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Drewmeister's Spiritual Journey to Primal - Back to Basics

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  • Drewmeister's Spiritual Journey to Primal - Back to Basics

    So begins my journey of being primal. I actually started October 29th. So far I have lost 5 lbs. Though weight is not the issue. My health and physique is what I wanted to change. I have been reading up on paleo diet off and on for about a year. What was holding me back from the final jump was the fact I knew my wife would not join me. When I started to read about people going primal without their spouses I thought maybe I am the one holding myself back.

    Mark's blueprint is simple and straight forward. I bought the book via Kindle and am in the process of reading it now.

    Today so far:
    No work out today.

    Breakfast: I really wasn't that hungry so I ate a piece of breakfast sausage along with a hand full of nuts and raisins.

    Lunch: Pork chop with cucumbers and tomatoes

    Dinner is really up to my wife. She knows what I am willing to eat and she has been supportive. I am sure what I eat tonight will be good.

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    No workout today. The time change has thrown me off. At least that is my excuse. I'll look into doing some yoga later.

    I am noticing I am not hungry as often. Usually when I woke up I am starving. Lately that hasn't been the case. I also have noticed I am more alert and thinking more clearly. So far I am loving primal living!

    Breakfast: sausage with a glass of orange juice.

    Snack: banana with nuts and raisins

    Lunch: cabbage, sweat peas, peppers and steak


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      This rainy day started out fine. Workout with a little yoga and light cardio. I started 10/29 at 187.6 lbs. Today I am at 181. I feel great.

      Breakfast: again I wasn't that hungry. But, I like to eat when I am taking vitamins. I tend to get nauseated when I don't eat but take vitamins. So I had an egg fried in butter and some breakfast sausage.

      Lunch: I am having some left over spaghetti squash with some meat and marinara sauce specially made primal style.

      Dinner: again it is up to my wife. She has been super during this whole transition.


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        Weekend was bitter sweet. I had a bunch of guys come over to watch the UFC fight on Fox. We all made our own batch of chili in which we all could sample. I of coarse made mine natural with no beans. All the others had beans to the exception of one. And of coarse I felt I needed to be polite and sample everyone's chili. It was a big mistake. The beans bloated me up and really messed up my system for about 24 hours. I had a chili hangover!