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Moonablaze's 21 Day Total Body Transformation

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  • Moonablaze's 21 Day Total Body Transformation

    ok, I'm calling this day one. I didn't do a pantry purge because, well, my pantry is already pretty clean. I have a shelf of sensible indulgence ingredients (coconut flour, honey, sugar to feed the kombucha) that I won't be throwing out, but I may hang some newspaper or fabric to cover the stuff up while I get over my sugar addiction once and for all.

    Restock preparation is a brief shopping list for trader joes and knowing that there's a farmers market at barnstall park tomorrow (though I'll probably just wait and go veggie wild on sunday)

    Ways I can increase movement over the long term:
    1. take the stairs at work every time (I currently am lazy and wait for the elevator half the time, which isn't good for my productivity either)
    2. take a walk after work. If there's a line of cars blocking me from getting out of work, there is no reason I HAVE to be leaving at that moment, a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood would do me good. And if I'm not bringing home a ton of groceries, I can go around the block the long way for a little fresh air after I park the car.
    3. I can set a timer when I'm on the computer. 30 minutes then a 5 minute movement break. (this will also be a good habit as I start studying for the NBCOT
    4. Take a lap around the floor/building when I have to wait for something.

    Today's movement endeavors:
    Well, they were kinda minimal, my legs and abs are both really sore from the insanity last night, and I ended up sleeping all evening (just a 30 minute nap :P I know better than to let myself try that). I did take a few laps at work today and actually spent very little of my day sitting.

    Primal essentials:
    Flux was already enabled, I have workout clothes, I'm not gonna invest in a pullup bar just yet, kitchen basics are present. Ordered the yellow glasses off amazon for $7 (I'm sure I'll feel like an idiot, but hey, I live alone and I can use any bonus to sleep that doesn't take my computer away)

    Energy levels:3 (but I was running on a serious sleep deficit)
    Hunger level between meals: 1 (I wasn't even hungry for dinner despite only having crustless quiche for breakfast and lunch!)
    Satisfaction level with meals: 6 (kinda boring but I was full enough to have little difficulty passing on chocolate at the lunch table)
    Struggles today: just that chocolate but day one is always easy.
    Benefits noticed from primal efforts: if I eat enough eggs and bacon I won't get hungry.
    Daily Highlights: starting is easy when you've started before.
    Daily needs-to-improve: sleep cycle back on track so I can wake up rested and get shit done!
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    Good luck. Look forward to seeing more updates.


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      Welcome, Moonablaze. Good luck on your first 21 days!


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        Day two.

        Didn't end up doing my shopping spree, so I can't really comment on that. (bad bad bad) gonna try and get the stuff from TJs tomorrow after work.

        Moderate duration workout
        I did go for about a 15 minute walk after I spent far too much time in the car to buy a cellphone case and drop off my rent check. It was easy and kinda calming as I listened to mark's interview on latest in paleo. I can do better and will aim for a minimum of 25 min on the next moderate duration workout.

        Calm relaxing evening:
        wasn't much different from a regular evening except I skipped doing chores (I'll deal with the dishes in the morning). yellow glasses haven't arrived yet but I'm gonna switch off the tv and laptop when I finish writing this and read a book. probably won't get to bed much earlier than usual, but I am planning to start using the sleep cycle app to wake me up more easily and give me time to sit and have a cup of tea

        Energy levels: 8
        Hunger level between meals: 6 (I didn't eat enough breakfast so I had to grab the cheese stick from my lunch at 11)
        Satisfaction level with meals: 6
        Struggles today: I woke up with shin splints that lasted most of the day, made it hard to do the walking. I did give in to 3 corn chips at lunch but I stopped at 3 and logged all my food today, only a total of 33 carbs.
        Benefits noticed from primal efforts: I don't know.
        Daily Highlights: stopped at 3 chips. better than nothing.
        Daily needs-to-improve: eat zero chips.


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          I have entered low carb flu. sucks.

          Dinner planning: going to make the tenderloin from my cowshare, with fresh pumpkin gratin and kale chips. I haven't invited anyone yet but I mentioned it to my sister and her boyfriend last weekend and we'll talk about it tomorrow when we have dinner with mom.

