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  • Mell's journey to a healthier lifestyle

    I am a newbie to the primal lifestyle, but after weeks of lurking I have decided to join this community to offer and ask for much needed support.

    My story is not unlike a lot who have adopted the PB. I have body image and bingeing issues that stem from and are triggered by eating processed foods. I did have serious undiagnosed episodes of dizziness and numbness for about a year, until I ditched CW and started eating fat. Now I feel better but I have started gaining weight like crazy. I think the only reason I haven't gained weight until now is because I wasn't absorbing nutrients properly because my diet was so grain based. I hope that being a part of this community will help keep me on track until this way of living becomes routine, and the SAD way of living is foreign.

    My goals
    1. Rein in my food intake. I need to listen to my body's signals, eating healthy helps tremendously, but apparently even healthy foods can make me fat.
    2.Go from half assing primal eating to making consistent good choices
    3. Do something physical active every day, whether it be a workout, or just housekeeping.
    4.Lose 15-20 lbs.(or just lose fat till I look lean, mean, and sexy)

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    Hi Mell,

    I just wanted to let wish you the best of luck in your journey. I am new to this primal thing and although I am not really trying to lose allot of weight (5-10 lb at most) I want to try this primal eating. I know I am responsible for my own body, and feel that diet is so important in being a responsible human being.

    Keep at it! The satisfaction you will receive from doing what you know is right will be worth it!



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      Thanks Joy! I encourage you to do more than just try out primal eating though, it is so worth it to eat healthy

      That being said, I should take my own advice. It's funny how much I don't want junk when I've been off it for a while. It's even more hilarious (sarcastic face) how my mind completely changes with even one small cheat. I had a great streak of primal eating going there for a while, and a week ago I was obligated to eat a very non primal lunch at a friend's house(grilled cheese and tomato soup). The sugar rush that followed was intense, but my body handled it fairly ok. Then that evening I ate a couple bites of pizza crust to keep the strange looks from my well meaning friends at bay. "No, I do not have an eating disorder... Except when I start eating junk like this." I thought rather defensively. I didn't want to be rude but on the other hand I didn't want to explain why I didn't want to eat wheat. Then Dad's birthday came and I cheated with ice cream, and although it was glorious for the moment, it set me up for a week of compromising and slipping back into junk filled haze. Last night was the last straw. I ate pie and ice cream and went to bed with a pounding heart and bloaty stomach. I kept waking up all hot and uncomfortable, and when I did sleep, all I dreamed about was binging on cookies and cake. It was horrifying, thank God it was only dreams lol.

      So back to healthy eating I must go. I know if I can make it past the awful cravings and temptations to cheat for the next few days, I'll be golden.

      My goals for the day
      1.Avoid junk and eat only when hungry
      2.Make a lovely chicken stock for soup
      3.Start my running program back up. Yes, I know it's not 100% primal, but it does a world of good for me.
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        Hi Mell:

        I began my primal journey in late January. As I followed the eating plan, I managed to take off 1/2 pound per week. I lost a total of 17 pounds and finally began purchasing new clothes (I should have done that a long time ago - is what it is). Regardless, my initial problems with staying on the eating plan were very connected around potlucks or food gatherings with friends.

        They all mean well, they all worry about me, they all voice their opinions on my "diet". I have been very successful eating the way I want but listening to their opinions got to me. I am finally over that part too.

        Beginning on Wednesday night, October 26th through the following Sunday, I ate as well as I could. I was away with a group of women on our annual trek north. I did go off my plan; had a sandwich one day, a treat (sugar) on another day. But, come Monday, I was back on track eating like I intend to for the rest of my life.

        When I do eat grains and/or too much alcohol, my stomach reminds me the next day. I had never realized this before especially the "toots" that are definitely connected with grains.

        It is funny how all of a sudden you will realize you are no longer tooting. I guess you realize this when you goof up your plan and do toot.

        Sorry if that is tmi, but it happens to be the truth.

        Another cool thing (been primal 10 months), is that my massage therapist just mentioned how my skin feels so much better these days and asked me what I was using on it. Hmm...could be that coconut oil I put in my coffee each morning. Perhaps I have finally reached homeostasis. I'm geeked.

