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My 60day Leptin Reset Journal

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  • My 60day Leptin Reset Journal

    This journal is to keep me from going off task and making sure i own up to what i said i would do.

    A little about myself. I am 25 (26 in November) I have been obese all my life. I did a lot of yo-yo dieting and have the lap band that i do not use anymore. It is still inside me, wish it was not but will deal with that issue later in life. I got the band in 2008 and lost 80lbs of muscle and fat. I went from being overweight and strong to being just overweight and weak. I then gained all my weight back but not the muscle. Which brings me to going primal in may of 2011 @ 350lbs i stumbled across the documentary "Fat Head" - It changed my life forever. Now, fast forward to today (10/25/2011) and i am weighing in at 308.8
    Over the past few months i have not been 100% primal. In fact i seem to have been screwing up every weekend. Soda, sweets.. I was being BAD!
    I started researching the Leptin reset a few weeks ago and decided yesterday i had enough with my cheating. I was only hurting myself.

    So please join me for the next 60 days as i tell you how I fell, what i am doing and eating!
    PS: my husband is also along for my journey, he isn't quiet happy about having to wake up before work! he is the type ot get up 5mins before work and then leave.

    My SW: 308.8
    Hubby SW: 279.2
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    Day 1:
    Weight: 308.8
    Breakfast @ 2:30 am: 1 egg 1 bacon strip. ( after reading more into the Leptin reset. I now see where I should be eating way more protein in the morning.)
    Lunch @ 8:30am: 2 eggs 2 strips bacon (we didn't have anything else in the house tell hubby got home and we could bike to store)
    Dinner @ 2:10pm: 1 chicken breast (about 7-8 ounces) green and red bell peppers and tried something new to us, pork jowl bacon (about 2 ounces)

    I found the jowl bacon to be better then regular bacon we get from the corner butcher! 2 ounces of jowl bacon is 5g protein.

    For tomorrow breakfast is in the slow cooker, picked up 2 round roasts and put them in some bbq sauce and water for the night. 4 onces of that is 21g of protein, so will make for a good breakfast!

    I will be walking anywhere from 2-10 miles a week and riding my bike 2-4miles a week as i do not have a vehicle.

    Day 1 hubby weight: 279.2
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      You can do this! You are worth it! Hang in there. Knowledge is powerful.
      I just started the leptin reset yesterday and really don't know what I'm doing but I'm trying.
      You need a big breakfast. I ate 2 smoked ham chops, 2 eggs, and that still wasn't 50 grams.


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        Wow. I am not sure i can eat that much but i am going to push and try. going to have to find some high protein meats for morning times. eggs just arnt gonna cut it!


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          Glad I found this, and great that you're going to chronicle your experience. I agree that knowledge is power and may you find a bacony-meaty-breakfast that you love and can eat every day.


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            Day 2:
            B: 1 1/2 chunks of pot roast that i slow cooked over night. (this was extremely hard for me to eat so much in the morning.)
            L: ground hamburger with a veggie mix of broccoli, zucchini, carrots , cauliflower , cabbage and bacon added for flavoring and grease.
            D: 3 eggs and some bacon

            Notes: Went to bed yesterday at 5:30pm. It was hard for me to be up all day because i am use to being able to sleep when i want and how much i want, so forcing myself to be up a full day was a little different. Woke up at 2am slightly hungry. Yesterday was easy, although got very hungry between lunch and dinner. hoping today that will change with eating more protein in the morning.
            Also wanted to mention that starting yesterday both hubby and i started taking fish oil. just 1 a day to start with. We both do not eat enough fishy foods.

            My Weight: 308.0 (- .08)
            DH: 275.4 (- 3.8)
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              it is only 6am and i am having huge troubles staying awake ... =(


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                day 3:
                B: ham and eggs.

                Notes: Woke up extremely hungry this morning. went to bed @ 6pm and ate dinner at 1pm yesterday so maybe to long between dinner and sleep.

                MW: 306.2 (-1.8)
                DHW: 272.3 (-3.1)
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                  hope you didn't give up.........tho you did give up the journal.....?