          Boycott Industrialized Food: Easy peasy, I usually only have industrialized food a couple times a month. Usually lettuce wrapped in-n-out burger or wendys. I can live without them for 21 days easily.

          PME workout
          knee pushups: 20
          squats: 45 (almost to the point of moving up!)
          forearm/knee plank: 1 minute
          pullups (no bar. I have not done a chinup in my life, let alone a pullup. I'll start working on it when I have a little less of me to lift)

          Play: this was my miss today. my only play today was the same play I get nearly every day, I played catch with one of my patients (with a beach ball). I'm gonna try to go skating at a roller rink this weekend as my "grand play outing". I'm still way too embarrassed to run around a park alone, and I don't really have anyone to go do other play activities with at the moment. I'm also one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet, so team/ competitive sports are pretty much out.

          Energy levels: 4
          Hunger level between meals: 7 (I had a thinkthin bar for lunch cause I forgot the one I packed, so that was not the best)
          Satisfaction level with meals: 5
          Struggles today: aforementioned forgotten lunch and not really playing
          Benefits noticed from primal efforts: low-carb flu is not really a benefit, but if I can stick with it...
          Daily Highlights: despite the forgotten lunch, I managed to get through the day without eating anything I really shouldn't (thinkthin is a mediocre choice but much better than tacos or a candy bar)
          Daily needs-to-improve: don't forget lunch!


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            Great progress, Moonablaze. Embrace the low-carb flu! Just like the welcome discomfort of exercise, it is proof that profound changes are afoot. Hope you get lots good fats and find yourself on the other side soon.


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              Thanks so much for the for the support.

              Due to pre-existing plans I swapped days 4 and 5. honoring hunger just isn't compatible with a workday right now and I had pre-existing plans to go out with my mother, sister and their boyfriends tonight(I'm the single one at the moment). Also, my goofy yellow glasses came tonight and I'm currently trying them out. I think my eyes are having a little trouble adjusting as I feel like I've been straining to see.

              Modern foraging:
              This was really easy for me this time, I got to pick the restaurant and I picked a brazilian steak house. What could be more primal than a salad bar (with lots of my preferred roasted veggies and less of the uncooked lettuce I dislike) and then all-you-can-eat meat? I tried a couple bites of mashed and fried yucca but stopped there and a couple slices of roasted pineapple. I'm sure they used some nasty oils so I took some extra omega 3 today.

              Couch potato rebellion:
              Except for dinner I didn't spend more than 45 minutes sitting still today. My workday is pretty active (I move slowly a TON) and I stopped for gas halfway to dinner (in traffic, the ride back was faster) and did a few laps around the car while I was parked.

              PEM workout: either these glasses are working really well or the carb flu is getting me good. I'm too pooped to even try. I will however try to do BOTH today and tomorrow's workouts tomorrow. we'll see if that happens. :/

              Energy levels: 4
              Hunger level between meals: 3 (nothing suppresses hunger like nice fatty meals)
              Satisfaction level with meals: 7
              Struggles today: Resisting more of the yucca or some of the little gluten-free cheese breads or some fried bananas at dinner. but I did it.
              Benefits noticed from primal efforts: getting by dispite the low carb flu
              Daily Highlights: everybody loved the avocado chocolate pudding I brought in, even the lady who said "it would be really good with some sugar" lol.
              Daily needs-to-improve: not letting the bastards grind me down. particularly the ones who mean well but are misguided. that's not exactly a primal issue but it is something I need to work on.
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                ok, late entry for saturday, day 5, which was swapped with the challenges for day 4:

                honor hunger:
                This went great, I ate a big meal at noon, a snack around 3, a light dinner at 6 and a few bites of pilaf and a glass of wine and a cup of juice at a party around 9. It helped that I had a HUGE dinner friday night (brazilian steakhouse, keep the meat coming) and then a sizable lunch (korean bbq, MORE ayce meat!) and the pilaf was the only food at the party that was gluten free (other than the broccoli slaw with homemade mayo that I brought).

                Aerobic adventure:
                this didn't really happen. I went for a couple walks of about a mile each, but that's not exactly an adventure.

                Stand up workstation:
                this doesn't really apply to me, I only spend about an hour a day at a desk at work. I do spend a good chunk of time on the couch on my laptop and watching tv, but I'm trying to continue implementing movement breaks.

