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  • Katie's Leptin Rest Journal

    Today was my first day of doing Dr. Kruse's Leptin Reset prescription. My husband is also doing this with me. He has much more weight to lose than I do. We've been following PB for six months now.

    Here are some stats:

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: app. 173 lbs
    Size: 10-12, M-L shirts

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: app. 248 lbs
    Size: 38, XL shirts

    We don't keep a scale around, so we don't know our exact weight. I prefer not to obsess over it. Since beginning PB, I've lost body fat even though my weight hasn't fluctuated. I'll go get a tape measure tomorrow so I can provide our measurements. I plan on doing my kettlebell training on most evenings. It's hard to get my husband to exercise. We're working on it though.

    I intended to wake up at 6:30am to make breakfast and eat by 6:45am. There was an earthquake around 5:30am, which woke me up and I didn't want to get up when 6:30am came around. I ended up making breakfast close to 8:00am. I'll do better tomorrow. My husband has work at 9:00am, so I will definitely be more inspired to wake up.

    We only had two meals today: breakfast and dinner.


    Huge beef patty, about 5 oz
    3 eggs sunny side up
    1 tablespoons butter

    Total: 764 cals, 62.7g fat, 1.3g carbs, 47.8g protein


    Chicken, two leg quarters
    Kale, about two cups
    1 tablespoons butter
    1/2 hass avocado

    Total: 1,016 cals, 68.8g fat, 20.6 carbs, 80.5g protein

    Today's total: 1,678 cals, 120.1g fat, 21.9g carbs, 128.2g protein
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