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    Yesterday was very interesting. My breakfast wasn't very primal, but there wasn't a lot in the grocery store for the microwave at work that was primal(I dont even really like using a micro :/). So I had some dumb veggie burrito (it's the only one that doesn't make my stomach hurt after eating it.)

    I was lucky to get off work early. Yeee! I went to Whole Foods and went to the meat counter. I remember walking by there as a vegan many times and sneering, almost disgusted lol. I asked for a half pound of peppered bacon!! I have never bought bacon before!! Let alone, any kind of raw meat! It was a little exciting. Also bought some pasture buttah, and some pasture eggs.

    A funny thing happened while I was cooking: While heating the pans, I multi-tasked by washing some dishes that were in the sink. I dropped a plate, and it smashed a wine glass. While I went to throw out the pieces, I turned and knocked the frying pan off of the stove and it grazed my arm while it fell to the ground. It stung so bad, and the burn is very large. Luckily, my skin didnt bubble up or raise any, as the pan just barely touched it. But it was enough to make me cry like a little bitch. My fiance put some jojoba oil on it for me, which helped. Today it doesnt hurt anymore.

    For lunch I had BACON and eggs! with brussel sprouts, kale and more bacon. I dipped the bacon into the yolks...fucking delicious!!

    The bacon was superb, not too crispy, nice thick slices, and the peppered edges were really nice.

    I was VERY happy that the meal kept my full and satisfied til dinner. I only had a few almonds in-between meals. I had tons of energy, and my stomach felt great. Normally, I get indigestion, or heart-burn, or something dumb after I eat. Usually when I eat grains...but those are supposed to be healthy, right?

    For dinner, I went to THE COUNTER! and got some to-go for my hunny and me. I was jonesing for one of their burgers

    I got my burger on a bed of mixed greens (next time i'll get regular lettuce, I fucking hate chard and arugula! I always forget those go in the mixed greens I HATE THEM! )

    My 2/3 lb burger also had grilled onions, tomato, BACON, avocado and garlic aioli.

    We ate at our coffee table, like we usually do. I took one bite of my burger with the avocado, bacon and grilled onions, a dab of aioli...and just sat back and sunk into the couch because it was soooo effing delicious.
    The first thought in my head was "wow. How did I give this up for 6 YEARS? what was I thinking?? WHY DID I STOP EATING MEAT?" fucking. delicious. It was pure bliss. I ate almost the whole thing. didnt even miss the fries or fried onions. or the bread. fuck bread. who needs bread when you have bacon?

    and I felt AMAZING after! Couldn't believe it! I went to bed early, as I was very tired. But, I've been working early every day this week, which I'm not used to. normally I have at least one weekday where I can sleep in a bit.

    It's very weird for me to be eating meat again. But i'm liking it so far It's funny, I never 'craved' meat as a vegetarian, although I did eat the meat's just a very weird situation!
    I remember being terrified of eating meat, anything that wasn't vegetarian at least. Even dairy, but I don't even like dairy anyway. Orthorexia is terrible.

    Anyway, eating this way makes me want to climb a tree. which is awesome.

    I really like how this diet is like a hybrid of the other diets I've tried. It's really fun to see the similarities between them. Like recipes for cauli mash is common in raw food (except the cauli is raw, fuck that!), the date/almond crust for pies, lettuce wraps, cacao/avocado pudding. it's really funny! I also love how this forum seems to be filled with REAL people and not fucking dumb ass hippies who are like "omg, I wont eat anything that casts a shadow" "omg, i'm a breathetarian" "omg, i dont eat anything unless i picked it myself" "omg lets juice fast for 200 days u gais!"

    I hated how judgmental those assholes are. Soooo hypocritical, they're like "omg, people just love to judge me for eating all fruit. when all THEY eat are DEAD ANIMAL CARCASSES FILLED WITH DEATH AND MURDER AND VIOLENCE I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING AS DISGUSTING AS THAT I HATE THEM" and i'm just like "wow....." every veggie forum is like this!

    Anyway, it feels good to FEEL good. Feels good to be around people who are awesome, I really like this forum

    Real Health, Real Fitness, Real Food, Real ME.