                Energy levels: 5
                Hunger level between meals: 1
                Satisfaction level with meals: 8
                Struggles today: stopping at one spoonful of pilaf (which I probably should have skipped altogether)
                Benefits noticed from primal efforts: getting to sleep way easier
                Daily Highlights: walking to lunch with a friend
                Daily needs-to-improve: more play.
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                  Day 6.

                  Once again, the best laid plans of mice and men... my celebration dinner ended up being me eating on the couch watching sleepless in seattle. I didn't feel like that merited the tenderloin, so I just had eggs and kale chips and mashed cauliflower (I got a MONSTER 6 pound head of cauliflower at the farmers market today). I'm also going to have to put off the listening challenge. I'm gonna work on gathering information and the shifting of attention in groups over the next week at work. I do a lot of listening at work but also a lot of redirecting attention back to myself (have to get my patients to do what I say, rather than just telling me fabulous stories). and the rain made a joke of my plans to go for a long walk before the farmers market. I did the PEM workout from friday instead.

                  So, today was a mess challenge-wise, though I stuck to the eating plan really well and everything I ate was on the program. I also discovered that throat coat tea is great for my low carb flu. twice a day and it's no problem except the sluggishness.

                  tomorrow will be better. I LOVE going barefoot, I have plenty of label-free food from the farmers market in the fridge, and sprinting... well I'm gonna get out my kettle-bell, blast some energizing music and swing.


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                    Day 7. one week down.

                    No labels challenge:
                    Hardest part: realizing that I don't have any fat that isn't labeled. I went ahead and used the kerrygold, I know that Organic Pastures would provide a LOCAL organic grassfed butter, but at twice the cost I have to pass.
                    Best part: focusing on the fabulous eggs and produce I got at the farmers market, with beef from my 1/8 cowshare.

                    Sprint workout:
                    Success score: 5
                    Location: living room Activity: kettlebell swings Total duration :10 minutes (including warmup)
                    Comments: kettlebell swings probably really get me to 90% of maximum effort, barely 80% at the end of each 20-swing interval. I'm gonna try to get up my courage to go out somewhere and run next time.

                    Tiptoe into the barefoot world
                    this wasn't much of a challenge for me. the first thing I do when I get home is kick off my shoes and putting on shoes is the last thing I do before leaving the house. I even bought a pair of paperfeet last year and wore them to class a couple times as part of an assignment to try something new. I did what I always do, including doing my kettlebell swings barefoot. I did also get on the scale at the doctor's office barefoot. No weightloss yet, but it has only been a week.

                    Energy levels: 7
                    Hunger level between meals: 3
                    Satisfaction level with meals: 8
                    Struggles today: not buying myself a "treat" after I got my flu shot and blood draw. but I did it.
                    Benefits noticed from primal efforts: didn't feel tired at any point during my work day.
                    Daily Highlights: complemented on how healthy I eat.
                    Daily needs-to-improve: get over the damn baklava. staring at them is not going to make them gluten free or let alone on this challenge.


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                      grr I've tried to write this post 3 times but the forum has spit it out. 1070 cals, ratio of cals from fat:carbs: protein= 50:18:32. 49 carbs, could do with more protein.
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                        I accidentally skipped day 7. so I did that today.

                        I pretty much already eat whatever I feel like without regard to time of day.

                        my Grand Play Outing was an hour and a half at a roller rink. I hadn't gone skating since I was in high school. most of the folks at the rink were elementary school kids and their families. was a heck of a workout though! my low back is sore from leaning forward, and I'm gonna have a bruise on my bottom from falling. the rink's referee lady was mean. she yelled at me for falling.

