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    Day One...
    I just discovered this journal forum and it's my bedtime so this will be short.
    Using the 21 Day Transformation book and so far, so good. My energy was high today. I have a headache but I think it's fall allergies. My movement for the day was a great hour and 40 minutes of golf at a par 3. What a beautiful day (probably the last nice one of the year)! I did shopping for good foods but did not purge yet. We recently got rid of our TV so evenings are low-key and quiet around here (I need to get away from this computer earlier, though).
    Here was my day in a nutshell...
    Wake Up: 5 a.m.
    B: cukes and an egg bake (eggs, bacon, broccoli, a bit of cream, a smidge of cheese)
    S: roast beef, olives, almonds
    L: Medium Ass Salad with chicken
    S: coffee, water, coffee
    D: crockpot chicken, squash, and cauliflower (overcooked and not enjoyable)
    peppermint tea...

    I prepped all of out foods for tomorrow and will now be getting to bed by 9pm. All in all, a good first day.
    Oh, and my SW is 170.
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    Welcome Lace! Grok on!
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Thanks for the welcome, Hedonist! It's great to be here.

      Today... Day 2
      I had a headache, was run-down, and grouchy most of the day. I think this had very little to do with the change in my diet and very much to do with the shitty weather and the fact that I am training a new employee. I hate training new employees. At many companies there are people who do nothing but train. At my company, I train... while also somehow being expected to do everything else I do in my standard 60 hour work week. It's very frustrating when I don't get any of my own work done. However, I keep telling myself that training this new person is an investment in my future free-time. The sooner (and better) she is trained, the sooner I can get more behind-the-scenes work done and let her fill in for the day-to-day stuff.
      I did not follow the Day 2 recommendation for moderate exercise today. Instead, I spent about 15 minutes dancing and doing kiddo yoga with my daughter (she'll be 2 in just under a month, her attention span is short) and then indulged in a (planned a month ago) hour long massage. I am feeling the toxins leave my body as I sit here. I am making a monthly commitment to get a massage.
      I am also committing to a 8:00 p.m. computer curfew. I like to be in bed by 9 during the darker months of the year (I get up around 4:30) and I think my last hour before bed should be computer-free. We don't own a TV. So the hard part will be staying away from my iPhone.

      On to food...
      B- Egg bake (same as yesterday)
      S- Mac nuts, olives, roast beef
      L- Big Ass Salad with Chicken
      S- More mac nuts (maybe too many?) and a lil' bit o' baby swiss cheese.
      D- Juicy steak and roasted root veggies

      Question: I bought a jar of coconut oil... what do I do with it?


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        Use the coconut oil any time you are frying!


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          great job! I'm doing a 30 day challenge. Hope we can finish strong!


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            Coconut oil is great for any kind of cooking that needs oil! You can even use it on your skin and hair as a lotion/moisturizer. It's also a pretty decent way to supplement fat into your diet if you feel like you're not getting enough through your regular food. Welcome aboard and best of luck!

            You may find it helpful to supplement VitD on rainy days, or days you can't get outside. I was deficient (according to blood work) in Vitamin D this summer after starting an office job, though I am usually deficient. I find that rainy days are much less gloomy when I take more Vitamin D than I usually do.
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              Did not get a chance to journal last night... but for good reason. I followed my electronics curfew, kind of. My computer was off an hour before bed but bed was not until 10:30. My SIL stopped by on her way home and brought a bottle of Pinot Noir. It was so nice to sit and socialize with her. The late night does not seem to be effecting me today.
              I am feeling healthier and clearer today than I was Monday and Tuesday. Day 3 (yesterday) was very hectic at work but I took some time to get away and reflect and, even though I forgot to do a few things, life goes on and nobody died.
              Ugh. I am multi-tasking right now. Which I am trying to stop doing. So I'll just finish this up and come back to it later...
              Day 3--
              B: Omelet
              Snacks: Olives, Mac Nuts, small local apple, 2 hard boiled eggs, a bit of ham
              L: did not happen and that's ok
              D: Sauteed grass-fed ground beef with cabbage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and a bit of marinara sauce. Yum.

              Some thoughts...
              I feel like I have gone through the same 3 days this week as I did when I quit smoking in 2009.
              First I was tired and grouchy and bored, but I didn't want grain. I hated the stuff. Never going to touch it again. This lasted through day two.
              Yesterday, day 3, I started fantasizing about French bread. And much like I did with cigarettes, I began romanticizing the process of French bread... the art, the smell, the craft, the communal nature of sharing a loaf of bread or baking. I started justifying cheating to myself... "Once I know I'm not addicted I can have just one slice of French bread. It will be fine."
              This morning I woke up and realized that grains are a lot like cigarettes. Not healthy. And I'm not just giving up the grains to get healthy so I can return to them later. I am giving them up like I gave up cigarettes... for good. And just like smoking, I am sure there will be a day when I slip up and have a nibble of someone's bread... but I bet it won't taste as good anymore.
              Or, maybe, just maybe... it will taste so amazing that only one bite is really all I need. But probably not.
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                Day 4. A good day.
                I have yet to complete one of the 21 Day Transformation challenges for movement or exercise, but I feel good and I know I will. My life is in total upheaval right now and finding the space and time for exercise is difficult to say the least. However, I am finding the time for family dinners every night and food prep for the next day. To me, that is a huge victory. PLUS 6.5 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Bonus!