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    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

    Jan. 1, 2011: 186.6 lbs PBSW Mar. 1, 2011: 175.8 lbs
    CW: 146.8 lbs
    GW 140 lbs
    A proud member of PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals


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      Thanks Belinda! <3


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        Today, so far, I feel AMAZING!

        1st breakfast was a medium coffee with almond milk (finishing up the carton) with stevia and CINNAMON omg cinnamon. How have I never tried cinnamon in coffee before?!
        I wasn't hungry, I'm not usually hungry at 7:30 am yuckkk.

        2nd breakfast was a sandwich I bought from stupid starbucks. fucking expensive sandwich. It was turkey and swiss with lettuce, so I threw away the swiss and the bread. I ate the turkey with mustard wrapped in the wimpy lettuce (wish there had been more). it was FUCKING DELICIOUS! mustard...who knew?!

        With my burst of energy from my food, I ran around my office a bit, and did some wall squats. I wish I could shout I FEEL FUCKINGAMAZINGGGGG!!! because I really do. My stomach doesn't hurt, which is awesome!!! AHH I FEEL AMAZING!

        My snackie will be almonds, then for lunch...hmmmmmm who knows. Maybe a steak salad or someing.

        Edited to add:
        Just had a mini lunch. My hispanic co-worker insisted that I try his pollo con mole. I said no tortilla please, he insisted, but I said no thank you. The mole was delicious! yum yum
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          Had the most amazing salad at Baja Fresh today!

          It was grilled mahi mahi with avocado, pico de gallo, salsa verde on a bed of cabbage! It was incredibly amazing, and it kept me full for hours.

          There's a pic of it after I began to devour it. It was very delicious!


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            love, love, loved your initial post...had me lmfao. keep posting, i'll keep reading!
            September 2010 SW 236 lbs.
            March 2011 lowest primal weight 190
            November 2012 CW 210 (yeah, I know)
            11/16/12 206.6
            GW 140 - 160 ( we'll see when we get there)

            I'm not always consistent, but I am consistently inconsistent.

            "If vibrant had a sound it would be you, welcome back to life" Michael Brown (my son)


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              This weekend was a blast!

              Friday night I went to see Roger Daltrey perform The Who's Tommy! Basically, it's my favorite album!
              Frankly....I drank a lot of alcohol!!! Started the night off with a tea cup of Kahlua (classy), so that I could stand the car ride with my dad lol (road rager!). Then I got a lemon drop at a bar, only because that's really the only mixed drink I know? I wasn't sure if they'd have anything fancy like a mai tai or something. So, lemon drop. hooooo!

              Then! AT the concert, had some mixed drink, forgot what it was. It was okay. Then I had some wine.

              But anyway, the concert was amazing, I'm sure I annoyed the shit outta everyone by yelling "ROGERFUCKIN DALTREYYYY!! WOOOO!!" at every break between songs. But I didn't care, I was drunk! lol and i LOOOOVE TOMMY! woo!

              Saturday, I made eggs and baco for the Mr. and I. We ate it with broccoli

              It kept me full until dinnertime, where I went to a 21st birthday party for my bff's little sister...soo...ya....MORE ALCOHOL oy vey.
              BUT for dinner, there was a taco bar--al pastor, pollo, y carne asada! So, i had a big plate of all three meats with some lettuce, cilantro, onion, and a very spicy salsa verde. aye yi yi yiiiii! muy calienteeee! lol it was delicious!
              Also, had some jello shots because the only other option was beer. and between beer and jello? fuck beer!
              It was a costume party, so I dressed up as the human centipede (if you know what that is, go ahead and laugh away, because it was hilarious. if you don't know what that is, don't look it up unless you have an iron stomach, because it's pretty crazy. basically, it's from a horror movie.)

