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    I'm beginning the primal life this month, committing completely for 30 days. I'm making november a month for reassessing how I do things and how I can change for the positive. This is a shrimpy first entry because I need to focus on homework, but here is how my first day went:

    B: Homemade chai tea in whole milk and a handful of almonds.
    L: Salad with a hardboiled egg, carrots and cashew hummus as dressing.
    S: A pear in the morning and apple later in the day.
    D: Kale, onions, and mushrooms sauteed with ground beef.
    *All food is organic and most is local unless noted otherwise.

    I went on a two hour long trail ride with my horse and hiked part of it. And did sun salutations, of course!

    I look forward to this wonderful month of discovery ahead and will have a more a thoughtful post once midterms are over.