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    I'm semi-Primal, but I want (need) to take the full plunge.

    I don't exercise atm. I am busy finishing my bachelor's degree and working online. It's tough.

    I don't make a lot of money either, but I know living Primally, you don't need a hell of a lot for food.

    So I need to document this and be held accountable somehow. I need to get back in the game.

    I get addicted to junky food, especially stuff with corn in it. I know potatoes aren't the worst thing in the world for Primal living, but I really think the Irish in me craves it almost daily! I love bad carbs.

    Making the first post now, and will start updating this daily.
    "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco

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    Day 1: Some pics

    Backstory: I've known about Primal for a year now. Maybe it's the stress of working/going to school a lot, but I can never seem to keep my Primal living down. And when I do, it's awesome. I spend less money on food, I feel healthy and happy and alive. When I slip, I get depressed and it perpetuates a cycle of bad eating.

    The pics are following a 3 day binge on carbs. Before that, I went about a week of eating primal.

    (yes, i have stretch marks -.- )

    I don't know how much I weigh. I am 6 feet tall. I probably weigh around 250 lbs. I have some muscle on me, though. I am naturally a bigger guy, my whole family is.
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    "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco


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      I've been stressed the last few days with school. I'm finishing my Bachelor's degree and I have like 3 weeks left to do EVERYTHING to get it so I may walk in December. Yesterday was about half primal, today was about 80%.

      I'll get better about posting what I have eaten each day. I need to hit the hay, though. So tired...
      "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco


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        I keep falling off the wagon. Bumping this though because at the age of 25 my back started giving me problems. That is a sign that my age is started to show itself to me.

        I have been eating ~95% primally the past 3 days and the back pain instantly went away. Also already feel looser in my clothes. I look about the same as those pics.

        Some other things that have happened in my life:

        -Graduated in December with my Bachelor's degree (that stress is done)
        -Started working as a sub teacher for in-school suspension (surprisingly very little stress) and soon to take over for a math teacher (both high school). Also less stress and lots more money than I am used to.
        -Had two teeth extracted that were giving me untold my mouth is pain free and back to normal

        I think the stress of all of that (finishing the degree, barely getting by on money, and the teeth) made me revert to the SAD (looking at my last post, that was about the time the stress really started to eat at me).

        Diet for the past 3 days has consisted of:

        Chebe Pizza Crust mix with mozzarella/low carb pizza sauce (1/4th box per day at most)
        Deli turkey with swiss melted with cream cheese (also melted, surprisingly good)
        Ground sirloin patties with cheese
        Salad with blue cheese dressing
        Bora Bora bars (while working)
        Flavored spring water (tastes like soda but is wayyyy better for you, no carbs)
        Chicken wings

        This is much better than the rut I had fallen into. I'll keep adjusting as I see what works and doesn't.

        Also, I have been running in place in my room to get some exercise. I used to do that as a teenager and worked awesome for me, especially since I blast my music while doing so.

        Anyway, yay for being back and I better stay with it this time.
        "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco


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          Bump...why do I keep doing this?

          House-sitting for someone, they have a scale and weighed myself...320 lbs! Holy shit. I have never been this heavy in my life.

          Immediately threw everything non-primal out. Focusing on salads with plenty of protein and some carb sources to boot. Weighed today at 314 so hopefully the initial water weight will go away.

          Weirdly enough I can do jumping jacks with no pain on my feet. So I did 325 in 25 set intervals. Felt good. I forgot about the easy jumping jacks I can do. I make sure they are vigorous though. Man, did it wear me out. But I already feel way better.
          "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco


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            Also, I am an even 6'
            "Carbs are the victim, not the crime" - ChocoTaco