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Scared 14 yr old girl with a possible uti?

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  • Scared 14 yr old girl with a possible uti?

    I think i have a uti but ive always been terrified of going to the doctor! can it get to the point where its serious really soon? It feels like i only have the symptoms around my period but sometimes im not. Im only 14, and i also have anxiety issues, so ill freak out at the slightest bad news... It is all as bad as i think it is? I know it can lead to a pretty jacked up kidbey and that i should gonto a doctor, but u have no ide how terrified i am! The symptoms ive had are constantly havin to pee (esp. At night) at an avg of 3 times in an 8 hour school day, sometimes i find it difficult to go. It burned Once, but i think thats because i didnt wipe good the last time i went to the bathroom... Is that possible? Idk... I need advice here.

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    You should go to the doctor. Either you have a UTI, or not, but then you will be able to stop worrying. In a small percentage of cases, UTIs can develop into something much more serious, like UTI->bladder infections->kindey infection, etc. So go.
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      Seriously, they may find it is as simple as needing to drink more water. I agree that you should get it checked out. I have had kidney infections and bladder infections and if left untreated they could become a much bigger problem.
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        Sweetheart, I am old enough to be your grandma and I have survived many a UTI in my time. From how you describe your symptoms, it does sound like you have one. They are not fatal but they can be very dangerous to your kidneys if left untreated. The treatment is a simple course of antibiotics. Nothing scary.

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          Hello, Missy. You have worked yourself up over something that's really not that big of a deal (but does need to be addressed at your doctor's as the pain and burning will get worse and you will start peeing on yourself because you have no control). You will go pee in a cup, and you will get a prescription for some antibiotics (likely to be ciprofloxacin, which is cheap) and a lecture about wiping from front to back. I'm not sure if you're sexually active yet or not, but my doc told me something long ago that's been useful: instead of just laying there afterwards, you've gotta get up and make yourself go pee. And then wash yourself with a warm washcloth. Some women are simply more prone to UTIs due to the shape of their pelvic anatomy. Diet can also play a role here. Before I went Primal, I used to get them so frequently that I would just call my doc's assistant and she would call in the prescription to my pharmacy. I wouldn't even bother to see the doctor. But since I've been Primal, I've only had one.

          Also to note: you may have heard about cranberries and UTIs. That only works as a preventative. Once you've got a full-blown UTI, it's not a cure.
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            It could be a UTI. If it happens around your period, it could be a yeast infection, although those really don't go away on their own(or at least I've never been able to hold out for one to clear itself up). Go to the Doc. It's not biggie. And get used to it lady. The older you get the more fun, invasive shit you get to experience in the name of medicine and health.