              Yesterday, I blew it and ate a bunch of 'bad' food. Was with my brother and sister in law (also with my fiance) and they wanted to go have chinese food. so, I ate a bit of flour on my food, some decadent, (delicousss) sauces! We went to a place I haven't been to in a long time, a wonderful place with delicious wontons in chile sauce. oh, the decadence. they were a nice treat, but not something I will get again. I was very full and fat afterwards!
              then we ate fast food late at night--bad idea! but i'm not beating myself up about it. i feel shitty today, but i'll feel better tomorrow

              this morning, i tried to microwave a boxed frozen omelette. guess what, it was disgusting. it got all sweaty :C yucky!
              I think I got some dumb salmon thing for lunch, hopefully it's good. I work both jobs today, and have an errand to run on my 'lunch hour', so I won't be able to eat properly, hence the microwave box salmon whatever it is, i dont even remember what i picked it was too damn earlyyyy.

              6:30 is such an ungodly time to wake up and get ready for work. UNGODLYYYY

              can't wait until i can shop and make my own foods i love looking at recipes!


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                Sooooo I heated up the dumb salmon thing. It's okay, not bad!

                it came on a bed of rice and quinoa, which I'm trying to eat around, but it's a little difficult. surely i will die
                luckily, my lunchtime errand got postponed, so I can actually do some shopping on my lunch ,which will be nice. then i can make food and eat it instead of relying on dumb frozen entrees. Do you know how freaking hard it is to find a frozen entree with out a grain in it?! everything is pasta this, rice that, noodles this, quinoa that. OR it's GREEN BEANS and i fucking hate green beans. and those are beans...right? lol
                stupid ass green beans.


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                  Yuck yuck yuck stuck in the muck

                  I made Shepard's Pie the other day, can't believe how good the cauli as mashed potatoes was! I thought it would be grainy, but it was nice and smooth. perfection!

                  Had the leftovers for lunch yesterday, the Mr. and I, then went to work. Towards the end of my shift I started getting a bit of a headache :C me no gustaaa
                  Terrified it might be carb flu, I stuffed some peanut butter pretzels down the hatch (would totally make me feel better right!? my logic isnt very smart sometimes...)
                  About ten minutes later, I got all shaky and nauseous. i ran to the bathroom and unleashed the fury. Oh god it was horrible. the only good part was that the pretzels didn't make it through my digestive system. Then I had to run back twice x.x terrible.

                  I had my boss adjust my back (he's a chiropractor), and he said it my bones were way out. I felt better after the adjustment, though.
                  I felt fine when I got home, but I didn't eat much. Just drank water.

                  Then, I woke up a few times in the early morning to a quick heartbeat. At around 6am, the fury came back, but there wasn't much in my stomach :C hate when that happens.

                  Anyway, I woke up feeling better. Been taking it easy today. Had some vegetable soup for lunch, drinking some ginger ale now :P

                  Don't feel much like eating xP not even my favorite meal :C

                  the Mr. and I watched Fat Head last night! Very interesting!!! Afterwards, he spent $15 at McDonalds on himself lol I told him I don't think that was the point of the movie

                  I have to work today, which is lame (i'm there now lol), but tomorrow one of my coworkers asked if she could work my shift, so I was like OKAY!!!! I dont like working Saturdays.

                  It's funny how on this site there are people who complain about family members being concerned for them about the diet. It's another parallel with the raw food diet. People were always concerned with me on that diet. Even though I was eating more veg than ever before, they were concerned. Its not like they were concerned when i was only eating pop tarts and cereal! gimme a break! but now, my family doesnt care, i'm eating meat again and thats all that matters to them lol i've done gluten free before, so it's not a big deal xD

                  Anyway, those have been my adventures lately.



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                    Today I drove to Mountain View to sell some books at Book Buyers. I had successfully sold books back to another used book store and made a pretty penny, so I was excited about going to Mt. View. I parked semi-close to the building, it was a bit of a walk. I lugged two backs of books twice (had four bags) only to have them take 3 books for $8.25. omgggg! such a waste of time. so then I had to lug them back to my car. Good exercise tho but i'm exhausted!!
                    Got some sausage, kale, and eggs cooking for dinner--yum!

                    I made some delicious spicy chicken from the free eBook last night:

                    shit was BUH-licious! soo good, we ate up all of it! I put a small amount on my plate, but i went back for seconds


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                      Last Saturday was ridiculoussss!

