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22 years of failing to control weight and drinking

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  • 22 years of failing to control weight and drinking

    Hi all
    As my heading suggests I have had problems. I first tried to give up drinking in 1989, with some success and some failures.

    I am 53 yrs old and weigh 215.4 lbs or 15st 4 lbs. I have high cholesterol 6.8 on uk scale, should be under 5.

    I have had chronic cardio addiction as well as addictions to codeine and booze.
    I am currently clean and sober and not running due to cartilage injury.

    My fighting weight should be around 175 lbs, but who knows?

    I found MDA about a month ago and have read and soaked up info from the website.

    I started on 19 sept at 222 lbs and I am currently 215.2
    I had rough 2 weeks after my mum died (aged 91!!!) 2 weeks ago, drank a bit and ate poorly some days.

    I plan to keep this journal for 30 days initially.

    I am 90% primal, my only weakness at the moment is a bedtime snack of oats cooked in water with a mashed banana.

    Todays food has and will be;
    Mackerel (oily fish)
    2 boiled eggs

    Chicken breast fried in oil with garlic and chilli
    Rocket and cress
    Raw cauliflower
    Red pepper (capsicum)

    Bison burger
    Large stir fry of mixed vegetables

    Seasonal fruit apples at moment

    Bedtime oats

    exercise is limited due to injury and ill health due to drink and drug withdrawal. Walking and some weights. start swimming soon.

    Start weight for this 30 days 217.4 lbs
    Goal weight for 30 days is 208
    Current weight 215.2
    Long term goal 175 lbs ish
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    Good Luck!
    My Leptin Reset Thread


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      Thanks, been reading up on lepton reset.
      I like the eat meat vegetables and some fruits approach. I have been counting calories and low carb low fat you name it I have done it. Still fat!!
      Walked 2 miles this afternoon and did some body weight exercises on bench press ups etc.
      Quite cold wind, but I sweated quite heavily.
      We had great 3 part programme on BBC recently about man/apes leaving trees and roaming planes and beginning to hunt. "Origins of us"
      Apparently they have equated starch as one reason mans brain is so much bigger than apes.
      My wife laughed out loud when she heard this .
      However they then filmed kalahari bushmen some of which still live this way. The men hunted mostly unsuccessful, a kill ever few days.
      The woman gather fruits nuts etc and tubours. Thin fibrous sweet potato type plants. They got most starch from skin by chewing it for ages.
      Probably burn more calories chewing than digesting.
      This is day 2 of 30.