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    So I've been dabbling with the primal diet for a few weeks now. Things are going good and i decided to take it to the next level.

    I debating posting my food/fitness history on here but that is long and boring and history is well... history. Time to look forward. However, there are some things that are relevant to my days today.
    - I deal with undefined stomach issues (most likely related to dairy)
    - I believe I was suffering from a mild form of adrenal fatigue, which I am now recovering from. Things seem much better.
    - I have a long standing injury (posterior tibial tendonitis) which prevents me from doing much explosive movement and has caused sciatica.
    - I deal with some sleep issues (waking up throughout the night)

    Funny thing about all these health issues is that they all seemed to appear at the same point in my life. I cannot deny they must be connected. However, things are much much better as of late.

    Today was my third full day of being primal. Monday and Tuesday were tough. I felt sluggish and tired and I had some candy corn/dried fruit because I almost fell asleep in my meeting. Today was great though. I still feel full of energy.

    Weight this morning: 126.5
    Workout: 10m of bike intervals, pullups, squats, deadlifts, leg extensions
    B1: whey protein with almond milk
    B2: sprouted grain french toast with egg whites, pumpkin, almond butter
    L: turkey meatballs, zucchini "spaghetti", marinera sauce.
    D: salami, pickles, paleo muffin, pear, almond butter

    I realize a couple things are primal. The sprouted grain bread, is of course a big no no. I am struggling on what to eat for breakfast since I hate eggs. The marinera sauce I used very little of but I was trying to finish the jar. Are pickles primal? They have no sugar.

    My dinner was actually eaten at 4:00. I was sometimes eating this way before I read about IF so I am trying to continue it some days of the week.

    I'd like to decrease my carbs a bit more yet. I am looking to lean out. Perhaps for dinner I load up on the meat and veggies and skip the pear and AB. I kind of just ate what I had lying around today.

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    Day Two! Things felt great today. Lots of energy.

    Weight 125.5
    Workout: 1 hour of hot yoga
    B1: whey protein and almond milk
    B2: sprouted grain bread, raspberries, almond butter
    L: turkey meatballs and zucchini "spaghetti"
    S: dill pickles and proscuitto
    D: shrimp and asparagus in a coconut curry sauce

    I ate dinner at 6:30 tonight so no fasting - however, I am noticing a decrease in appetite. I am trying to think of what I can eat for breakfast once my bread runs out. Maybe one of my primal muffins with bacon and raspberries on the side?

    I have been thinking a lot about my job. I'm only 24 and the idea of spending the next 40 years at a desk is FREAKING ME OUT. I've only been at it for one, and it's already hard to handle.


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      Slept well last night, no pain in my leg either!

      This day wasn't AS successful but I still did OK
      Workout: 15 mins of interval on bike, pullups, planks, incline situps, squats with overhead weights, rows
      B1: whey protein with almond milk
      B2: sprouted grain french toast with two egg whites, pumpkin, almond butter
      L: Salmon and grilled squash and green beans
      S: Paleo muffin and Think Thin bar (oops, I was hungry)
      D: The rest of my salmon and squash

      Sometimes I get hungry at work and am not sure what the best thing to eat is. I think I just need to make sure I keep some jerky in my drawer. Even fruit would probably be a better option than the think thin bar.


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        I am up early because my body still has not adjusted to daylight savings. I wanted to "check in" for my own sake.
        This weekend went great - and I maintained my weight which was 125. I had tons of delicious turkey and salad at dinner as well as some treats such as my Aunt's baked pears and sweet potatoes. She used her own maple syrup, which they had collected last spring. Someone also brought dried apricots which are my WEAKNESS! I had quite a few of those as well, but stayed away from the pie and desserts.

        The weather the whole weekend was beautiful, and I went on a long bike ride with Dad on Saturday. On Sunday I called up my friend who lives at home yet, and we shot targets and went on a long walk. The rest of this week has been pretty normal, workout-wise, but I did attend a yoga class last night. It was surprisingly challenging and gave my legs a good stretch.

        My eating has continued to be normal, with no Think Thin bar type slip-ups. My weight this morning was 123 which is down 1.5lbs from a week ago. That may err on the side of too quick of weight loss, but it tends to even out on the weekends so we will see. As most seem to do, I find I am not very hungry, especially since work has been busy.

        I bought a whole chicken to cook up for meat and broth, but realized it would take 4+ hours of cooking, so I will have to wait till the weekend. Lately I've been passing out as soon as I get home at like 8:30-9. Which is probably why I am up at 4:30 this morning. Oh well, at least I'm getting enough sleep!