                      My hunny and I are trying to make a little extra cash and get rid of excess stuff, so we decided to sell back a bunch of our books. I went to a place here in my city and got almost $70 for half of the books we wanted to sell! I was like Hell yes!

                      So then I had a bunch of books in my car until I could go to Mountain View to the other book store to sell them.
                      I went on Saturday.

                      The book store in Mt. View is on Castro, in Downtown Mt View, which makes it fairly impossible to park out in front. I parked about a block down. I had four bags of books to bring in, which were very heavy. Like, several hard cover Steven King novels per bag heavy! I carried the bags two at a time to the book store, one on each shoulder and made the two trips. I was pretty tired after the walk, but it felt good to do that kind of exercise! The lady at the sell-back counter went through my books, only took THREE of them, offered me $8.25 and sent me on my way. I was like seriously?! The other store took soo many of my books! Was a complete waste of my time (except for the workout lol). I had to lug back all four full bags of books to the car again. My shoulders were incredibly sore afterwards, and yesterday I saw that I had bruises on my shoulders from the straps! aye yiyiii. they're still sore today boo hooo

                      Today for lunch, I'm gonna have some deli meats and lettuce! yum yum nom nom! they were on sale at Whole Foods!!! Buy one get one half off! yeee! I bought roast beef, pepper turkey, honey maple ham, and regular turkey. I hadn't had roast beef in YEARS! I think last time I had roast beef was at Quizno's in 2004!! I muthafuckin loooove roast beef! and my hunny doesnt like roast beef, so it's alll mine bwhahahaha
                      I packed some romaine and green leaf, ham, turkey, and le roast boefe <3 nommmmmmm

                      I also finally got to have my COFFEE today!!!! I had some complications last week where I couldn't have caffeine. So, it was a nice treat to have le coffee today!! I got coffee with whole milk, cinnamon, and stevia. yum yumm!

                      Will probably have eggs and bakey for dinner tonight, but I do have one jalapeno pork sausage left..hmm....we'll see what hunny wants egg salad sounds good to me.

                      ohh glorious coffee, how i love you.


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                        I think the key to a healthy diet is just cutting out the crap and eating real food. 100-calorie packs don't do any good. Processed food is incredibly hard to eat in the tiny portions suggested on the label, it's so addictive.
                        Even though this diet is very different from the raw-vegan diet I idolized for years, there are so many similarities, it makes me laugh.

                        The goal of a raw vegan diet is essentially non-processed food. Food in it's natural state. Yet, so many followers process their food so much to make it seem like non-processed food.
                        Don't heat the food, but put it in a dehydrator for hours to ''cook'' it. Buckwheat groats become pizza crusts, fruits and veggies become smoothies or soups. Nuts are soaked and turned into cheeses, sauces, creams whatever. People, including myself, didn't want to eat cheese or milk, yet we took foods and processed them to be whatever we wanted. There were folks who made candy bars out of these foods. Decadent cakes, bars, cheesecakes, ice creams, tarts, quiches, you name it. Junk food raw vegan is very popular amongst folks who reportedly "don't want to eat junk food"

                        Same with paleo! Paleo is about eating food in it's natural state, as our ancestors did. And yet, there are folks who insist on making it gourmet. They miss comfort foods, and so create it within the ''restrictions'' of the diet. Taking nuts and making pancakes, cakes, waffles, crackers, breads! It's funny

                        I used to get mad at my fiance when I would make gourmet raw vegan dishes. "This isn't PIZZA" he would say. I loved preparing food and wanted to feel like I was doing something instead of just tossing a salad (lol).

                        I understand both sides of the fence, I'm not saying it's wrong. It's just funny

                        Other similarities: using coconut! raw vegans love their coconut. same with almonds. Cauliflower mash, date/almond pie crusts, many overlapping ideas.

