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  • Primal Journal *~ Smiling Honey ~*

    Beginning Primal Lifestyle to help support hubby and to see if it will help me with my health problems.

    I'm a dialysis patient with only about 7% kidney functions left. We already have a modified diet but a lot of what we have to check and take medication for is the preservatives in processed food. So I don't think going Primal will hurt me at this point, it can only help. Also, I need to lose a little weight from my waist to prepare for my kidney transplant.

    Hubby and I have to go grocery shopping since we don't already cook at home. We tend to eat out a LOT.

    I've bought us specialy lunch "boxes" from PlanetBox. They're supposed to be for kids but will actually be really good for Primal lunches.

    Hubby has actually tried the Primal diet and had a lot of success. However, I did not help things by bringing food into the house that isn't primal friendly and always asking to go out to eat. I plan for both of us to be successful together.

    SmilingHoney stats:
    starting weight 71.0 kg <==we measure in kg at the dialysis center
    potassium: 5.1 <== normal but at the high end of the scale
    phosporus: 6.1 <== considered high
    high blood pressure controlled by meds

    Hubby stats:
    coming soon

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    Okay, so been having a VERY hard time doing primal. Dr has been getting upset with me since potassium has been really high. The problem for dialysis patients is that we're not really supposed to be eating Fresh Vegetables and fruits. So my issue is really trying to balance out the amount of potassium while trying to keep my sugars level. That's the other issue that's stopping me from being primal. My sugars end up dipping so low that I have to have glucose tabs or a soda to get me functioning again.

    So... Hubby is fasting right now (which I can't do) and I'm trying to figure out the best way to try to balance my renal diet with being Primal. I have until Sunday to figure out what I can do since Hubby will be done with fasting by then and I will need to begin cooking for the both of us. I'm almost thinking about writing a small program to help me stay within my potassium levels and primal.

    I knew this was going to be hard but there are days where I'm almost in tears from frustration. It's really hard dealing with dialysis, working, and trying to be primal.

    However, as Hubby says, isn't it worth trying to prolong your life for years for only a few weeks of frustration?

    SmilingHoney stats:
    starting weight 70.0 kg <==we measure in kg at the dialysis center
    potassium: 6.7 <== extremely high
    phosporus: 5.1 <== noraml
    high blood pressure controlled by meds


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      2 -3 servings (1/2 cup serving) low potatssium fruit and vegetable (respectively) ea day

      Potassium Levels in Foods:


      High Potassium
      Avocados Bananas Cantaloupe Dried fruits Honeydew Kiwi Mangos Oranges & orange juice Papaya Prune juice Artichoke Dried beans & peas Pumpkin Potatoes, French fries Spinach (cooked) Sweet potatoes Tomatoes, tomato sauce Vegetable juices Winter squash Milk Cheese <== by extension since made with milk Yogurt Ice cream
      Chocolate Molasses Salt substitute Seeds and nuts

      Low Potassium
      Apples Apricots Asian Pear Berries Blackberries Blueberries Cherries, sweet Fruit Cocktail Grapes
      Grapefruit Lemon Peaches Canned Pears Pineapple Plums Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries Watermelon Asparagus Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Cabbage Cauliflower Celery Corn Cucumber
      Eggplant Green beans Lettuce Mushrooms, white Okra Onion Peas, green Radish, red Scallion, bulb and tops Summer squash Squash, zucchini Sweet peppers Turnips Turnip greens Nondairy creamers Rice milk (unenriched) Sorbet or Popsicle Nondairy whipped topping Jelly Beans Hard candies
      Plain donuts Popcorn (unsalted) Pretzels (unsalted) Red licorice
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        Meal Plan for Sunday

        Sunday Breakfast:
        Veggie, meat and cheese Fritatta (onions, mushrooms, bacon, and shredded cheese)
        Greek Yogurt w/ Canned Peaches

        Sunday Lunch
        Coconut Crusted Chicken Breasts
        "Twice Baked" Cauliflower

        Sunday Snack
        1/2 canned peach <-- I have to eat canned instead of fresh for Renal

        Sunday Dinner
        Steak <-- rubbed with spices and garlic butter
        "Twice Baked" Cauliflower

        Sunday "Dessert"
        Handful nuts