

    Right now I'm closer to 80/20 because I have to adjust due to restrictions at my school. I feel awesome when I'm doing VLC and I wish I could be right now but the circumstances don't permit. When I'm at home, everything is awesome.

    For the most part I will be eating only meat, veg, fruit, raw/organic dairy and nuts.

    Tuesday 11/8/2011
    Approx weight: 140
    Height: 5ft 6.5

    Breakfast = none, just plain tea and water (IF from 7pm the night before)
    Lunch = 12pm - Chicken breast, banana, green bell pepper, a tomato, topped off with olive oil. Plus a cup of coconut cream (made from powder, not as good but still okay)
    Dinner = 7pm - Chicken breast + mixed raw veggies w/ olive oil

    Workout: 2 mile light jog + 3 x 8 Pushups
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