                        Energy levels: 8 until I left the rink, now it's closer to 3. I'm pooped.
                        Hunger level between meals: 8 (eating a whole apple in a fairly light lunch was a bad idea. ended up eating my emergency thinkthin bar on the way home from work)
                        Satisfaction level with meals: 6
                        Struggles today: too hungry in the afternoon, planned lunches are better than grabbing a packet of proccuto and an apple.
                        Benefits noticed from primal efforts: didn't get winded at skating.
                        Daily Highlights: I got myself to go to the skating rink and stayed an hour and a half, even though I didn't fit in and fell a couple times.
                        Daily needs-to-improve: more time spent outside, it was really nice out today.
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                          I slipped off the back of the wagon today, but I held on as I bounced along on the ground. pulling myself up again tomorrow.
                          Eating environment: I ate my breakfast at my little kitchen table while listening to a podcast and ate lunch with my coworkers as usual (actually it was a party, more on that below). I couldn't bring myself to eat at the table again for dinner so I ate on the couch with the tv (as I usually do). I find it really depressing to eat alone at the table focusing on self reflection. It would be one thing if I had a window that faced a garden or something instead of a fence, but I just feel like a scene in a montage of someone's sad life before the romantic comedy starts. I did try to take my time and chew my food thoroughly.

                          WOW: honestly, there is just no way this stuff is gonna happen. Instead I'm going to do a 20 minute kettlebell workout.

                          Email fast: this is easy, I don't check my personal email till I get home from work in the evening and then again before bed, and 95% is deleting or skimming mass mailings. I did check my professional email on my phone in the morning and at lunch, but that is really rather necessary because I am currently trying to connect with recruiters to find a job. (current work is an internship)

                          Issues: one of my coworkers is leaving after many years at the facility, so today we threw a GIANT potluck. I brought creamed kale, in addition to ham and cheese for myself. the spread included a lot of food I couldn't eat because it contained gluten, but there was a broccoli salad which probably had way more sugar than I should have, and one of my coworkers very thoughtfully brought a bbq beef dish that she had checked and ensured was gluten free, but which had a fairly sweet sauce (I didn't eat a ton of it, but I did have a good couple ounces of pre-sauced meat) and then I decide to try "just a bite" of the flan and the ambrosia salad. I was able to keep it to just a couple tablespoons of each but it was a major struggle. I actually went out and did a couple laps around the halls to keep myself away from the flan. About 20 minutes after I finished eating I felt a noticeable dip in my energy level. I honestly don't know how I got through the afternoon, but I did, and went to whole foods after to get a few things. I know better than to shop when hungry, though I did manage to avoid buying anything sugary. I did however try two one-ounce samples of very high quality ice cream. bad bad bad. (it was really fabulous ice cream and I will likely try the brand again once I'm doing better with sugar). I'm currently testing as still in ketosis (small amount of ketones, had been moderate this morning) and will do better tomorrow.

                          Energy levels: 7 until lunch, then 4.
                          Hunger level between meals: 7
                          Satisfaction level with meals: 4 (I was not happy with myself)
                          Struggles today: see above
                          Benefits noticed from primal efforts: I did not go THAT far overboard and I'm ready to get back on the horse tomorrow.
                          Daily Highlights: I've got nothing
                          Daily needs-to-improve: one bite of one naughty food. not "just a little" of 3. slippery slope.


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                            11/11/11: day 11
                            create a primal recipe: I mostly ate leftovers today, but I have almost perfected a recipe for coconut fudge. I'll give it another go tomorrow for coconut day.

                            Moderate duration aerobic workout: I rode the stationary bike at work during lunch when most of my coworkers had gone out to eat at a food truck specializing in grilled cheese.

                            work peak performance: this is another "I already do that" thing. I get a list of my patients at the beginning of the day and figure out which ones I can group together for maximum efficiency. for example, the woman in 10B can do her arm exercises while I work on lower body dressing with the woman in 12A, and later I can have the man in 22C do arm lifts in front of the mirror while help the woman in 24A get into her wheelchair. (I usually use their actual names but HIPPA and all that...)

                            Energy levels: 4 (that low carb flu turned into a cough which disturbed my sleep last night)
                            Hunger level between meals: 3
                            Satisfaction level with meals: 6
                            Struggles today: getting back on track, I really wanted sugar all morning, but I pushed through, I knew I wasn't hungry.
                            Benefits noticed from primal efforts: got through the day
                            Daily Highlights: I'm going out to a restaurant that will happily serve me a side of bacon to munch on while others munch on french fries.
                            Daily needs-to-improve: need to not buy milk unless I have a specific recipe to save it for. I will drink it all.


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                              I have not fallen off the face of the earth or the wagon. I've had a head cold since friday and can't seem to focus long enough to do my journal entries.