                Today was busy at work. I hardly had time to eat and I didn't need it. I ate tiny bites of many foods only when I was hungry and I was only hungry when I stopped moving. Still, I think I got plenty of food.
                Oh, and i used my coconut oil tonight... YUM!!
                B: Egg Bake with spinach, peppers, onions, bacon, and cheese
                S: olives, macadamia nuts, hard boiled eggs
                L: a half cup of Italian Wedding Soup (avoiding the pasta)
                S: Chicken with cilantro and avocado
                D: The most amazingly delicious sweet potato crusted cod and oven roasted kale. YUM!!

                Oh, I discovered today and may be slightly obsessed. Have not tried the workouts yet but I'm eager to. What could be more motivating than Zuzana's abs?!?!

                And now to bed.


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                  It's incredible to me that I don't feel like I've "blown it".... I haven't. Not even close. On a "diet", I would have felt like I did. But live Primal... meh, just made a couple of poor choices (which I enjoyed the hell out of, by the way), learned how they made me feel, and decided to eat clean tomorrow instead of going to my favorite restaurant as previously planned.
                  I'm up too late but I can't sleep and it's the weekend. It's also Halloween weekend and Homecoming weekend and I live in a college town (next to the bars) and there will be no sleep until these yahoos go to bed after 3a.m.
                  Barely ate breakfast, was starving when I got a chance to eat, still ate right for a late lunch. Dinner was at a restaurant (first time since going Primal). I had a ton a chicken, broccoli, a salad, a few bites of clam chowder, and a gin and tonic (or 5).
                  Yummy omelet for breakfast with just a bit of feta. IF until 2:30 and then a salad because I was weak. Dinner at a Mexican restaurant where I said I'd skip the carbs and just eat my fajita meat but I still ate about a dozen chips and some of my Spanish rice and 2 corn tortillas. And 2 beers. And another beer when I got home. And 3 pieces of my daughter's Halloween candy. Which I threw out after she fell asleep. Then I did 3 sets of 10 push-ups to make myself feel better.
                  Tomorrow it's yard work, clean eating, lots of water, and shopping for the week.

                  Now to lay in bed and listen to the drunk kids go by...

                  p.s. Eating poorly AFTER drinking has not been an issue the last two days. Which is a huge step for me. Though, I wonder if I would have eaten the candy had it not been for the beers?


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                    Alcohol definitely makes me more lax on what I'm willing to eat. I had wine & beer a couple of nights ago and ended up eating candy that night AND the following morning. It was not as delicious as I remembered them being and I feel much less inclined to nibble on them tonight knowing I have some delicious organic 86% dark chocolate in the freezer.
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                      Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
                      Alcohol definitely makes me more lax on what I'm willing to eat. I had wine & beer a couple of nights ago and ended up eating candy that night AND the following morning. It was not as delicious as I remembered them being and I feel much less inclined to nibble on them tonight knowing I have some delicious organic 86% dark chocolate in the freezer.
                      I stocked my freezer with bits of 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate. I enjoy darker stuff and will get some soon to replace this stuff. It's just what I had on hand. The Reese's that I bogarted from the kiddo was so sugary sweet and not very tasty at all.


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                        I hope no one who reads my journal is offended by salty language because I just need to say... I feel fucking awesome!
                        I am heading into day 10 of my 21 Day Transformation and I have seriously stopped looking at it as 21 Days because I cannot see an end in sight to this way of life. My clothes fit better, I feel happier and more composed, healthier and more energetic... life is just good.
                        The one area of my life that still needs improvement and that I will continue to use the 21 Day Transformation for is my lifestyle. I need to fins a balance between the Grok-like single-tasking, sleep with the sun, relax and have fun way-of-life and the necessary craziness of my life as a business owner and a mom to a toddler. My life is pretty much non-stop from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and I still have things left undone when I go to bed.
                        I try to plan an hour of relaxing and fun but that has challenges too. My schedule is unpredictable... In the summer it's pretty easy to get play time in... golfing, hiking, camping... but I can feel winter sinking his claws into Wisconsin and soon it will be dark and cold and I won't want to leave the house. I just need to take time for me and from relaxing. While also getting my work done.
                        It's a process... and at least I feel better along the way.


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                          How can my mood swing so much in one day? Come to think of it... the last 3 days? Anyone have any issues with afternoon grouchiness (could it be food related)? I feel like it is related to my inability to finish any projects. Or perhaps it's dealing with an employee that I don't like that much.
                          Steak and eggs for lunch should help.


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                            I get grouchy and sleepy when I've not had enough food that day (lots of protein!), Vitamin D, or sleep! If you aren't getting outside everyday for a decent amount of time (especially this time of year), you should probably supplement VitD.
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                              The hubs and I had a carb feast last night. It was planned, it was needed, it was indulgent, and it was so satisfying. Our daughter had a 24-hour stomach bug on Wednesday night and neither of us got much sleep. Yesterday we took turns being home with her and we both lacked motivation and energy... lack of sleep, dark and cold day, having our schedules messed up.
                              We discussed it and we were both seriously craving pizza and snuggling... so we ordered it, ate, put the kiddo to bed, and watched TV in bed. This is huge because (a) we don't even own a TV and (b) when we did we never watched it in bed. But we turned on Hulu and caught up on Modern Family episodes. The feast was great... and I only ate 3 pieces!
                              Today I am happy but a little foggy. And I had acid reflux this morning, which may be more from the soda I had last night (the first in 12 days) than from the pizza.
                              Back to reality today. I had a good protein filled breakfast but need some veggies soon.
                              And I need to go get some Vitamin D from the store... definitely feeling the effects of less sunlight in my life.