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  • Primal Journal (Birchlet)

    Well the sun is out and the weather is warning up. I am waiting for my copy of Marks new book to come in the post (I expect it by the end of the week) so no better time to stop looking at paleo food p*rn and start my journal.
    Food today is workday meals. For me this means breakfast and lunch need to be made and packed the night before as I start work at 6:30am.

    Breakfast was Organic natrual yoghurt with blueberries and strawberrie and a cup of coffee
    Morning break was a avocado and coffee
    Lunch is a garden salad and a hunk of the roast beef from last night
    Dinner is chicken in peri-peri, grilled field mushroom and asparigus.

    As far as workout goes tonight is BodyStep. Yeah it is a bit cronic cardio but it is so much fun. All the people in the class are so funny.

    Wish the book would hurry up and get here!

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    Day 2 of journal

    Beautiful Day in Perth today. Warm, sunny and every bit why I love this time of year. I had a frustrating moment trying to order lunch at the cafe at work. They just couldn't believe I wanted bacon and an egg sunny side up on a garden salad. The only 'Gluten Free' iten on their set menu is the garden salad without dressing so I have never really got anything there but today I felt like egg (odd craving I know). But anyhow in the end they did it for me.

    Breakfast was Organic natrual yoghurt with blueberries and coffee
    Lunch was bacon bits and an egg over a salad
    Dinner is grilled steak and a field mushroomand onion and a soft cheddar

    Anywho just after I had eaten lunch a workmate and I were discussing how much we both like cheese. She said "I love it but it is full of fat and bad for your heart." Now I thought about it and chose not to argue because there is no way she would believe me on the fat issue. I was hoping that my results would speak for themselves but this same woman has asked me how I have lost weight and when I explained it she didn't believe me (not sure why she thought I would lie). I guess this is what they call choosing your battles.
    Man I am looking foward to cleaning out my wardrobe and draws. Get rid of all the things I will not wear again.
    I am feeling very positive (Bacon does that)
    I am thinking on what to make my goals so I hope by tomorrows post I will have nutted these out and I will tell you all. Should be good to get some abstarct ideas down into workable goals. Thats my challenge for today... maybe going for a walk in the sun will help.


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      Day 3
      Gah PMS central today... I hate the world today! the littlest things annoy me and there is so much work to do. Other than that it is a beautiful 30 degrees and it is definatly coming to summer.

      Breakfast was Organic natrual yoghurt with blueberries and coffee
      Lunch was chicken
      Dinner well I have no idea yet.

      nothing overly brilliant to report but today is not my best day... am going to have to do something about the high cortasol levels today