        At this late date, people are just beginning to notice the weight loss (could be the new clothes). The ones who "worry" about my weight loss could stand to join me but have not yet asked and I don't offer.

        Keep at it. You'll love the end of the story and feeling wonderful, sleeping soundly, full of energy, I'm sure.

        Female back to the basics: 5-2017
        CW: 2017: 150
        GW: 130 a dream, I know
        Muscle soreness surrounding Neck, Thyroid and Rosacea issues.


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          Congrats on the weight loss Pam It's always good to hear other women's stories of primalness lol. My body definitely tells me when I've eaten something it doesn't like as well, mostly with the stomach issues.

          So I'm sitting here sipping a cup of coffee before I head to work. Coffee is the one thing that I've never had the urge or desire to remove from my diet. I've had to cut back on it's wonderful goodness, but never cut out. It's a crutch that helps me get back on track whenever I fall off the proverbial wagon. Maybe it's not primal, but it satisfies the seemingly insatiable urge to eat, and strangely enough the more I eat better the less appealing coffee becomes. So it's a great crutch for me, and all the naysayers can just suck it up and deal with it.

          I've had a great eating day so far, with barely any cravings. The butterscotch pie on the counter has called my name a couple of times, but I refused. It's so weird because once I commit to getting back on track it is always so easy. It's the committing that's so dang difficult. I guess the bingeing nightmares last night scared me straight.

          My run/walk was 3 miles in 47 minutes. I don't like that time because I expect more of myself than that, but actually finishing was good for me. I have to talk myself through workouts at times, cajoling, prodding, and even reverting to using psychology to keep my butt moving. Apparently it has worked, because I'm incredibly stiff from a bodyrock workout I did a couple nights ago. For those who have never heard of bodyrock, I strongly encourage you to check out the website. There are several HIIT workouts posted that go perfectly with the primal lifestyle.

          I won't be making that lovely chicken stock after all today, my day went from boring to very busy. Another time I suppose.

          Oh, and I bought some really great boots too.


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            Today was good. I got great physical activity in at work(booyah for five hours of intense house cleaning), and I took day two of eating normal sized portions of good food by force. I did eat some organic vanilla ice cream with a little bit of organic peanut butter mixed in. I also drank a wonderful mocha from Starbucks, and I enjoyed both things I immensely. I am aware of my need to cut out dairy, due to possible inflammation issues, and so I can lose weight. I chose to enjoy both things though because they are not bingeing trigger cheats for me(high quality always seems to satisfy) and also because I was with a friend all day who doesn't know that I've been avoiding grains like the plague. I turned down waffles at breakfast and ate the homemade sausage, eggs, and a tiny bit of fresh fruit(surprisingly primal). I turned down lunch, thankfully I could say I was still full from breakfast, because it was sandwiches and chips. Dinner was a chicken breast, a couple bites of amazing ribs, shrimp, a couple bites of potato, and a salad, and I say that's pretty good. I almost had a self conscious moment when I was still putting away all the meat at dinner, until I realized that I don't feed myself for others, I feed myself for nutrition, and if they thought I was a carnivorous primitive eater, then awesome, because that's what I am.

            Need to integrate more greens into my diet soon...I just realized that today..
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              Not much to report today, except that there is ice cream in the refrigerator calling my name. After waking up this morning with wheezy lungs, I think I should avoid the dairy/sugar combination.

              B:Ff Greek yogurt w frozen blueberries and two strips of bacon
              L:3 to 4 oz of roasted chicken thighs with half a sweet potato(lightly salted w a dash of cinnamon, who needs butter?) and 2 bowls of romaine salad w ceasar dressing.
              D:I may IF for the rest of the day... Not feeling very hungry

              I am cooking that lovely chicken stock right now. There is something so satisfying and delicious about real food, the kind that takes forever and a heap of care to prepare. The house becomes a savory smelling haven, and the family can gather to enjoy something nurturing and delicious. All the time saved by throwing a package of frankenfood in the microwave won't ever outweigh the benefits and simple pleasure of a home cooked meal.


