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    My name is Nat, I'm 22, female and returning to the primal way of life.

    I've stuck to primal before and lost a lot of weight and looked great, but then took it too far and stopped exercising and consequently had (have, actually) less energy and endorphins.
    So here I am, back again, aiming to reawaken my energetic spirit, because deep inside I'm an outdoors/extreme sports/energy/life-lover.
    I'm really keen to keep a journal here to keep motivated, accountable, and supported - so let's go!

    This morning I started the day with a mint green tea, two scrambled eggs and some monstera fruit picked from my garden.

    Now I'm off to lift some heavy things, namely my body weight.

    * Muscly abs (my stomach is slim, I have no problems with it, but I want to be and look fit)
    * Perkier butt and nicer back of the thighs
    * Energy and endorphins!
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