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    I'm jumping on the bandwagon today! From now till Monday, 21 November 2011, I will be on the Primal 30 Day Challenge. For the past month I've played around with eating mostly Primal,I started eating meat again this week and feeling great (though a bit too full.) Currently I'm 5'8, about 65kg (Don't own a scale or measuring tape currently. Hope to remedy that soon).

    I will focus on eating no grains or sugar except for 2 cheat days.
    I will to 2 IF per week, by skipping breakfast.
    Drinking water throughout the day.
    Honor and respect my body my listening to it when it's full, and not stress eat while studying.
    Focus on my feelings and friends around me, rather on the amount of calories and items that I put into my body.
    My exercise will be rock climbing, bouldering, or hiking 3 times a week, and walking/jogging 5km everyday.

    I do this for my health, and to stop being the 'large girl' in my climbing group.

    By loosing weight I can move up in my climbing grade from a 10.b climber to a 11 climber, without so much weight to move up the rock. As well as increased strength and training time. My goal is to be a size 6 by December, and size 4 by February. Also, my supreme motivation is a 2 week scuba diving trip to the Philippines in February!
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    First weekend 100% Primal, besides 1 coffee with a bit of sugar.
    This weekend was the first week of the 2nd term for my masters program. Normally I stress and overeat carbs. At the program, 90% of the people sict in class with donuts, ice cream and huge bellies. The desserts look good, but I don't have any. I went to a few potlucks and stuck to my guns, and resisted the empty carbs. I did make a carrot/zucchini bread for a potluck (I have all of this sugar,carrots, flour, oil that I'm trying to get rid of. I felt so guilt making this for people. While baking it, I thought I would cave in and eat a huge chunk because of the smells. But I resisted! I did have a .5" corner triangle for taste test. But much better then before.)

    Had a talk with one peer who runs 1/2 marathons regularly (he's also in the army, so he does the military work outs. I was getting my coffee and him a ice cream shake. He has he has no idea why people watch what they eat, the just need to exercise. He's been trying to loose weight for months, by putting everything in his mouth. I just smile and say, its what you eat not what workouts you do.

    One revolution from this weekend. I have a freedom from food, from constantly eating. Saturday I did an IF fro 16 hours (aka skipped breakfast) as we had a large BBQ the night before. Before I constantly worried about eating a proper breakfast (I was vegan most of the time, so my whole life revolved around finding proper protein that wasn't soy.) I was released from having to snack all the time. I knew from the pervious's days fast that I wasn't going to keel over a die just because I didn't have a snack in between the 6 hrs of not eating.

    This morning I'm not hungry, therefore I'm skipping breakfast. Doing an unplanned IF. And going to work today. We'll see how teaching 30 ESL elementary school kids while doing IF goes.
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      Yesterday started out great. But some circumstances outside of my control caused me to have a ton of stress. And so I over ate on lots of fruits, and even3 cookies. Sigh.

      Today will be a better day. Unless I eat everything that is put in front of me. But I feel a freedom from the chains of grains that I wore for so long. I would always have multiple servings of whatever heavy crabo snack that was available. Now, I know what the snack tastes like, does to my body and I no longer want them. It's wonderful. At the school cafeteria we had: pasta, yam, rice porridge, and kimchi. I had a yam and kimchi. I'll go out later for some protein. All of my coworkers looked at my like I was crazy.

      The change in eating is working, pants are looser. It really is amazing what cutting out grains and sugar is doing.

      I also am not getting light headed when I'm hungry. I just have simple hunger pains without any impairing differences. It's great.

      Finally bought a scale. My goal is to loose 5-10kg. That would be wonderful!
      This morning weight in is 64kg-141lbs. For the past 10years I've always been I've always been in the 140-160 lb ranges. I'll be tracking in the new territory of below 140. Can't wait, good bye size 8 jeans!
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