                        anyway, those are just some fun similarities I'm noticing
                        it's like deja vu xD


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                          The Transitions

                          When I was in high school, I loved meat. I fucking. loved. meat.!! I mean, who wouldn't? Wussy vegetarians, crying over the plight of animals. For every animal you DON'T eat, I will eat three. I made fun of vegetarians every second I got, and was overall disrespectful.
                          I remember loving my steak rare, and reveling when I realized I even liked it with no salt. When my dad made ribs, I happily gnawed the meat off, proud of my caveman-like ways. Eating drumsticks was my favorite, and I loved chicken wings!

                          Then I cried like a little bitch while watching a factory farm video. Oh, how I cried. I realized the error of my ways and vowed from that moment on I would not consume meat, dairy, or eggs. ever. again. (hahaha..)

                          Thus began my horrible journey as a veghead. My family ridiculed me. I felt like such an outcast. I thought meat was incredibly unhealthy, cancer-causing, obese-causing, whatever ailment you had, IT WAS BECAUSE YOU ATE MEAT! I swear, I was crazy. After all, meat is the DEAD FLESH of a POOR ANIMAL! it's blood, it's muscle, it's disgusting. Thinking back to my meat-eating days, I was ashamed at loving rare steak, eating meat off of the bone, enjoying crispy chicken skin. These were animals, how could I have felt that way?

                          Then, I delved into raw-veganism. Basically, anything cooked WILL KILL YOU. I became obsessed! I became terrified of eating foods, thinking that if a crumb of gluten was on the food I was eating, it would go through my body like a shard of glass. Literally, terrified. I would get defensive if anyone questioned me, and I had a million ''allergies''.
                          "I eat what I want to eat, I just don't want to eat that" I earnestly thought most of the time. But upon a return to cooked foods, I learned I was in denial

                          So how does a stead-fast veghead become a meat eating Grokette?
                          Simply this, many of the raw food vegans I looked up to began returning back to cooked and non-vegan foods. At first I thought they were weak. Pah! I had thought raw vegan was an end-all be-all, it would work for everyone! SO, why were my gurus turning back to, gasp, MEAT?

                          It finally clicked when a blogger posted about her new diet, which included eating wild meats. She said that even though she looked happy in all of her raw pictures, she was basically dying inside. Had a plethora of health problems, and turned to eating meat for a cure. She reported how much better she felt. The clarity, the digestion, the overall goodness of it. I looked back on my own life and how raw vegan didn't make me feel too good. Being a vegetarian left me bloated, gassy, tired, fatigued, fat, and made my body hurt. Who was I kidding? It wasn't working for me.

                          I became curious about eating meat. At first, I couldn't stomach the idea. I had seen meat as ''repulsive" for so long, it was weird to consider it ''food'' again. Although, interestingly enough, I ate a ton of fish. For some reason, it wasn't gross to me (But! I never called myself a veg when I ate it lol.)

                          After considering eating meat for awhile, the idea slowly started to appeal to me. And for the first time, I WANTED to eat meat. I wasn't ''craving'' it, I just wanted to eat it. So, I wanted to make it special! I'm such a romantic

                          The hunny took me to The Counter, where they have really nice beef. I had always gotten their veggie burgers before, which were delicious, but would fall apart and sqwoosh out of the bun
                          We took the burgers home. And I bit into my first bite of beef since 2006. And it was fucking. amazing. I couldn't believe I had lived without it for years! haha

                          Now, I'm happily chowing down flesh and feeling fantastic! I feel so full of energy after I eat, it's amazing! My thing was always to eat a natural, healthy diet, and now I finally have an idea of what that is for me. And I'm liking it


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                            Thanks for reading my first journal post, JennaRose. I came to check yours out and laughed because we have so many of the same experiences. BACON! Oh dear goodness how much I loved bacon after leaving veganism. I also think the similarities between vegans and primal people are pretty funny. You mentioned Shepherd's Pie and I used the exact same recipe I always did, just swapped out real meat for the fake crumbles. (I still don't eat much dairy, stomach issues.) Anyway, I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!


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                              It's so nice to meet like-minded folks! Glorious bacon...the veggie substitutes just weren't the same! haha!
                              I don't eat much dairy as well; after being a vegan I just don't really enjoy dairy anymore. even butter sometimes is too much for me! I really want to try clarified butter to see if it tastes better to me.