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                B:Greek yogurt w blueberries, and a bowl of chicken broth(delectable and completely satisfying)
                L:Iceburg lettuce salad w carrots and a bit of Ceasar on the side.
                D:Chicken soup(again amazing and satisfying)

                Other noteworthy things are that I drank about two cups of coffee today, and had a snack of more yogurt with blueberries and chocolate chips. I was feeling rather down from an earlier discussion with a friend of mine, and I tried to distract myself with a large handful of butterscotch and chocolate chips. It didn't satisfy at all needless to say. I'm still feeling down, but tomorrow's a new day.

                I am wheezy again today, and I don't know what it could be from.. Wait I did have that ice cream last night...hmm. And all that yogurt :/


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                  B:Coffee w creamer and an apple
                  L:Chicken soup and a salad w ceasar on the side
                  S:Apple and almonds
                  D:Pho soup and a handful of chocolate and butterscotch chips

                  Granted I haven't been eating completely primal, but I am not going to get upset over it. I have made great strides with my cravings, and the fact that I'm eating mostly nutrient dense whole foods keeps me satisfied. Maybe I'll weed out the little cheats with better alternatives eventually , but for now this is what works for me.

                  I felt like eating so I'm having some blueberries and Greek yogurt. And sipping some coffee.. At 8:40.. Gosh, I'm going to be up all night lol.
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                    Weird, but that wheezy feeling showed up in my lungs again. Could it be the almonds? Am I not getting enough omega 3s compared to omega 6s? Could it be the chocolate? I'll figure it out eventually...


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                      Just cheated some more on chocolate and butterscotch chips and a bite of chocolate chip cookie dough. Must confess! I don't think I ate enough today and that was my weak link. The junk didn't satisfy though so I stopped. I'm getting more and more wheezy though...damn chocolate chips


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                        Oh gosh! Today was non primal at best. But at least I avoided the dreaded wheat. I'm finding that my stomach doesn't tolerate ice cream or any sugary food very well anymore. And savory foods satisfy me more than sugar now...hmm who would have thought? Good knowledge for the next emotional distress/quick sugar fix situation that I encounter.

                        On a different note, eggs are out. If I have a damaged gut then I might be able to reintroduce them in a few months, but for now they have to go. I ate three for breakfast yesterday and my stomach did not like it at all.


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                          So happy that my body is healing! The proof is in the fact that I'm instinctively pushing away from poisonous foods, and stopping my meals when I feel satisfied instead of always cleaning my plate. I tried to eat ice cream today and was disgusted by it. Amazing! I never thought I could hate ice cream.


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                            After browsing through a few carb refeed threads and reading Mark's posts on leptin, I'm considering doing a few to see if I can shed a few pounds. I'm 15 pounds away from what I would like to be, and from all I've read it gets harder to lose fat the leaner a person gets. At 125 I will be fairly lean, so it will probably be hard to reach that through the normal PB. I haven't lost anything since starting to eat better, so now that my blood sugar has leveled out I want to try to burn some fat.

                            That being said, I think I will hold off a couple weeks, and continue to just enjoy primal eating. I'm seeing other benefits(most notable being a flatter stomach, and stable energy levels) and I need to work on weeding out the little cheats, and have that be my normal before I introduce more stress on my body.


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                              Oh my gosh!!! I feel like freaking crap! That's what I get for eating eggs, after eating a lot of sugar over the weekend. I cannot eat eggs. How many times do I have to get a headache and stomachache after eating them for my mind to accept the fact? And I ate a sandwich, completely unavoidable, I swear!

                              Really I'm frustrated over falling off, upset about personal stressors, and depressed about my acne. All emotions that I will just wallow in for a moment....

                              Ok, I've had my minute of complete self pity. I still feel like crap, but it doesn't matter because I won't let it determine my choices. I know what is good for me, and I won't let emotional responses sway my decisions. So there. Eff you eggs you make me sick, literally. The same goes for you dairy, wheat and other non food additives!! I'm climbing back on the proverbial wagon now.
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