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  • Leptin Reset Journal for Uniquelymade

    I started the Leptin Reset protocol by Dr. Kruse yesterday.
    I'm still learning and trying to figure this thing out so I may stumble along the way.

    Monday 10/24/11 weight: 193

    7:00 a.m. Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil, 3 sausage patties, coffee w/ unsweetened hemp milk, stevia, coconut oil 1/2 tbsp.

    I went walking with my neighbor 10:30-11:30. We walked 3 miles which I consider moderate but not aerobic. I was not hungry till 12:30! This was awesome because I struggle with being hungry eating Paleo.

    12:30 Lunch: 3 cups of mixed lettuce, purple onion, 2 oz. turkey, red deliscious apple (small), organic mayo for dressing, coffee w/ hemp milk, 1/2tbsp. coconut oil, water

    I should have eaten more proetin but I was so full.

    5:00 Dinner: Sweet potato chips (24 carbs), 3 chicken legs (couldn't eat all of it), coconut oil 1/2 tbsp.

    I did not eat again this evening! YAYYYYYY
    I was full and satisfied. I feel like I should have eaten more green veggies for dinner but I just wasn't hungry.

    7:00 went to the gym with my kids: walk/run on treadmill 1 mile, did some kettle bell and weights.

    Was in bed and asleep by 10!

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    Tuesday 10/25
    Weight 192
    I woke up feeling refreshed!
    7:00 Breakfast: 1 1/2 smoked ham chop (about 24 gr. protein), 2 eggs over easy cooked in coconut oil, coffee w/ hemp milk, coconut oil 1/2 tbsp.


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      I am doing this with you! Just starting 1 day after you. We can do it girl!


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          Congrats on starting your Leptin Reset ! ! ! I have just finished compiling Dr. Kruse list of quotes on Coconut Oil. It is mission impossible digging things out of him because he wants us to suffer through our own research. My question I have been bugging him about is this. WHY does he insist we eat so much coconut oil?

          Here are his quotes with links to help answer this question:
          @Link-The obese can use coconut oil as their “number one diesel.” If you are obese, add coconut oil to your coffee or tea, or eat a tablespoon of it.
          @Link-Oils I am a huge fan of Coconut oil, Palm Oil, ghee, Pastured butter, beef tallow, lard that is non hydrogenated. For cold oils for salad……Macadamia nut oil, avacado oil, or olive oil. ( All have one thing in common - High in Omega 3's )
          @Skin Issues I correct this by using caprylic acid (found in coconut oil and K2 foods). I eat a ton of coconut oil and I use coconut oil and olive oil directly on my skin.
          @Link I drink ... close to 1-1.5 liters of green/black tea daily with coconut oil melted in it.
          @Link I go through close to a gallon [CO] in my household a month. ( 4 in his household )
          @Antibacterial & antifungal properties
          @Missing Meals If I miss [a meal] I get a cup of coffee and put two or three massive table spoons in it and drink it up. I also use macadamia nuts as a third back up. ( all loaded with Omega 3 )
          @Snacking No Coconut Oil Between Meals - it’s cheating regardless of insulin [response].
          @Grizz the amount of CO is done when hunger and cravings are gone. My personal view is if you are doing this to lose weight then as much as you can tolerate. I have several patients who are bodybuilders who use it to shred fat as well when they limit their carbs and BCCA....
          @grizz I dont need to comment on coconut oil. Its well known how good mct are for a human. The reason its caloric content matter not is because for most people calories don’t matter too much ***. Mct are also broken down in the portal circulation and used immediately for fuel and can not be stored as long term fat. It makes you a fat burner before your adapted to be a fat burner. Its kinda like warming up an old car in the winter. ( this conversation was a request for links to coconut oil that can be trusted - his HINT was to search for MCT instead, tricky devil that he is )
          * Coconut Oil - Make CO a Liquid
          - - - Why Coconut Oil ?
          - - - Tropical Traditions better than Nutriva
          * Coconut Manna, 5 Lb Bag & video
          * Coconut Manna Make it EZ to spoon out of jar
          * Coconut Research Center ( for accurate & reliable information )

          The secret to searching the net for the true benefits of coconut oil ( & bypass all the BS ) is to search for MCT benefits.
          MCT is the code word for Coconut Oil.

          I can say this: Dr. Kruze will want you to increase your coconut oil to a heaping tablespoon per meal. and MORE if you want to lose weight. "Eat a TON of it," he says on many occasions. How much CO is too much? You will get the runs, then scale back a little for the optimum dosage for you.

          *** = Another one of Dr. Kruse tricky HINTS to make us dig for the answers. Calories don't matter much for those who are Leptin Sensitive. Leptin sensitivity causes the body metabolism to go up or down in response to calories coming in. . . . self regulating up to a point.

          The actual links to the above can be found in my research report here:

          Also please note: Your successful Leptin reset also requires his supplements.
          My research Report also includes a simplified supplement list that eliminates the gobbledy gook. ( sorry Dr. Kruse )

          I've recently ordered what is on his list & will be getting them this week.

          Best of luck to you, and welcome aboard the Leptin Express to good health,
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            Thanks Grizz!!!
            I appreciate all your help.
            Is there a book about this that I can purchase?


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              Yes ! There is a terrific book from, "Understanding Lepton." I have just finished reading it, and I think it is very good.

              I have just started my Lepton Reset 3 weeks ago, so I am also on a steep learning curve. I started Paleo 1 year ago, and then I got stuck on a plateau for the past 6+ months. Within a few days, I immediately broke through this plateau losing 1 lb a day for 5 days. Then I have been on a new plateau at 217 lbs for the last week.

              MAJOR improvement in my sleep since starting the Leptin Reset Diet. No more broken sleep ! YAY !



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                Sorry about this... I have just started reading my other book on Leptin, "The Rosedale Diet," by Dr. Ron Rosedale.

                This book is far easier to read and far easier to understand, so I am no longer recommending the book, "Understanding Leptin."

                I have a 3rd book on Leptin that I haven't even looked at yet, so I can't compare it as yet.

                Best to you,


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                  Just wanted to say good luck! Tommorrow will be week 12 of my reset and the results have been phenomenal. The weight loss has been good but just the difference in the way I feel has been absolutely amazing.

                  Good luck again!
                  My Leptin Reset Thread



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                    Dr. Kruse is so vague about the reasons why he stresses coconut oil so much that it is MADDENING. I am finding out the REAL reasons in this new book I'm reading, The Rosedale Diet. I will be posting a summary soon.
                    Can you tell us more about your success with the Leptin Reset?

                    Here is why Dr. Kruse wants us to take coconut oil (MCT Oil) with each meal.

                    Also, I am using THIS in my salads-Pure MCT Oil Mmmm Mmmmm Goood !

                    PS) I'm not too happy with the Rosedale Diet Book, either. Kruse is the best so far.
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                      Just saw your journal and I did the reset for 8-12 weeks. I'm still eating vlc. I have a lot of days where I will eat just meat and others where I will have more veggies then meat. I've learned to listen to my body and what it needs. I did lose 20 lbs doing the reset. I make sure to eat breakfast daily and some days I do eat 3 meals others mainly 2.


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                        Uniquely, I'll be keeping an eye on your journal. I'm beginning leptin reset tomorrow. I'm really excited! I'm glad it's helping you manage your hunger.
                        Visit my blog Primal Homeskillet. And eat it too.


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                          FYI- Leptin Reset Interviews
                          Another interview:

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