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    Hi everyone,
    I haven't written about my journey yet... and I won't tonight either. not for any reason other than I need to cook dinner for my family. But, I have some before and "in progress" pics to post. My scale weight hasn't changed and my measurements haven't all that much either (though, I am wondering if I maybe pulled the measuring tape a little tighter in the beginning. LOL!!)
    here are my pics... please excuse the dark circles in the last one. I have 2 sick little ones... and after a week of being sneezed and snotted on, I think I am getting it. Anyway....
    Haven't done a ton of working out.. but some here and there. I am finally settled (we just moved) exercise stuff should be moving in the right direction. I have a shoulder injury and problematic feet I have to work around. But I think I have finally stumbled on something that will help all of that. Yay!
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    I have NO idea how to imbed pics into a thread... sorry. :/


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      I have found a nutritionist who specializes in the paleo/primal lifestyles! Yay! I have an appt on Wednesday with her. She should be able to help me with the little bits and pcs I need help with. Most of which goes along with the OA stuff I that will be a great help. I will report back after I meet with her.


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        Linking to Flickr is better anyway. It takes a while to get the embedded pix approved anyway.

        A paleo/primal nutritionist!!! I envy you!!!
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